Bike Tour Reviews  Amsterdam – Bruges By Bike And Boat – Magnifique IV (and Reverse)

Amsterdam – Bruges by Bike and Boat – Magnifique IV (and reverse)

COUNTRY: Belgium, Holland

7 nights
4.5/5 (2)
Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours
Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours

4.5/5 (2)
7 nights

Guided from EUR € 1499

From Amsterdam: Apr - Sep, 2023 & 2024
From Bruges: May - Oct, 2023 & 2024
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During this bicycle tour, you will visit some of the most beautiful cities of Holland and Flanders (Western Belgium): Amsterdam, Utrecht, Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges, where you still can feel the charm of the days long gone. After embarking from…

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  • Amsterdam to Bruges on Magnifique IV
    (5/5) Lynn Danford 9 months ago

    Wonderful trip

    Terrific guides and a perfect mix of time in rural and urban areas. Enjoyed the beauty of the countryside plus some of the great cities of Europe. Surprised that so many in the group were using e-bikes. The frequency of rest stops was perfect. Food on the boat was excellent.

    What was the date of your tour?
    August 2022
    How many tours have you completed?
    Difficulty (actual vs. expected)?
    Somewhat harder
    Who is this tour suitable for?
    First-time bike tourists
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  • (4/5) Linda Vied 9 months ago

    My First Bike Trip

    This was my first bike trip and whilst i am not an "avid" cyclist i do consider myself to be a regular cyclist and having paid attention to some prior training i thought i would be OK to do this trip and keep up with everyone. However, i found the pace to be difficult and was unable to keep up with most of the group due to the fact that at least 50%/60% of them were riding E Bikes!!
    This trip would have been more enjoyable for me if the group had been split between regular and E Bikers.
    The boat was above expectations in every respect and the captain and crew were amazing and created a very comfortable, warm and inviting atmosphere. The chef is a wonder and served some truly wonderful dishes. I thought i would return from this trip having lost some weight but instead i have gained!!!