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Provence’s History, Landscapes, and Luberon National Park

“This bike tour was perfect in every way.” — Ellen

“This bike tour was perfect in every way.” — Ellen

“This bike tour was perfect in every way.” — Ellen

“This bike tour was perfect in every way.” — Ellen

“This bike tour was perfect in every way.” — Ellen
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  • 7 nights | 32 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 3
  • Guided from: USD1910
  • Self-guided from: USD1350
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  1. Mostly flat
  2. Flat with some gentle slopes
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  5. Extensive climbing

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  1. Mostly flat, wide trails
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Tour description

Probably the most beautiful of our French cycling tours, and perhaps the best food.

Whilst on our Provence cycling tour people are often surprised by the quality of the Roman sites, the Theatre in Orange and the amazing acquaduct at the Pont du Gard. Our cycling tour also explores interesting wine regions including Chateauneuf du Pape, Tavel, rated by many the finest rosé wine in France, and Les Baux de Provence, one of France's newest Appellations.

Our last three days are spent in the Lubéron National Park, made famous in Peter Mayle's 'Year In Provence.' It's hilly, but this is the most beautiful part of Provence - worth every pedal stroke.

Daily program

Day 1: Arrival in Villeneuve Les Avignon
Arrive at the hotel in Villeneuve Les Avignon. Most people arrive in Avignon by TGV either from Paris or from London, although there are some direct flights to Avignon and to Nimes. Your first night is spent at the Residence les Cedres with our host, Christophe.
Overnight in Villeneuve Les Avignon

Day 2: Avignon – Orange (27 miles/43 km)
This is a fairly easy day - nice and flat as far as Chateauneuf du Pape where you'll taste the renowned local brew at Domaine de la Solitude. This afternoon you pass over the hill where the best vines are grown and follow quiet roads into Orange.

This was originally a retirement town for retired Roman soldiers and today boasts a truly spectacular Roman Theatre that you'll visit before dinner. You'll also have a look at the huge triumphal arch that dates back to the reign of Augustus. The Theatre and the Arch together are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Overnight in Orange

Day 3: Orange – Uzes (31 miles/49 km)
Today we cross the mighty Rhone, by far the biggest river in France (by volume) and once a source of Royal skulduggery. Avignon, on the Provence side of the river, belonged to the King, as far as the opposite bank. Every time it flooded, the King would move the goal-posts, so to speak, to the edge of the floods. These days it's a heavily canalised and dredged waterway, and at times appears to flow above the level of the neighbouring fields.

You continue on your way to the beautiful medieval town of Uzes, following tiny back roads that take you past Tavel, home of the best rose wines in France. Tonight you stay at the Hotel St Genies just outside Uzes with Rik and his family - like all the best French people, they're actually Belgian. Tonight you eat gourmet-style at the Taverne in Uzes' 'Old Town'.
Overnight in Uzes

Day 4: Uzes – Beaucaire (33 miles/53 km)
This is why you left Provence, to have a look at the spectacular Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman aquaduct and another UNESCO World Heritage Site. You get there by tiny, tiny roads. More than anything else I try to make sure that our tours take you on routes that you couldn't find on your own, and this morning's ride is a bit special. But you'll forget all that when you see this amazing aquaduct.

The bridge was built by the Romans to carry water across the River Gardon to carry water to Nîmes. 275 metres long and 48 metres high, it's impossible adequately to explain how amazing the Pont du Gard is, but have a look at the photos and make up your own mind by visiting!

Next to the aquaduct is a rather lovely gift, a stand of three olive trees, each more than 1,000 years old, donated by the Spanish government. The citation offers some explanation about the suitability of such an ancient and spiritual gift to be displayed next to such a monument as the Pont du Gard. Sounds a bit soppy, but in situ it's rather nice, and you don't see 1,000 year-old olive trees everyday.

This afternoon you follow a crafty route of staggering genius to arrive in Beaucaire on the banks of the river Rhone, but en route you'll be in the wilds of the French countryside. Beautiful.

