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Stockholm and Sormland

Tours using road, hybrid or touring bikes:

  1. Mostly flat
  2. Flat with some gentle slopes
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs
  5. Extensive climbing

Tours using mountain bikes:

  1. Mostly flat, wide trails
  2. Some gentle slopes, wide trails
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain and/or narrow trails
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs and/or technical trails
  5. Extensive climbing and/or highly technical trails
  1. Variety: Choose from more than 200 tours offered by local operators in 35 countries.
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

A round trip through Södermanland from Stockholm to ship burials, runic stones, cliff drawings, country churches. Add to that Janson’s temptation, Smörgåsbord and Loganberries. Long days, short nights, woods, water, wide open spaces. A high summer bike tour in a fairytale land of the north.

Daily program

Day 1: Arrival
Your hotel room in Stockholm's old town, Gamla Stan, will be available at 2:00pm. Guests who have arrived by 4:00pm will be treated to a sightseeing tour of the old town, situated on Stadsholmen island. The evening is yours to enjoy. There is a wide variety of restaurants offering local specialties as well as international cuisine.
Overnight in Stockholm

Day 2: Stockholm – Södertälje (35 miles/56 km)
Our bike tour starts in the morning outside the hotel. Stockholm is spread over 14 islands; about 30% of the city are covered with water. The fascinating mixture of water and land will accompany us through our tour.

The cycle routing in Stockholm and in the country is impressive. We enjoy our ride through this pleasant metropolis and will arrive at the gorgeous Drottningholm baroque castle, the principal residence of the Swedish royal family. It is a striking symbol of the might of the former Swedish dynasties.

After visiting the North wing our route then takes us across bridges to little islands in Lake Mälar, the country’s third largest lake. Along a varied route, every now and then passing by baroque castles, we reach Södertälje.
Overnight in Södertälje

Day 3: Södertälje – Trosa (36 miles/57 km)
Soon after leaving Södertälje we reach the Södermansland (the land of the Southern men). Its scenic landscape has become a place of longing to many Sweden lovers, especially since the filming of Inga Lindström’s books. Wonderfully situated between Lake Mälar and the Baltic Sea, the area, historically favored by the nobility, shows about 400 manor houses and small castles. Past lakes, dense forests and small islands, our route leads to the lovely 12th-century country church of Old Trosa. The Swedes call Trosa, the smallest city of the country, "the end of the world." It is located at the stream Trosaan.
Overnight in Trosa

Day 4: Trosa – Katrineholm (28 miles/44 km)
Over the next few days, we will traverse the heartland of Södermanlands. The last ice age left its marks: the landscape is smoothed, high-piled, flattened, shaped. Our route is a wild beauty, peppered with the typical red and ocher-colored frame houses. You will enjoy the landscape.

In Gnesta we swap our bikes for the train and will reach Katrineholm (named after the duchess Catharina Gyllenhorn) in about 30 minutes. We use the oldest and most important railway track of Sweden. A short ride on our bikes takes us to our destination for two nights, the Dufweholms Herrgard, one of Sweden's Historic Hotels. Located directly at the lakeside, the estate invites us for a swim, a visit to the sauna, and pleasant relaxation in the stylish lounge. A remarkable cuisine and a well-sorted wine cellar add to our well-being.
Overnight in Katrineholm

Day 5: Excursion Floda Kyrka (26 miles/42 km)
Along small trails we enjoy the calm and solitude of an almost unspoiled nature. With some luck we will catch sight of one of the thousands of elks or even of the nowadays rare ospreys. Shortly before our lunch break we reach Floda Kyrka. In the former rural community, this sacred building impresses with its size and its splendid liturgical frescoes of the 15th century. Clerically, it belongs to the diocese of Stärgnäs of the so-called Swedish Church, the country's largest denomination.

In the afternoon, we take the train back to Katrineholm. Before dinner there is still enough time for a refreshing swim in the lake or a relaxing sauna session.
Overnight in Katrineholm

Day 6: Katrineholm – Mariefred (35 miles/56 km)
In the morning a shuttle bus takes us to Sundbyholm. Near the village we will see a Sigurd carving of unusual dimensions: Sigurdristning, depicting a central event of the Völsunga saga. This variety of the Nibelungenlied was one of the major sources of inspiration to Richard Wagner for his monumental opera cycle.

