Historic Chiang Mai Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    4 hours | 7.5 miles
    From $48 USD
    Chiang Mai

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    • Be charmed by Chiang Mai

      Take a family-friendly day tour around the historic city of Chiang Mai. Cycle to several temples and take in a slice of Thai history as you immerse yourself in the rich blend of Lanna, Thai, and Burmese influences apparent in the city’s sacred architecture. You’ll stop at Somphet Market to experience the vital energy and delicious cuisine of this traditional market, quite distinct from the contemplative tranquility of the other stops on this bicycle tour: Tha Phae Gate, Wat Chiang Man, the City Navel, and Wat Inthakin.

      Arrive under the magisterial gateway of the Tha Phae Gate, your first stop on this guided tour. Tha Phae Gate was once the main gate to the city through which merchants arrived at this important trading post centuries ago. Today, it remains standing, restored to its original splendor. Your immersive history lesson begins here as your guide explains Chiang Mai's historic importance as a strategic center of the Lanna Kingdom.

      Cycling onwards, you'll arrive at Somphet Market, bringing your experience of the city squarely into the present. Immerse yourself in the sounds of sellers hollering, the sizzling aromas of street food, and the vibrant colors of the groceries for sale. Sample a variety of Thai fruit and sweet desserts from friendly vendors and learn about marketplace etiquette in a country where haggling is not the norm.

      Hop back in the saddle and ride to the next stop on this bicycle tour: Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai. This is perhaps the temple with the most historic and spiritual significance in the city, and within its sacred grounds, you'll encounter the revered Marble and Crystal Buddha statues. Soak up the tranquility of the atmosphere as your guide enlightens you as to the long history of this temple, founded in 1297 to serve the first King of Chiang Mai.

      Ride onwards towards the City Navel, also known as ‘Suan Dok’ or ‘Dok Mai’ in Thai. Your next stop on this bike tour is considered the spiritual center or the heart of Chiang Mai, from which energy radiates, providing balance and harmony for the city and its inhabitants. Continue your discovery of Chiang Mai's spiritual history as you appreciate the traditional Lanna-style architectural elements of the temple and the surrounding lush greenery.

      Your city tour then stops at Wat Inthakin, known for housing the city's sacred pillar, called ‘Inthakhin’ in Thai. The pillar is believed to protect the city and bring good fortune. After basking in the temple's beatific atmosphere, you'll continue to the next stop on this bike tour: Wat Chedi Luang.

      Here, you’ll encounter one of the city's most prominent temples to round off your trip. The temple's towering stupa, known as 'Chedi' in Thai, is a remarkable sight. The magnificence of this temple reflects the grandeur of the Lanna Kingdom and was originally built to house the ashes of a Lanna King. Armed with an understanding of the history and customs of the city, head out into the Chiang Mai Province to discover villages and forest temples on the Lamphun & Countryside Bike Tour Chiang Mai.

      • Monks on the sidewalk, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Billows926@Unsplash
      • Bustling market, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Robin Canfield@Unsplash
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      • Monks doing chores in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Grasshopper Day Tours

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      Daily 9:00 am ~1:00 pm

      Please arrive for the tour 15 minutes before departure time.


      Rate USD
      Adult $48
      Child · 6 - 12 years old $38
      Child · 0 - 5 years old $36



      Tha Phae Gate, Somphet Market, Wat Chiang Man, The City Navel, Wat Inthakin

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Snacks
      • Refreshments

      Meeting place & directions

      Discova Chiang Mai Bike Shop

      10, 3 Wiang Kaew Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 (please look for a co-working space called 'Punspace Wiang Kaew' - office will be located in front of it).

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