Beaucaire is a port facing Tarascon on the opposite bank. The canal that enters the Rhone will take you all the way through Toulouse and Bordeaux to the Atlantic ocean. That's quite a canal. Tonight you're at the Hotel Les Doctrinaires. You ate beautifully last night - tonight is better.
Overnight in Beaucaire

Day 5: Beaucaire – St. Remy (27 miles/43 km)
Over the Rhone this morning, and back into Provence. After a coffee stop in Fontvielle, we're off into the hills!

A longish climb into the Alpilles brings you to Les Baux de Provence, a fascinating, ruined fortress. Ruled over for centuries by (alleged) descendants of Balthazar, one of the biblical 3 Kings, this fortress was able to wreak havoc throughout Provence and as far afield as Toulouse. Eventually it became part of France, but following a rebellion was destroyed by none other than Cardinal Richelieu of Three Musketeers fame.

Ten years later it was given to Monaco (the current Marquise of Les Baux is Princess Caroline of Monaco) and in the 19th century was the site for the discovery of aluminium ore, hence 'bauxite'.

Astonishingly, Les Baux became such a backwater that it effectively disappeared. Rediscovered after World War II, it's been excavated and restored to what we see today - a ruined fortress surrounded by tourist shops! Don't let me put you off; Les Baux is fascinating and has some of the best views you could possibly imagine.

Les Baux de Provence is also one of the most recent wine regions to be awarded 'Appelation d'Origine Controllee' status, so you'll stop at Domaine Mas de la Dame for a tasting before tackling your final hill of the day which takes you over the top of the Alipilles and down into St Remy.

On the way, you pass Glanum, a ruined Roman town that was inundated by scree falling from the Alpilles over many centuries. It has a huge triumphal arch and mausoleum at one end of the town, and these have always been visible. But not until 1921 did anyone realise that a whole town was buried just yards away.

Right next door to Glanum is the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole Asylum where Van Gogh did much of his painting. Now, there are information points showing where he painted many of his most famous works - surprisingly interesting.

Finally, the downhill run into St Remy and the Hotel Castelet des Alpilles. Although today is just over 40 km, it's a long and wonderful day. You'll have earned your dinner tonight at Le Jardin de Frédéric.
Overnight in St. Remy

Day 6: St. Remy – Roussillon (38 miles/61 km)
Today we'll show you my secret road out of St Rémy, following the spectacular silhouette of the Alpilles as far as Eygalieres, then through Cavaillon to the Lubéron Hills. This was the region where Peter Mayle set his Year in Provence, and although it's inevitably a bit hilly, you'll cycle through the classic Provencale villages of Robion, Maubec and Ménérbes. The highlight is the tiny village of Oppede le Vieux

The Lubéron are the reason many people visit Provence. They don't have the same needle-sharp profile of the Alpilles, but if anything they're more beautiful and much higher. Don't worry, you 'flirt' with the Lubéron more than anything else - this afternoon is hilly, but it could be a lot worse as you cycle through forests and sleepy villages to Rousillon where you spend tonight.

Rousillon is famous for its ochre cliffs, but also for its amazing panoramic views. For me, you can keep the cliffs, but the views are among my favourite on any tour. It's a long climb into Rousillon, so that cold beer gazing over the Lubéron is very well-earned.
Overnight in Roussillon

Day 7: Roussillon – Avignon (38 miles/61 km)
You start with a fantastic downhill - the payback from yesterday afternoon. Sadly, because you're in the Lubéron, there's another climb into Gordes. It's worth it though and rewarded by a very pretty village with some more spectacular views before you head off on backroads to the Fontaine de Vaucluse.

This extraordinary resurgent spring is the source of the River Sorgue, and you follow the Sorgue Valley through to Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. This sleepy town, built around the many channels carved out by the Sorgue, has become famous as France's leading antiques market. It's a beautiful town, and you'll have lunch here.

After lunch you do our best to follow quiet roads into Avignon, where you can enjoy a cold drink gazing across the square at the enormous Palais des Papes.

