Pula City & Coast Bike Tour

    • 3 hours | 12.42 miles
    • From €49 EUR
    • Pula
    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    3 hours | 12.42 miles
    From €49 EUR

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    • Roman history and romantic views

      Pedal along Pula's picturesque coastline on a ride that combines astonishing Adriatic views, the city's civilized history, and some climactic cliff jumping thrills. This bike tour begins at Pula amphitheater, before riding into the old town, with stops at the seafront, port and shipyard. From here, the ride will head further along the coast to Punta Verudela, before reaching Pigeons Cave, also known as Grotta dei Colombi, the cave and cliffs where you'll dismount and plunge into the Adriatic's azure waters. Enjoy a swim, or, for the adventurous, plunge into the crystalline water from the cliffs above.

      You'll start your city tour at Pula Amphitheatre, which was constructed between 27 BC and AD 68, and is one of the world's six largest surviving Roman arenas. It is also the only amphitheater in the world with an intact circular wall, but for all its grandeur, it is known simply to locals as 'the Arena', since it regularly hosts many of the city's concerts, operas, film screenings and sports competitions.

      As you ride through the Old Town on this bicycle tour, you'll notice how the city is suffused with Roman history. You may cycle under the Triumphal Arch of Sergii, or stop at the Corinthian columns of the Temple of Augustus, still standing since its construction in 1 AD. In short, whichever direction you turn your handlebars, there are hidden histories in every corner of Pula that your guide will bring to life on this day tour filled with sightseeing.

      Cycling out of the town and towards the Punta Verudela peninsula, you'll have the opportunity to see the seafront, port, and shipyard. The 'Uljanik' shipyard was founded in 1856, and your guide will explain how Pula maintained an important role in the shipbuilding industry and maritime trade until recent years, thanks to its position on the coast of the Adriatic.

      As this guided tour rides further from the city, you'll notice how the greenery becomes denser and white pebbled coves and translucent waters begin to punctuate the coastline. Heading in the direction of Stoja, you'll arrive at the final stop of this day tour: Grotta dei Colombi. The cave is known in English as the ‘Pigeons Cave’ for the wild pigeons that nest there. It is also home to bat colonies, a protected animal in the Pula region for the instrumental role they play in the local ecosystem. As such, this magnificent stone structure enjoys protected status.

      Make a splash as you plunge into the tranquil waters from the cliff tops to explore the semi-submerged cave. For the less intrepid, no diving is required to enter these serene waters as you cool down after your ride with a gentle swim. From here, this family-friendly bike tour will cycle back to Pula's center along the seafront or Old Town, leaving you with memories that will endure long after you've hung up your helmet.

      • Remnants of history, Brijuni National Park, Pula, Croatia. Nick Kane@Unsplash
      • Boats all around Pula, Croatia. Sebastjan strasek@Unsplash
      • A beautiful day at Hawaii Beach, Verudela, Pula, Croatia. Gwenael Saint-Genest@Wikimedia commons
      • Swimming in Pula, Croatia. David Boca@Unsplash

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      Daily · Apr 1–Sep 1 8:00 am ~11:00 am
      Daily · Apr 1–Sep 1 5:00 pm ~8:00 pm


      Rate EUR
      Adult · Standard tour, minimum of 4 participants €49
      Adult · Private tour, minimum of 2 participants €75

      Minimum of 4 participants required to start this tour.


      Pula Amphitheater, Old Town, Uljanik shipyard, Boulevard, Maritime cemetery, Canyon ridge, Sacred rock, Pigeons cave

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet
      • English-speaking guide
      • Bike Assist
      • Complementary water and snack

      Meeting place & directions

      Pula Arena, Flavijevska ul. bb, 52100, Pula, Croatia

      NOTE: Exactly across the main entrance of the Arena Pula, there will be your guide waiting for you with your bikes leaning against the wall

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