Danube region bicycle tours

At a glance

It's one of Europe's most popular cycling routes, and for good reason.

On its way from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, the Danube River flows from Passau, Germany, across the border and onward to Vienna, one of the world’s cultural capitals. Along the way, there are stunning river landscapes, picturesque villages, and medieval towns, as well as castles, monasteries, vast gardens and sprawling vineyards.

Why cyclists love it

  • Hundreds of miles of bicycle trails on dedicated, well-marked bike paths and mostly traffic-free roads
  • Beautiful scenery and charming towns dot the bike path as it meanders through Europe
  • Ideal for first-time bicycle tourists and families
  • Good "bail out" options if you get tired: In some places you can just hop on a train or boat with your bicycle to carry you to the next location. 
  • Moderate weather where cycling is best from May to September

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Tour spotlight

Danube Bike Path 8 Nights (Upscale Lodging)
One of Europe's most popular bike paths carries you along the Danube from Passau to Vienna. Explore the paths along the blue Danube River just like the Romans, the legendary Nibelungs, and even Europe's powerful kings and emperors did before you.
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Vienna to Budapest (Service Plus)
Cycle from Vienna, Austria, into the heart of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. Following the Danube river through Bratislava, Slovakia, and all the way to Budapest, Hungary, you'll pass cultural landmarks and beautiful nature.
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Danube Bike Path 7 Nights (Classic)
This is the classic self-guided tour from Passau to Vienna, a perennial favorite for travelers looking to explore the Danube River. Never far away from the cool, clear water of the Danube, you will enjoy one of Europe’s most beautiful and popular cycle routes
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Danube Family Bike Tour
This bicycle tour is especially for families. It offers shorter daily distances, due in part to scheduled boat rides along the route on many days. The tour passes by many attractions and activities that kids will love, including a fairy-tale ride on the grotto railway, visits to zoos and an adventure park, and a ride on the giant Ferris wheel in Vienna.
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Danube Bike and Boat: Passau–Vienna–Passau
Tour along the German/Austrian Danube River on gentle downhill paths. Discover the "Great Loop" and the legendary Wachau valley. Stay overnight on your floating hotel, a comfortable vessel with informal ambience, perfect for your vacation.
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Danube Waltz Bike and Boat – Passau to Budapest
Enjoy one of the most beautiful river landscapes of Europe in this round-trip from Passau to the fascinating cities Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. You’ll pass by unspoiled landscapes as you journey to the majestic cities on this bike and boat trip.
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Salzburg-Vienna, Lakes Option
This tour begins in Salzburg, and takes you through the famous Salzkammergut Lake Region with its blue lakes and untouched nature. Next, you reach the Danube Valley and enjoy the romantic castles, cozy villages, and vineyards along the river. End the tour in Vienna with its countless sights.
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Salzburg-Vienna, River Option
Bike tour from Mozart's city of Salzburg into the heart of Europe: Vienna – passing medieval cities, fortresses and monasteries, along the rivers Salzach, Inn and Danube – into the untouched Upper Danube Valley and the beautiful Wachau Valley. 
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