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Vienna to Budapest (Classic)

  • 4.2


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  • 7 nights | 34 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Self-guided from: €619
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

On this bike path you will explore lowland forests, original villages and magical cities. Of course the 3 metropolises Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest are the best-known. In Carnuntum and in the Roman castle Kelemantia you find Roman relics from the past. Discover the diversity of the flora and fauna in the lowland forests. The small villages, which you cycle through, still keep their original charm.

You pass through the Rye Island that is a real natural paradise. Don´t forget the numerous castles and palaces, which are proudly situated nearby the Danube. But although the small towns along the bike trail have a special flair and their charming historic centers invite visitors to discover and enjoy. Overall this bike tour will inspire everybody!

Daily program

Day 1: Arrival to Vienna
It is recommended to arrive early. This metropolis on the Danube has plenty to offer and it is worth it to stay extra time. Enjoy a cup of coffee and the typical Vienna cake "Sachertorte" in one of the numerous coffee houses, or treat yourself to a small trip with the horse-drawn cab "Fiaker."
Overnight in Vienna

Day 2: Vienna – Bratislava (42 miles/68 km)
The first distance of your bike trip guides you through the national park Donau-Auen. There you will get to know the diversity of the flora and fauna as well as the manifold types of landscape. You pass the castle Orth and the village Eckertsau to eventually reach Bad Deutsch Altenburg. There you can make an excursion on the Roman bike trail (Römerweg) to Carnuntum. The archaeological park is regarded as one of the most significant archaeological sites in Austria. After Hainburg you reach the border to Slovakia and it's capital city Bratislava that is your next overnight stay.
Overnight stay in Bratislava

Day 3: Bratislava – Mosonmagyaróvár (28 miles/44 km)
You cycle a short distance in Slovak territory before you pass the Hungarian border in Rajká. Within the first few kilometers of your cycle trip in Hungary you will discover charming villages. The complete section is influenced by agriculture. Your route guides you through the so-called Szigetköz (a small Rye Island). This is characterized by numberless side arms of the Danube. Today´s destination is Mosonmagyaróvár which is also called "City of 17 bridges."
Overnight in Mosonmagyaróvár

Day 4: Mosonmagyarovar – Györ (25 miles/41 km)
Also today you cycle through the nature paradise of the small Rye Island. On your way you pass Hédervár, which is perfectly suitable for lunch break. The castle is situated in the middle of a protected park. You should schedule plenty of time for visiting Györ. The district capital offers many sights and a breathtaking historic center.
Overnight in Gyor

Day 5: Györ – Komárom (34 miles/55 km)
Soon you reach the Hungarian Böny. From there a route version guides you to Bábolna, a well-cultivated town with a beautiful inner city. Racehorses are bred in the splendid inner courtyard. The local National Stud is known far beyond its borders. The last part of the route takes you back to the Danube. Then you reach the divided town Komárom/Komárno. At night you can relax in the spa.
Overnight in Komarom

Day 6: Komárom – Visegrád (35 miles/57 km + trip by boat)
Today's route runs near riverbanks in the flat Danube valley. In the course of this you pass different villages and while cycling you can view the vineyards in the background. The sporty cyclists can choose a route over Tata but there is an increase of elevation. This requires a basic level of fitness. Those interested in history should plan time for the Roman castle Kelemantia which is on the way. However, the absolute highlight today is Esztergom (also known as "Hungarian Rome"). Its basilica is the largest church of the country. Take time for a comprehensive visit before you board a riverboat, which takes you to your destination Visegrád. Amazing views into the beautiful landscape will impress you. (Please note that the riverboat doesn't run on Mondays, or in Apr, Sep, or Oct, and a train ticket will be provided instead.)
Overnight in Visegrád

Day 7: Visegrád – Budapest (36 miles/56 km)
The Royal Palace and the castle of Visegrád will delight you, and the open-air museum, as well as the baroque old town of Szentendre, invites you to linger. The first part of today will guide you again through the "Donaukie," probably the most attractive section of the Danube bike trail at all. After arriving in Budapest, you can review all impressions of this wonderful bike trip during a walk through the city.
Overnight in Budapest

Day 8: Individual departure from Budapest
In the Hungarian capital there are many things to discover. If you are interested we would be pleased to book some extra nights for you.

Route Map

Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.


