Midnight Sun Tromso E-Bike Tour Reviews

Midnight Sun Tromso E-Bike Tour

Tromso · from kr1500 NOK

3 hours
5/5 (1)
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
5/5 (1)
3 hours

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In the city where the sun never sets (in the summer months, at least), make the most of an evening in Tromsø with the Midnight Sun Tromsø E-Bike Tour. This 3 hour bicycle tour will introduce you to the history and culture of one of Norway's…

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  • Make the most of the midnight sun
    (5/5) Jill Bue 10 months ago

    Family Fun through Tromsø

    · Midnight Sun Tromso E-Bike Tour

    If you want to experience Tromsø as a local, this tour is a can’t miss experience. Our family of 5 riders ranged in age from 13 to 66. We have biked together before on city tours throughout the U.S. Everyone rated this one a favorite! First, the e-bikes were top of the line and our guide, Espen, took the time to show how to use them properly . He had us practice before beginning the rise. We appreciated his patience and focus on safety. We traveled along the shoreline and through local parks. We were lucky to see groups of families together celebrating Midsommar with bonfires on the beach. It was so special to see this annual event. Our journey continued through the more wooded areas of Tromsø and we all appreciated the e-bikes on some of the tougher hills. We saw many local areas and sites that showcased Tromsø as a great location as a place to live or for travel. Espen was a wonderful guide for this tour! As a native son of Tromsø his love for his community was evident at every stop. The Tromsø tourism board should have him run all of their tours! If you are looking for a fun ride exploring the city of Tromsø with a friendly and knowledgeable guide, this is it!

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    June 2023
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    Somewhat easier
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    First-time bike tourists, Solo travelers, Families with teens
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    •  (photo by Jill Bue)
    • BikeTours.com staff reply from JV June 25, 2023

      Great picture and review! I didn't know where Tromsø was until I read this. :)

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