In the 14th Century, fleeing chaotic violence in Rome, Pope Clement V moved to Avignon, which became the base for a total of 7 popes. One of these, Benedict XII, supervised the completion of the largest gothic building in France, the vast, fortified Papal palace. If we get into Avignon in good time we can have a look round, but in fact the most spectacular aspect of the palace is to view it from the outside and marvel at the sheer size of the thing.

After you leave Avignon, we cross the Rhone for one last time and climb the short hill back to Villeneuve les Avignon and the Residence les Cedres. You're finished with Provence - well done!
Overnight in Villeneuve Les Avignon

Day 8: Departure
You will depart individually for your onward travels.

Route Map

Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.


Jun 15; Aug 3, 31, 2019 (minimum 4 participants)


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Daily: Jun 1-Sep 28, 2019


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Rosann October 7, 2018

Absolutely fabulous trip. Weather was gorgeous, setting was amazing, hosts also wonderful but if doing the self guided tour be prepared for some lost an found adventures. The route sheets sometimes required interpretation especially in villages where instructions like cross railway turn left so that track is on your right doesn’t make sense, others included take the gravel track up a steep hill - there were 4 tracks only one paved. This one also interesting as we went through on a Sunday - hunters had just shot a wild boar :0| Also suggest taking an extended tool kit- we had a flat on aMonday - local bike shop closed - the tyre was stuck to the rim on one side- had to prize the tyre off the rim with screw driver. Phone call to organizers were not returned- hotel owner very helpful but not a mechanic. We still had a great trip though and will definitely do another with this crew again.

Gennie August 10, 2017

Southern France in the Summer

The tour of Provence was absolutely beautiful! I suggest anyone considering a trip to France to do this tour, however, not in late summer. Temps exceeded 100 degrees most every afternoon. Tour cue sheets need some tweeking. We had to backtrack on several occasions. The written packet should also include a description of what to expect on that day of tour. Relying on what is written on this website is not always accurate and needs more information. We would have missed some very interesting places if not directed by locals and hotel concierges.

Ellen June 30, 2017

Everything We Dreamed Of!

This bike tour was perfect in every way. The guide was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and fun! The food was superb, the hotels delightful, and the scenery was amazing. We rode mostly on smaller, off-the-beaten-track roads - some paved, some gravel - which was easy on the hybrid Trek bikes. Each day brought new vistas, small cafes in tiny villages, and great camaraderie among the travelers. It was very hot when we did this trip, but we stopped often which, for us, made the trip even better as we got to really see and experience each place along the way. I would say that this tour is not for the novice bike rider, as some of the climbs in the mountains were challenging but it was exactly what we had hoped for - lots of smooth, flat and lots of uphill into the scenic old villages of the Alpilles and in Luberon. Some training is suggested for the long days in the saddle or if you go during the hottest part of the summer. Overall, this trip was exactly what we dreamed of!

freemand2b June 14, 2017

Provence Bike trip

We arrived a day early and the tour operator provided us bikes to use that day which we spent riding through and around Avignon. France is a very bike friendly place. We were the first of the season and the tour operator came in person to orient us. We were self guided group of four. Two of us speak French but one could easily do this with English only. We have been to Europe many times (first time on a bike ride) and in the past some 3 star hotels could be marginal but I have to say the quality of the hotels exceeded my expectations. Hotel operators were very nice and welcoming. We were given a recommendation for dinners. Some we used others not depending on how we felt that evening. The landscape and tour route was excellent and we were able to visit many different sites and points of interest. We took a few wrong turns but in general the provided maps and instructions were good. Google maps was a good compliment. The luggage was there waiting at each of the next hotels with no issues. The only thing I wish is that we had extra days at each of the stays to explore the towns more. Had a great time.

KathiD October 20, 2016

We began in Avignon and ended in Avignon!

We came to Avignon 2 days early so that we could become acclimated to the time zone difference. The tour operator very nicely delivered our rental bikes the day after we arrived. Therefore, we had the bikes for travel in and out of Avignon before we started our sel-guided tour.\. This was great because the wonderful Hotel La Ferme was about 3 miles outside of the city.

DaveL May 23, 2016

France Provence bike tour with Chain Gang

This was an amazing way to experience southern France, Provence. The tour company, tour guides, scenery, food were all great!