Mediterranean beauty


Mediterranean beauty

Apulia bike tours

Apulia (or “Puglia” in Italian) is in southeastern Italy that forms the heel part of Italy’s boot, bordered by The Adriatic and Ionian Seas. The region has a rich cultural history dating back to ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine eras. Tall cliffs plunge into the blue ocean, and sandy beaches offer great swimming stops.

Cyclists enjoy the easy riding in Apulia, in part due to the lack of crowds and traffic. The landscape is unspoiled by development and there are great beaches, castles, and vineyards to visit along the way. The Mediterranean cuisine will be a highlight of each day – copious amounts of vegetables, pasta, and seafood grown or made locally! The best time for cycling is April and May, with perfect temps and the entire region is in full bloom, or September through early October, during the grape harvest.

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Apr 27; Jun 22; Sep 7; Oct 26, 2024

Cycling along the coastline of Apulia while also enjoying an Italian language course?! Yes! Enjoy this unique experience - getting in touch with the land, the people, and the wonderful culture on this cycling vacation in the heel of Italy's boot. This…

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