Kamenjak Cape Bike Tour Pula

    • 4 hours | 18.01 miles
    • From €49 EUR
    • Pula
    Rider Level: Recreational

    Rider Level: Recreational

    4 hours | 18.01 miles
    From €49 EUR

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    • Cycle along captivating Kamenjak Cape

      Pedal out of Pula and down the cape of Kamenjak, arriving at one of the most picturesque points on the entire Adriatic coast on this day tour. The family-friendly Kamenjak Cape Bike Tour starts out along the captivating coastal paths of cape Kamenjak, taking in coves enclosed by crystalline waters, before stopping at the Safari Bar for a drink, and finally indulging in some swimming, cave exploring, cliff diving or sunbathing on Kolombarice Beach.

      Starting in the breathtaking bay of Banjole, renowned for its sheltered coves and tranquil waters, you'll head straight towards the area of Upper Kamenjak, a stunning stretch of coastline between Volme and Premantura. This guided tour will lead you up a gravel road to a hilltop, where you can explore the interior of the military bunker and enjoy sweeping views of Pomer’s Bay. Gazing further afield, you'll be able to trace the route for the rest of your ride, along the rugged coastline of Kamenjak Cape.

      Descending to Lower Kamenjak on the next portion of this ride, your guide will captivate you with tales of the dinosaurs that roamed this coast in prehistoric times. As you reach the shore, leave no stone unturned to uncover a fossil or two, before riding towards Polje Cove, to visit some less fearsome beasts. Here, you'll stop to visit a traditional Istrian farm and meet Istrian long-horned cattle, also known as Boškarin, that are native to this region. You’ll be welcomed by the farmers who continue to embody the traditional way of life on Croatia's northernmost peninsula.

      Follow the winding tracks between the pine forest and the sea that lead you to the southernmost part of the Kamenjak Peninsula, Kolombarice Cliffs. Pause and admire the untamed beauty of Lower Kamenjak's natural landscapes. You'll stop for a well-deserved break at Safari Bar, where you can sit back and drink up the fantastic view of Fenoliga Island and Porer lighthouse from the terrace. After this, you'll have free time to explore Kolombarice Cave, take a swim in the crystal blue waters of Cape Kamenjak, or simply relax in the shade.

      Leaving the Kolombarice Cliffs behind, you'll ride to the village of Premantura, where you'll have the option to continue sightseeing with a visit to an eco-center. If you make this stop, you’ll find an aquarium, terrarium, fossils, and dinosaur footprints that make for a captivating encounter for adults and children alike. Cycling back, take in views of the pebbled shore of Ščuza Beach, before cycling over a small bridge to the picturesque Pomer, after which the trip returns to Banjole. Views out over the aquamarine Adriatic Sea will accompany you throughout this bicycle tour, as your guide’s captivating commentary brings this unspoilt scenery to life, creating an unforgettable encounter with Pula’s picturesque coast that will linger long after the ride is over.

      • Garden outside the Pula Arena, Pula, Croatia. Sietze Kraak@Wikimedia Commons
      • View of the beautiful beach from Kamenjak, Pula, Croatia. Darwin Vegher@Unsplash
      • Safari bar, Kamenjak, Premantura, Pula, Croatia. Anđela Knez@Unsplash
      • Lighthouse out the coast of Cape Kamenjak, Premantura, Pula, Croatia. Samuel Schwendener@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily · Apr 1–Aug 31 9:00 am ~1:00 pm
      Daily · Apr 1–Aug 31 4:00 pm ~8:00 pm


      Rate EUR
      Adult · Standard tour, minimum of 4 participants €49
      Adult · Private tour, minimum of 2 participants €75



      Banjole, Upper Kamenjak, Military bunker, Fossils Lower Kamenjak, Istrian farm visit, Dinosaur footprints, Kolombarice cliffs, Blue cave, Safari Bar, Premantura, House of Nature Kamenjak eco-center (optional)

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet
      • English-speaking guide
      • Bike Assist
      • Bottled water and a snack

      Meeting place & directions

      Banjole Gas Station Kamik 27, 52100, Banjole, Croatia

      NOTE: Immediately on the right side of the Petrol Banjole on the small parking place.

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