Lavander fields, Provence, France. Tao Qi@Unsplash


The Lavender Valleys

Provence bike tours

One of the most beautiful regions in France, the dreamlike landscape of Provence unfurls in lilac fields. Nestled in this landscape are the verdant vineyards responsible for some of the country's most spectacular sparkling wines.

The first Roman region beyond the Alps was named Provincia Romana, from which the verdant lavender valleys of Southern France gained their name. Extending from the lower Rhône to the Italian border, and hugging the Mediterranean sea to the south, Provence’s modern-day capital is Marseilles. The area holds fast to a cultural and linguistic identity distinct from other French regions. Within its lavender-graced slopes lie the picturesque villages of Luberon and myriad aromatic olive groves, where the sun-baked skins send mellowing fragrances along the breeze.

Take a bicycle tour in Provence and discover a region blessed with beauty. Watch as a luscious, biodiverse landscape unfolds beneath your bike wheels as you encounter the viewpoints that inspired Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence and A Good Year. A bike tour in Provence promises exceptional viewpoints and an adventure that enlivens every sense - lavender fields cloak the hillsides whilst French sunlight catches on cascading grapes yet to be harvested from the vineyards.

Weave an e-bike through sun-baked olive groves on a guided day tour of glorious Provence, perhaps even sampling the famous fruits of the valley!

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