Leafde fan Fryslân

The imposing three-masted barquentine, Leafde fan Fryslân, made its maiden voyage in the spring of 2018. The interior of this recently restyled ship can best be described as refined.

Sumptuous meals are served in the restaurant, and the ship’s bar is fully stocked, so the salon is a great place to be after a day in the saddle. The interior of the ship is a non-smoking zone; smoking is only allowed on the sun deck.

On the lower deck, there are a total of 13 cabins, which can accommodate 25 overnight guests:

  • 11 twin cabins with 2 low, single beds (about 97 sq ft/9 square meters)
  • 1 junior suite with 2 low, single beds and a small sitting area (about 129 sq ft/12 square meters)
  • 1 single cabin (about 75 sq ft/7 square meters)

Each cabin is equipped with:

  • Private facilities including shower, toilet, sink
  • Porthole (can be opened in all cabins except 1 single cabin)
  • Small safe and hair dryer
  • Two low beds that can easily be transformed into a double bed
  • If requested, an extra bed is available in some twin cabins (above one of the other beds).

Leafde fan Fryslân layout
36057956783_047b843bec_o-1-1024x438 Leafde fan Fryslân