From here our route leads to Strängnäs, site of a famous cathedral and the stage for important events in Swedish history. Gustav Wasa was elected king in 1523 before he led Sweden out of the Kalmar Union to independence. Before reaching our destination, we behold the imposing Gripsholm Castle, sturdily built on a peninsula. Mariefred, a charming little town of wooden houses and crooked lanes, is located at the Gripsholm bay of Lake Mälar.
Overnight in Mariefred

Day 7: Mariefred – Stockholm (21 miles/33 km)
In the morning we visit Gripsholm Castle, one of the ten Swedish royal palaces. Built in the 16th century by Gustav Vasa, this impressive building already fascinated the German author and fighter for democracy, Kurt Tucholsky. It inspired him to one of his major and best-known novels: Castle Gripsholm. We cycle past his grave along lake Mälar to Taxinge, a lovely property, popular above all for its tempting cake buffet. Then we enjoy the last kilometers of our bike tour. From Nykvarn the train takes us in about 30 minutes back to Stockholm where the hotel and our farewell dinner await us.
Overnight in Stockholm

Day 8: Stockholm and departure
In the morning we experience Stockholm from a different perspective. On a two-hour boat trip, according to the motto "Under the bridges of Stockholm," we better understand the symbiotic relationship between the city and the surrounding water. Our tour through central Sweden ends around noon. From Stockholm’s main railroad station you reach Arlanda Airport by train or bus in 20 to 45 minutes, respectively (not included in the tour price).

Route map

Maps reflect your approximate overnight locations and do not reflect your actual cycling route.


Jul 27, Aug 10, 2019 (minimum 8 participants)


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€ 340
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Rotalis Terms and Conditions



If there is a price increase of more than 5%, you are entitled to cancel the tour at no charge. If a reservation is changed to a different tour within 60 days prior to the start of the tour, a fee of EUR 60 per person will be due. However, this shall only apply if you do not find a substitute participant. At a later date, the change of reservation will be treated as cancellation at the cancellation fees stated below.
If either of two customers booked in a double room cancels the contract, the original registration will be converted into a single-room reservation, with the tour price being adjusted accordingly. In such a case, we expect the remaining customer to be willing to accept a room of a lower standard or to stay the night and have breakfast at a different hotel or Bed + Breakfast, if this should be necessary at some stops; however, this shall apply only in case no substitute participant registers for the vacancy in the double room.

Cancellation fees of the confirmed tour fare for tours in Europe:
Before the 60 th day prior to the start of the tour: 10 %
From the 59th to 28th day prior to the start of the tour: 30%
From the 27th to the 14th day prior to the start of the tour: 50%
From the 13th to the 6th prior to the star of the tour: 60%
From the 5th day to 1 day prior to the start of the tour: 80%
Non-commencement of the tour (day of arrival): 95%

Cancellation fees of the confirmed tour fare for bike & boat tours:
Before the 60th day prior to the start of the tour: 20 %
From the 59th to the 31st day prior to the start of the tour: 30%
From the 30th to 21st day prior to the start of the tour: 50%
From the 20th to the 11th day prior to the start of the tour: 70%
From the 10th to 1 day prior to the start of the tour: 90%
Non-commencement of the tour (day of arrival): 100%

Cancellation fees of the confirmed tour fare for long distance tours:
Before the 35th day prior to the start of the tour: 30%
From the 34th to 22nd day prior to the start of the tour: 50%
From the 21st to the 1 day prior to the start of the tour: 80%
Non-commencement of the tour (day of arrival): 95%

For special tours and tours reserved to circles of friends, separate cancellation fees are applicable.

Cancellation fees of the confirmed tour fare for privately guided group tours:
Before the 90th day prior to the start of the tour: 20%
From the 89th to 60th day prior to the start of the tour: 40%
From the 59th to the 30th day prior to the start of the tour: 60%
From the 29th to the 6th prior to the start of the tour: 80%
From the 5th day to 1 day prior to the start of the tour: 90%

Cancellations of pre- or post-stay reservations made by the tour operator are subject to the general cancellation terms. The cost for e-bikes cannot be refunded due to their long-termed disposition.

The customer cancelling his/her tour will be free to prove that the cancellation costs are lower than the lump-sum fees mentioned above. However, it is required that the tour operator office is promptly notified of the cancellation, first by telephone and subsequently by written confirmation.
You can protect yourself against the cost risk in the event of cancellation by taking out cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. Your travel professional can advise you.

The tour operator reserves the right to call off a tour if the following minimum numbers of participants are not reached: eight (8) participants for tours in Europe (exception the tour operator Special: 6), eight (8) participants for tours outside Europe, 14 participants for Bike & Boat tours. The cancellation will be made five (5) weeks prior to the beginning of the tour at the latest. In this case, you may immediately request the participation in an equivalent tour, provided that such a tour is available in the program without additional charge.

The 5 weeks guarantee shall not apply if we have to call off a tour, or discontinue a tour, due to events of force majeure, e.g., war, riots, civil unrest, Acts of God, etc., which jeopardize the safe organization and implementation of the tour in the best interest of our customers.

