At a glance

Majestic. That’s the word best fitting to describe the rich, cultural history and diverse, magical landscape of this country. Croatia’s locals call their country “Our Beautiful Homeland”, and they offer a warm welcome to visitors with open arms. Flat plains along the Hungarian border, low mountains and highlands near the Adriatic coastline and more than 1,000 islands explain why Croatia is one of few nations to have three distinct climate zones.

Diversity continues in the Croatian culture with four cultural circles thriving together: Western, Eastern and Central Europe, and Mediterranean. Each retains its unique customs. For example, you’ll find handmade laces in Lepoglava, hear ringing bells in the Kasta region and hear Ojkanje singing in the Dalmatia region.

Cuisine varies among regions. The coastal region favors seafood specialties, olive oil and prosciutto, while the continental region favors hearty fare, freshwater fish and vegetables.

Other highlights include the Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace in Split, a Roman amphitheatre in Pula, and the city of Dubrovnik, known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic." Come behold the wonders of this truly beautiful country!

Why cyclists love it

  • Beautiful, varied landscapes
  • Challenging climbs and rewarding vistas
  • Abundant national parks ideal for mountain bikers
  • Paved roads perfect for exploring the countryside

See it by bike and boat

Croatia by bike and boat

One great way to experience Croatia’s magic is through a bike and boat tour. Traveling by boat enables cyclists to bike different islands and coastal areas each day. With all the beautiful water and coastline in the country, sleeping on a boat each night just feels right.

Many of our bike and boat tours also offer you the choice of renting an electric-assisted bike. These bikes can help you zoom up and coast down Croatia’s many hills with ease.

The country’s moderate climate and good weather are just more perks for cycling the wonderful Croatian landscape!

Croatia stories

On our blog:We are so lucky: Cycling in the southern Dalmatian Islands” - a wonderfully written blog by clients Paul and Cheryl Miniato about their tour from Dalmatia to Dubrovnik.

On YouTube: National Parks of Croatia by Bike and Boat - a video highlighting this bike and boat tour from our partner tour operator.

Regional spotlight

Dalmatia, located on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, is famous for its immaculate coastline. Dotted with islands, reefs and bays and surrounded by mountainous terrain, this area is truly majestic.
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Tour spotlight

Istria by Bike and Boat
Come explore the most popular part of the Croatian coast.  The tour begins in Pula, a seafront city. Each day a ship will take you further north, where tour guides will lead you on beautiful rides along the coast, visiting islands of Brijuni and the Lim channel.
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Cycling Istria Wine Roads
Explore the magic of Istria on this self-guided tour through hidden medieval towns whose charm will leave you breathless. Passing through a landscape of hills framed by rivers, with forests, vineyards and olive groves, you’ll enjoy every moment. Take a break at the winemakers and taste indigenous wines such as Malvasia and Teran, treat yourself to tasty delicacies and experience all the charms of Istria, this exciting Croatian wine region.
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National Parks of Dalmatia by Bike and Boat
Traveling by boat, this tour visits the national parks of Krka-Waterfalls and Kornati Islands, as well as  the islands of Central Dalmatia. Highlights include the old town of Trogir, Zadar and Sibenik's famous cathedral.
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South Dalmatia by Bike and Boat
This unique bike tour in Southern Dalmatia will take you to interesting towns and the lovely island countryside. While cycling through Croatia’s smallest and most sparsely populated region, you will leave no off-road route or island untouched!
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Fast facts

Language: Croatian
Currency: Kuna
Population: 4,483,804
Size: 21,851 square miles (56,594 square kilometers) - slightly smaller than West Virginia
Border countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Hungary, and Montenegro
National tourist office: