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"Thailand" means "land of the free." It boasts an 800-year history free of colonization, leaving a rich culture unmarred by early Western impact so prevalent in Southeast Asia. Formerly known as "Siam," the land evokes images of the exquisite and exotic. Its fusion of influences from India, Burma, Cambodia, and China has created a distinctive and colorful culture that reveres its traditions while transforming itself into a thriving, modern destination.

Ancient ruins and Buddhist temples are spectacular sites for visitors to experience the rich history of Thailand. Performances of the highly stylized khon dance style are a treat to watch, and the unique tastes of Thai cuisine have made it popular throughout the world. Making significant use of its staple of rice, it incorporates flavors of curry, coconut, fish sauce, lime, and basil – and can often be extremely spicy!

Why cyclists love it

  • It's an extremely beautiful country with extensive sights to make your overseas bike tour vacation amazing
  • Modern cities with rich histories and interesting sights
  • Fascinating culture, including the authentic charm of the hill tribes in the north
  • Lively, colorful markets
  • Orange-clad monks serve as a constance reminder of religion and culture
  • Picturesque scenery and natural splendor of the country’s cities, admirable national parks, and sprawling mountains.

Top spotlight

Thailand: Northern Highlights Bicycle Tour
Chiang Mai, an ancient Kingdom dating back 700 years, is well known to tourists around the world but its surroundings are often missed by visitors to Thailand. Come explore the real Chiang Mai and it surroundings in depth on the Northern Highlights bike tour. Discover ethnic hill tribes still living in thatched villages on the hill tops dressed in their colorful garments, explore ancient temple ruins and city fortifications, taste the delicious cuisine that Thailand is renowned for worldwide, cycle through spectacular landscapes and meet the friendly Thais. Relax in luxurious lodges each evening, experiencing the lifestyle firsthand
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Thailand Heritage by Bicycle
This Thailand Heritage ride takes you back in time on a route paved by kingdom builders. Thailand's history is comprised of the rise and fall of kingdoms, and on this journey you'll cycle through more than 700 years of history visiting three UNESCO World Heritage sites that define the country and culture of Thailand. 
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Thailand's Andaman Coast: Land and Sea Multi-sport tour 
Thailand's Andaman Coast features more variety of environments than most other coastal regions of the world, from dense mangroves forests to bizarre karst limestone islands to picturesque beaches. Add in the infectious smiles of the Thais, a tasty selection of fresh seafood, relaxing oceanfront inns, spectacular sea kayaking, and leisurely bicycling, and you end up with a very unique and exciting tour. 
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Thailand stories

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On YouTube: A look at the Road Cycling Bangkok to Phuket tour, which features cycling in a popular region of Thailand.


Fast facts

Language: Thai 
Currency: Thai Baht 
Population: 69,122,234 
Size: 197,255 sq miles (510, 890 sq km) – larger than California 
Border countries: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar 
National tourist office:

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