The tour operator has the right to terminate the travel contract with a participant without notice if such participant persistently disturbs, interferes with, or jeopardizes the cycling tour despite having been warned. We trust you understand that such termination is justified also in order to safeguard the best interests, and the expectations, of the other participants with regard to the holidays booked with the tour operator. In such a case, however, the tour operator retains the right to claim payment of the tour fare, less any travel expenses saved, if applicable. Any extra costs arising from return transportation shall be borne by the excluded participant.

Participants who prematurely terminate a tour, are not entitled to refunds.

Services of the Tour Operator:

The tour is deemed to start by the time the first service is rendered by the tour operator, e.g., when the first hotel room is made available and/or the bicycle is handed over. The meal plan starts with dinner on the day of arrival or with breakfast on the first cycling day and ends with breakfast on the last day of the tour. Our packages also include transportation by car/bus, railway and ship, etc. during the tour as well as all costs incurred in connection with any scheduled visits to places of interest. Note: The costs of visits made on your own and the transportation costs on so-called "rest days" as well as optional activities offered by the tour operator are not included. We reserve the right to modify individual tour services should that become necessary after the travel contract has been signed, provided that such modifications are immaterial and do not impair the overall style of the tour.


Within the limits of our obligation to exercise the care and diligence of prudent businessmen, we warrant that the description of all specified travel services is correct at the time of the update of the website, that the service providers (hotels, carriers and others) have been properly selected and procured and that the tours have been conscientiously prepared and will be implemented with all due care. Transportation by rail, bus, cog wheel train, cable car, ship, canoe and the like during the trip are services which are only procured by us as agents and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the respective carrier; such terms and conditions shall also govern the limit of liability of the tour operator. If a visit scheduled in the program is impracticable for reasons beyond our control (renovation of churches and the like), we cannot be held responsible. If an unforeseen event of force majeure (e.g., war, riot and civil unrest, Acts of God) occurs and it must be expected, on the basis of an objective weighing of all circumstances, that carrying out the tour would become substantially more difficult or involve a substantial risk, the participant and/or the tour operator may each give notice of termination of the travel contract. This provision shall also apply if the tour has already started. However, in such a case the tour operator retains the right to adequate compensation for the travel services already performed or yet to be performed until the end of the tour. If the package includes a return trip by air, the participant and the tour operator shall bear the extra costs for the return trip in equal shares. You will participate in the cycling tours at your own risk. This provision shall also apply to other activities such as hikes, boat and canoe trips included in the cycling tour, and it is understood that participation in such activities is voluntary at all times (bike routes are always available as an alternative). The responsibility for complying with the road traffic regulations shall lie with you. You shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury you may cause to third parties. If you have personal liability insurance, it may provide coverage for such contingency. We are liable to you for compensation of the loss of or damage to your baggage only if such loss or damage is attributable to intent or gross negligence on our part. In other respects, our liability for damages on account of mal-performance of the contract is limited to an amount corresponding to once the tour price, provided that the loss or damage has not been caused by us either intentionally or by gross negligence or if we are responsible solely on account of fault of a service provider selected by us. Any responsibility on our part is excluded if the participant fails to comply with any instructions issued by us in his/her best interest (e.g., for safety reasons). We suggest that you protect yourself against such risks by taking out accident and/or baggage insurance. Minors may only participate if accompanied by a parent or (legal) guardian. If you have reason for complaint, please advise your tour guide or the tour operator without delay. It is understood and agreed that our tour guides are not entitled to acknowledge claims. In addition, any claims against us will be deemed to exist only on condition that they are asserted with us not later than one month after the contractually stipulated end of the tour. Contractual claims for body damages due to intent or gross negligence shall become statute-barred after two years. All other contractual claims shall become statute-barred after one year.


Verbal agreements shall not be effective unless confirmed by us in writing. Services, fares and prices are subject to change, and we reserve the right to correct errors, including typographical errors and errors in calculation. Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with the travel contract shall be resolved exclusively by Austrian courts and shall be governed by Austrian law.

Before booking your flight, please make sure that the required minimum number of participants has been reached. The tour operator cannot make any refund in case that the trip is cancelled because the minimum number of participants has not been reached.

In the event of grossly negligent or deliberate damage to the bike provided by the tour operator for the tour, the operator is entitled to exercise claims for the occured damages.

For tours operated by contractual partners, special terms and conditions may be applicable. Detailled information will be made available upon request.

By signing the travel contract you agree that any photographs taken during the tour by tour guides or fellow travelers, may be used by the tour operator for their company advertising, in particular for the tour operator catalog and website.

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