Valldal E-Bike & Hike Tour

    • 3.3 hours | 9.94 miles
    • From kr1199 NOK
    • Valldal
    Rider Level: Recreational

    Rider Level: Recreational

    3.3 hours | 9.94 miles
    From kr1199 NOK

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    • The wonders of Valldal unveiled

      Discover the unrivaled beauty of Valldal and the tremendous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tafjord on the Valldal E-Bike & Hike Tour Alesund! This guided day tour is your ticket to feeling on top of the world as you immerse yourself in Norway’s entrancing natural surroundings.

      Your brilliant electric bike and hike tour begins with a scenic cycle through picturesque villages and quaint local farms, your e-bike leading you leisurely up the slopes towards the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tafjord. You’ll feel yourself well and truly enveloped in the enchanting Norwegian landscape as you enter this village, tucked gracefully into the verdant valley and surrounded by majestic mountains blanketed in emerald foliage and topped with elegant dustings of snow. It is recorded that Olaf II of Norway, in his mission to escape the forces of Canute the Great, fled up the fjord until he reached humble Tafjord, before he ventured onwards through the Valldalen Valley to Lesja.

      Upon riding to the end of the road, you’ll park up your bicycle and begin the atmospheric hike along easy paths through an arresting, aromatic pine forest. As you re-emerge from the forest’s restorative heart, you’ll be rewarded with unrivaled views over Valldal. These postcard-perfect panoramas of the Norwegian landscape are simply unforgettable. As you admire them, your guide will regale you with tales of Saint Olav, in whose memory a monastery is planned. You’ll return home with every appreciation for Valldalen Valley and the legends of its visitors, no doubt hoping to return.

      • Valldal, Norway. Palickap@Wikimedia Commons
      • Valldal, Norway. Palickap@Wikimedia Commons
      • Valldal, Norway. Palickap@Wikimedia Commons

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 2:00 pm ~5:18 pm

      Also available as a private tour, with time and day booked upon request.


      Rate NOK
      Adult kr1199
      Private tour (1-2 people) kr5500
      Private tour (3-4 people) kr6000
      Private tour (5-6 people) kr6500

      Minimum of 2 people required to start this tour.


      Tafjord, Views of Valldal

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Local lunch

      Meeting place & directions

      Uteguiden Valldal, Grandegata 38

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