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Shoulder Season: Apr 26, 2019 - Jun 27, 2019, Sep 02, 2019 - Sep 27, 2019
High Season: Jun 28, 2019 - Sep 01, 2019


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Ratings Snapshot

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  • 4 Star 12
  • 3 Star 1
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Average Ratings

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  • Difficulty level (Actual vs. expected) 2.6
  • Value 4.3
  • Included meals 4.4
  • Bikes & equipment 4.7
  • Hotels or boat 4.3
  • Scenery 4.1
  • Ease of navigation 3.7
  • Tour documents 3.9
  • Local tour company services 4.4
  • Route selection 4.1
  • Guides (if applicable) 4.3


Mattman November 12, 2018

Easy cycle with plenty of time to enjoy

This was our third self guided bike tour. Very easy, casual ride along the Danube for the most part. However, even when riding along the Danube your view is often obscured by the trees that grow alongside the river. Accommodations were charming and never had a bad meal. We opted for a layover day in Gyor which was spent at the local spa, and urban hiking through the town. Well worth the visit. Our highlight during the ride was our side trip to the Danubiana Art Museum on the way out of Bratislava. DO NOT MISS OUT on this beautiful gem of contemporary art. Plan on spending at least a couple of hours including your picnic. We got there on a Monday when it was closed, but fortunately we met the curator locking up the door, and when he learned that we were from the states he graciously opened up the doors to us and we had the whole museum to ourselves. When we said our goodbyes and pedaled away, we thought how disappointed we would have been had we missed this! As good as any of the Museums we saw in Vienna or Budapest. Weather was delightful in mid September. We spent a few extra days in Budapest after the ride. The Gellert Spa is a good way to spend 3 hours after walking around and seeing the sights. If you plan on going to the Parliament would probably suggest buying tickets online in advance. Definitely put the New York Cafe (1894) on your list of places to visit for coffee and desert while in Budapest. Overall a wonderful trip. Our other rides have had a little more variety when it comes to scenery, but this ride was well off roads and traffic.

Kimberly September 28, 2018

Great trip

We enjoyed different sceneries including river, forest, corn and sunflower fields. We didn't use a GPS, the instructions were fantastic until the last day when it was confusing and misleading. This was a great experience to see the country and a nice way to avoid tourist crowds. Highly recommended!

Bruce and ilona September 6, 2018

Enjoyable holiday

The bikes were good. Although if you can take your own saddle , cleats and shoes might improve your comfort.
Hotels were really good with incredible breakfasts
Overnight stops were well selected for tourism
We used no navigation aids (gps, phone etc) possibly an electronic route would make navigating easier but getting lost is part of the fun
Any fitness level could do this
As a couple we loved it

sandrak June 20, 2018

Amazing experience! will repeat.

Great experience!!! I absolutely recommend this tour and this company, everyone very professional and responsive. Looking forward to my next tour with them!

Chris 77 September 27, 2017

Good way to visit two great cities

Rated a four out of five only because we have done many of these self guided tours and some have been better based mostly on scenery and route

Thrivin sixtyfiven September 24, 2017

Get out there and LIVE!

This tour was well orchestrated with every detail Jozef (our "pre-tour" guide) gave us perfect instructions so we stayed on course without troubles. We upgraded, and the hotels were all nice and in good locations regarding the bike trail (with the exception of the huge city of Budapest). We also used the ride with GPS app, which was extremely helpful. We had some rainy windy days, but overall the experience was delightful. I thought the breakfasts were ample except the one in Visegrad.

Responses from

Jim Johnson, Founder and president February 16, 2019
Thank you so much for your review and ratings. I'm glad you enjoyed your tour!
Ron S September 11, 2017


Nice hotels. Great company rep. (Joseph ) Lousy route. Too many dirt trails including one which may have been a garbage dump.l Less than twenty five percent of the route was along the Danube. The signage was not good. I have run four trips thru Bike Tours but this one is not a winner. All the others were great. One participant who had a patellar injury rented an electric assist bike but the battery pack did not hold charge very long. We had additional niggling bike problems.

Responses from

Jim Johnson, Founder and president February 16, 2019
Ron, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your experience on the Vienna to Budapest tour and for the issues you faced. While most feedback we've received on the tour has actually been quite positive, it's sometimes the negative feedback that's most instructive to us--so we will definitely look into the issues you mentioned. So we thank you very much for your feedback!
Passenger2J September 4, 2017

Vienna to Budapest Classic was a life changing experience

The Vienna to Budapest Classic was my Bike Tour. It will always remain as one of my best experiences in life. The Tour Operator was helpful and provided useful information in the travel documents. Majority of Tour stays on the EV6 route and allows you to see many beautiful things along the Danube. The best part of booking this tour is that you get to cross borders and cycle through 3 European Countries and Capitols. Highlights of tour include beautiful city of Vienna, Bratislava Castle and Budapest. I would definitely book with company again. Only change is some sections of the tour are challenging due to rough roads and crushed gravel for quite a few kilometers. Luckily my tires never gave way.

Chris 77 August 29, 2017

Another good trip via Biketours

Would have spent an extra day in Bratislava - route was clear save one left turn near Budapest. Overall we enjoyed the the self guided tour. Note we only gave four stars because we have to compare it with about a dozen others we have done.