Bangkok Evening Bike Tour

    • 4 hours | 7.5 miles
    • From $54 USD
    • Bangkok
    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    4 hours | 7.5 miles
    From $54 USD

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    • An evening bike tour of Bangkok’s breathtaking temples

      As dusk falls over Bangkok, take a bike tour to visit the dazzling sites of temples, markets, and monuments in the city's historic center. The Bangkok Evening Bike Tour takes advantage of the quieter evening streets, allowing you to cycle freely and take in the sights. You'll stop to admire the illuminated spires of the Temple of Dawn and immerse yourself in the evening bustle of the Flower Market, before rounding off this city tour with a visit to the tranquil Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

      Cross the Chao Phraya River by ferry to arrive at the Temple of Dawn. Wat Arun, as it is known in Thai, is one of Bangkok's most recognizable landmarks. Located on the bank of the river, the temple's tower is adorned with colorful porcelain tiles and intricate decorative art. This magnificent architecture is especially breathtaking during sunrise and, as on this bicycle tour, at sunset, when its spires are beautifully illuminated.

      Ride on to your next stop on this day tour: Pak Khlong Talat, Bangkok's biggest flower market. Cycling towards this hive of activity, you'll notice the aromatic scent of flowers drifting towards you and the voices of buyers and sellers carried out on the breeze. Step inside to take a look at stalls laden with fresh flowers, ornamental plants, and traditional Thai flower arrangements. Your guide will treat you to a taste of some classic Thai street food as you wander through.

      Pedal on to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, or Wat Pho in Thai. This next stop on your family-friendly guided tour is one of Bangkok's oldest and largest temples, which houses an enormous 46-meter-long Buddha statue! The temple also features a serene inner courtyard, walls decorated with intricate murals, and one of the most famous traditional Thai massage schools in the entire world.

      Make the most of an evening in Bangkok with a bike tour of three of the city's most captivating sites along with fascinating routes through backstreets and local neighborhoods led by an experienced guide. They'll share a slice of Bangkok's history, insights into Thai culture, and insider recommendations to help you get the most out of your trip to the ‘City of Angels'.

      • Temple in Chinatown at night, Bangkok, Thailand. Vitalijs Barilo Iriq@Unsplash
      • Grilled seafood, Street Food at night, Bangkok, Thailand. Lisheng Chang@Unsplash
      • White and gold temple at night, Bangkok, Thailand. Grasshopper Day Tours
      • Flower stand busy at night in Bangkok, Thailand. Grasshopper Day Tours

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 5:30 pm ~9:30 pm

      Please arrive for the tour 15 minutes before departure time.


      Rate USD
      Adult $54
      Child · 6 - 12 years old $43
      Child · 0 - 5 years old $41



      Ferry across Chao Phraya River, Temple of Dawn, Flower Market, Temple of the Reclining Buddha

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Snacks
      • Refreshments

      Meeting place & directions

      Discova Bangkok Bike Shop

      Near MRT Sam Yot Station: 719 Mahachai Road, Wang Burapha Phirom, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

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