Cycling Sardinia's Rugged Beauty

6 nights
35 miles/day
Self guided from EUR € 1510
Bike tour in Italy
Rider Level: Enthusiast Electric bike tours

Cycling Sardinia's Rugged Beauty


Rider Level: Enthusiast Electric bike tours

6 nights
35 miles/day

Self guided from EUR € 1510
Bike tour in Italy

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  • Discover the Charm of Gravel Biking on the Mediterranean Sunset Coast

    Envision gravel biking through the second-largest Mediterranean island where each trail reveals a new chapter in this living storybook. Navigating Sardinia's rugged beauty along old rail routes and coastal paths allows immersion in the island's unique culture shaped by Phoenicians, Romans, and Byzantines.

    As you pedal through centuries of history, Sardinia's hidden secret is unveiled – a key to a long and vibrant life, boasting one of the world's highest rates of centenarians. Amid exploration of UNESCO sites, old mines, and marine protected areas, take time to sample authentic delights like ‘culurgiones’ (Sardinian ravioli), ‘porceddu’ (roast suckling pig), and world-renowned indigenous wines.

    This journey isn't merely a ride; it's an opportunity to discover the island's history and traditions, revealing the spirit that sets Sardinia apart.

    • Sardinian architecture. Roman Kraft@Unsplash
    • Azure-blue waters surrounding Sardinia, Italy. Ivan Ragozin@Unsplash
    • Cabras, Sardinia, Italy. Jürgen Scheeff@Unsplash
    • Fresh bruschetta in Italy. Mariana Medvedeva@Unsplash
    • Sardinia, Italy. Deigo Zingano@Flickr
    • Pasta dishes in Sardinia, Italy. Valentina Perez@Unsplash
    • Oristano Province in Sardinia, Italy. George Karelitsky@Unsplash
    • Olive groves in Sardinia, Italy. Draculina_kid@Flickr

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    • Cabras- coastal village and home to renowned wineries
    • Is Arutas Beaches
    • Tharros- UNESCO archaeological site
    • Piscinas- golden dunes
    • Guspini - a picturesque town with a historic mining heritage
    • Lake Barrocus
    • Gesturi- Sardinian architecture and ancient ruins
    • Scenic gravel paths- olive orchards, caves, mines, and old rail routes
    • Traditional Sardinian cuisine and wine

  • Cycling Sardinia's Rugged Beauty

     Tour Description Daily Program 

  • Daily program

    Day 1: Oristano (28 mi / 45 km)
    Your cycling adventure begins in the province of Oristano, located in central-western Sardinia. The area boasts beautiful beaches, historical sites, and a heritage influenced by various civilizations.

    Arrive and check in at the hotel before a meet-and-greet, bike fitting, and orientation briefing. Test your bike in the village, facing the sea, and consider a ride towards the inland villages of Milis or Bonarcado, pedaling past olive groves and vineyards in the Sardinian countryside.

    This evening, visit the Contini winery for a tasting of the renowned Vernaccia di Oristano wines.

    Elevation: 281 m / -282 m

    Day 2: Loop to Tharros (37 mi / 62 km)
    Beginning in Cabras, cruise along quaint roads, experiencing the town's charm before reaching the Is Arutas Beaches. The route continues past Is Arutas' unique quartz sands and towards the tranquil Maimoni Beach, providing an opportunity for a refreshing stop along the unspoiled shoreline.

    As you bike towards Tharros, you’ll pass through coastal roads, catching glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sinis wetlands. Upon arrival at Tharros, explore the ancient ruins, including remnants of a Punic-Roman city, a temple, and baths. Enjoy the panoramic views of the coastline before returning to Cabras for the evening.

    Elevation: +298 m / -297 m
    57% Unpaved - Flat terrain

    Day 3: Guspini (42 mi / 68km)
    The path from Cabras to Guspini passes through notable sites like Mont Arcuentu and various lagoons, including Santa Giusta, Arborea, and Terralba. Mont Arcuentu's distinct silhouette adds scenic beauty to the journey, while the lagoons contribute to the region's ecological diversity. These natural features enrich the cycling experience, allowing riders to appreciate the landscapes and habitats of the Sardinian countryside.

    Elevation gain: +321 m / -221 m
    62% Unpaved - Flat Terrain

    Day 4: Loop to Piscinas (41 mi / 62 km)
    Today’s ride begins with a tour around the golden sand dunes of Piscinas and past a basalt volcanic cone. Continue pedaling higher for panoramic views of Guspini and the Campidano plains. The route continues to Montevecchio, a historic mining town, where you can discover remnants of the mining industry and enjoy nature trails. Montevecchio serves as a picturesque backdrop before heading to Guspini for an overnight stay.

