Paris Evening Bike & Boat Tour Reviews

Paris Evening Bike & Boat Tour

Paris · from €69 EUR

5.5 hours
5/5 (2)
Rider Level: Leisure Bike and boat tours
Rider Level: Leisure Bike and boat tours
5/5 (2)
5.5 hours

Days Start Finish
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 6:00 pm ~11:30 pm

There’s no more atmospheric way to experience Paris than an evening bike tour. Glide through the City of Light on the Paris Evening Bike and Boat Tour, with bike rental included. As the sun sets, you’ll make stops at the Louvre Pyramid, Tsar Alexander…

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  • Enjoy a sunset cycle in the City of Light
    (5/5) Dee Knight 5 months ago

    Extremely Fun, Knowledgeable Host/Lead

    · · Paris Evening Bike & Boat Tour

    This was an excellent start to my trip, and I suggest it as a beginning to any trip here. Our tour guide was knowledgeable, fun, and kind! Just a joy to be around and learn from. We got to see the major landmarks and hear of such rich history. The Louvre, Eiffel, Notre Dame, Seine, just packed with so much awe! 10/10 recommend! Also, I'm a bigger girl, don't really exercise much aside from swimming, and I was able to keep up with the group, just slowed a bit on the last leg because I thought we were done at the boat trip, but it is very doable for I think almost ANY level of fitness. Walked the bike up two hilled areas and was still able to keep up with the whole group at the time.

    What was the date of your tour?
    November 2023
    How many tours have you completed?
    0 before this one.
    Difficulty (actual vs. expected)?
    Somewhat easier
    Who is this tour suitable for?
    First-time bike tourists, Solo travelers, Families with teens
    Do you recommend this tour?
    • Louvre fun (photo by Dee Knight)
    • Riding bikes around the Louvre was fun. (photo by Dee Knight)
    • Notre Dame was incredibly beautiful at dusk (photo by Dee Knight)
    • Paris' Architecture from the Seine (photo by Dee Knight)
    • Eiffel Tower from the Seine (also biked past it during the day) (photo by Dee Knight)
    • staff reply from bozena_kusovac November 17, 2023

      Hi Dee, thank you for your glowing review! We're thrilled to hear you had an excellent start to your trip and enjoyed the tour with our knowledgeable and kind guide. It's wonderful to know you found the experience awe-inspiring and doable for all fitness levels. We appreciate your recommendation and look forward to hosting you again!

    • 5/5 Value
    • 5/5 Bikes + equipment
    • 5/5 Scenery
    • 5/5 Local tour company services
    • 5/5 Route selection
    • 5/5 Guides (if applicable)
  • Enjoy a sunset cycle in the City of Light
    (5/5) Elizabeth Gibson 10 months ago

    A fun way to see

    · · Paris Evening Bike & Boat Tour

    Rudolpho was AMAZING! His love for the city and it’s history and culture made the trip all the better!