Staff picks: Our favorite tours + destinations

Wonder which locations we'd choose for ourselves? Or which ones we think really stand out?

Lucky for us, we have the amazing opportunity to check out many of the tours we help book so we can better advise and promote bicycle touring around the world.

While we spend a lot of time at our desks combing through program descriptions, photos, and videos, we LOVE when we get the chance to head out on our bikes and explore these places on our own.

Here are a few of our dream destinations - ones we've already been to and ones we're going to next.

Jim Johnson, President and Founder

Traveler type: Culture Vulture (loves culture, sights, and experiences)

His bike tour bucket list:

1. Exploring the coast and lakes of eastern Germany
2. The seaside version of the Camino de Santiago
3. A top-rated bike and barge tour in Belgium
4. Castles and wines in Portugal
5. Old world charm, and exploring the land of his forefathers in the Baltic capitals

Rachel Browder, Product Manager

 Traveler type: FAB (family avec babies) + Culture Vulture (travels with youngsters and loves culture)

Her bike tour bucket list:

1. The Portuguese Way of St. James
2. Cycling lush and volcanic Iceland
3. A trip through Swedish history
4. Multi-sporting among Greece's Ionian Islands


Brittany Williamson, Client Service Director

Traveler type: Foodie + Lovebird + Culture Vulture (loves food, culture, and lovebird adventures)

Her bike tour bucket list:

1. Cruising the waters of Italy's Amalfi Coast
2. Exploring the Medieval Villages of Catalonia
3. Sipping wine in Rioja, Spain
4. Cycling the vineyards of Bordeaux
5. Soaking in the Tuscan sun


Liv Leeds, Tour Advisor

Traveler type: Single ISO Adventure + Laid-back and Leisurely + Foodie (loves food, and laid-back adventures)

Her bike tour bucket list:

1. Biking and hiking in Macedonia
2. Exploring Greece's Peloponnese Peninsula
3. A classic bike tour in Slovenia
4. Discovering hidden harbor villages along the Norway fjords
5. Rolling the hills of Scottland

Our hot destination picks for this year

Who at went: Richie

Why you should see it on two wheels: "Riding along the coastline of Korcula, I came across numerous small villages located in small inlets and bays. While resting outside a small house by a bay, the owner walked out and greeted our group with a bowl of fresh figs, which we happily ate while looking out over the blue turquoise waters. It is experiences like these that are only possible by touring small islands by bike," Richie said.

Country highlights: The Croatian coastline is considered to have some of the most beautiful waters in the world. With the mountainous terrain of the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia has a lot to offer for both the beach lover and the mountain lover. From the diversity of the Istrian peninsula to the ancient origins of Dubrovnik and Korcula City, Croatia’s rich history can be seen in the local culture and cuisine. And, friendly, free-spirited people can be found throughout the country. 

Learn more about what we offer in Croatia, including photo galleries, a video, blogs posts and more >

Who at went: Jim

Why you should see it on two wheels: A slow pace is the best way to experience the unspoiled natural beauty of this small, rural country, where you're tempted to shout "Carriage back!" or "Cow up!" when you ride, and where a herd of sheep may form a road block. And there's enough climbing to build enough of a calorie deficit to enjoy the amazing cuisine guilt free!

Country highlights: Nature's bounty: more than 50 lakes, 16 mile-high mountains, endless backcountry roads and trails, all dotted with remote villages and ancient towns; with a mix of cultures all ready to welcome visitors

Learn more about what we offer in Macedonia, including photo galleries, blog posts, and more >

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