    Elevation: +1232 m / -1232 m
    40% Unpaved – Hilly

    Day 5: Gesturi (35 mi / 56 km)
    Cycling inland from the coastline, you venture across the expansive Campidano flats towards central Sardinia. As you traverse this flat terrain, you’ll view traditional farming practices and the simplicity of the Sardinian countryside. The path continues past olive orchards, expansive agricultural fields, and alongside what remains of the old railway that once connected Montevecchio to Guspini.

    Elevation: +603 m / -391 m
    61% Unpaved - Rolling Hills

    Day 6: Loop on the Marmilla (27 mi / 61 km)
    Today’s circular route from Gesturi to Marmilla passes through villages like Escolca, Serri, and Isili where you can explore Sardinian architecture and ancient ruins, and enjoy rolling hills. The loop also includes a stop at Lake Barrocus for a peaceful break amid lush surroundings. Return to Gesturi in the evening and enjoy one last traditional Sardinian meal.

    Elevation: +1002 m / -1003 m
    41% Unpaved - Rolling Hills to Hilly

    Day 7: Gesturi
    The tour ends this morning following breakfast.

    Surface and terrain

    The cycling paths encompass a blend of both asphalt and unpaved surfaces, featuring stretches of level terrain as well as some challenging uphill sections.


    Cabras: Aquae Sinis Hotel

    Guspini: Tartesh Hotel

    Gesturi: Cortis Antigas Boutique

    How to get there

    Tour start:
    The closest airport is Cagliari Elmas Airport. From the airport, take a train to Oristano. Trains run hourly (appx. 1 hr). Once In Oristano, reach Cabras by bus (ARST) or taxi. Private transfers from the airport or train station to your Cabras hotel can also be arranged from Oristano (10-15 mins.) and from Cagliari Airport (appx. 1 hr 20 mins.)

    Tour end:
    You can take a bus from Gesturi to the airport (appx. 1.5 hrs). Alternatively, opt for a taxi or private transfer to San Gavino train station or directly to Cagliari Airport. The journey to San Gavino (40 mins.) and to Cagliari Airport (appx. 1 hour).

    Cycling Sardinia's Rugged Beauty

     Tour Photos Dates & Prices 

  • Dates

    Daily: Mar 15 - Nov 30, 2024


    Tour Package

    Per person, double occupancy €1510
    Single-use room (1 person / 1 room) €1910

    Bike Rental

    Gravel bike €250
    Electrically assisted bike €250


    Cagliari Airport to Cabras €120
    Oristano train station to Cabras €25
    Gesturi to San Gavino train station €80
    Gestuir to Cagliari Airport €120

    Included services

    • 6-nights accommodation
    • Breakfasts
    • Luggage transfers
    • Tour notes and maps
    • 'Ride with GPS', including navigation off-line

    Please note any city or visitor's taxes are not included in the tour costs. You will pay these at hotel reception.

    Bike rentals

    Bike options available on this tour:

    Gravel bike: Scott Addict Gravel 20

    • Frame:  Addict Gravel Disc Hmf / Imp Carbon Technology/Gravel Race Geometry
    • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra Rd-R8000-Gs  22 Speed
    • Brakes: Shimano Br-R8070 Hyd Disc 160/F And 160/Rmm Sm-Rt800 Cl Rotor
    • Saddle: Syncros Tofino Regular 2.0 Cutout
    • Tires: Schwalbe G-ONE Bite Performance 700x45C

    Electrically-assisted bike: Scott E-Sub Cross 10

    • Frame E-Sub 6061 Alloy
    • Fork: Suntour Nex-E25 Lo Ds 15mm Ta Tapered
    • E-Drive System: Bosch Performance 250w System W/ 500wh Power Tube Battery /
    • Rear Derailleur: Sram Nx 11 Speed
    • Brakes: Shimano Br-M365 Disc
    • Size: S, M, L / Male & Female Model

    Equipment included with bike rental:

    • Helmet
    • Handlebar bag or map holder
    • Water bottle
    • Repair kit (mini pump, inner tube, tire levers)
    • Computer mileage counter

    Bike Protection:
    Bike protection can be purchased at the time of booking. You can read more about that HERE.

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    Cycling Sardinia's Rugged Beauty

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    Cycling Sardinia's Rugged Beauty

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