Grottaferrata, Marino & Castel Gandolfo E-Bike Tour with Wine Tasting

    • 5 hours
    • From €95 EUR
    • Rome
    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    5 hours
    From €95 EUR

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    • Discover the ancient villas and vineyards of Castelli Romani

      This guided bike tour is the perfect way to spend a scenic day outside of Rome's metropolitan center, and to discover how the wealthiest lived in the heyday of the Roman Empire, followed by tastings of some of the region's finest wines.

      Once the favored residential area of Roman elites, today, the area of Castelli Romani remains scattered with evidence of their luxurious lifestyle: Roman villas abound in the region's small towns, overlooking the volcanic lakes of Albano and Nemi, and just a short ride from Rome. This e-bike tour begins at Frascati and stops at Grottaferrata, Marino, and Castel Gandolfo.

      Your guide will meet you at Frascati train station, just a short journey from the center of Rome, where you'll hop on your e-bike and begin your day tour. Your electric mountain bike will ensure you traverse the hilly region of Castelli with ease, allowing you to enjoy the cooler microclimate that first drew Roman elites to build their villas here.

      After cycling along medieval roads, through rolling landscapes of vineyards, you'll arrive at the town of Grottaferrata. First built in 1004 AD, this town is one of Castelli's most ancient hill towns. Cycling through it, you'll see many villas constructed between the Renaissance era and the 18th century, boasting breathtaking frescoes. Ride on until you reach the town's sightseeing highlight, the Abbey of San Nilo, which became a prestigious monastery in the 15th century, and remains home to an order of Greek Orthodox monks today.

      Your bicycle tour continues to Marino, considered the Castelli Romani's capital of wine. The production of grapes here is so prolific that water is replaced by wine in some of the town's fountains at certain times of year! Take your guided tour in October, during the annual Wine Festival, to see these fountains in action, though a bike tour through Marino at any time of year will reward you with idyllic Italian vistas of rows upon rows of verdant vineyards.

      Cycle on to Castel Gandolfo, perched upon a hilltop with panoramic views of Lake Albano. This settlement is rightfully regarded as one of Italy's most picturesque towns. Suitably impressed, ride onwards to admire the Papal Palace, summer residence of Popes since the 17th century, and to soak up the panoramic views over the blue waters of Lake Albano from this vantage point.

      Ride on to the final stop of this day tour, where you'll meet a master Sommelier who will guide you through a tasting flight of some of the finest local wines. They'll provide background and tasting notes to each wine you taste, as well as a selection of regional specialities to accompany the tasting, offering you a truly Italianate experience to round off your family-friendly day tour in the captivating hills of Castelli Romani.

      • Angel statue at the Castel Gando, Rome, Italy. Michele Bitetto@Unsplash
      • Scenic lake view, Gandolfo, Rome, Italy. Marco Faccini@Unsplash
      • Exarchic Greek Monastery of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata, Rome, Italy. Eridan Fetahagic@Unsplash
      • Dining al fresco on the sreets of Rome, Italy. Mola Davis@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 9:30 am ~2:30 pm
      Daily 10:30 am ~3:30 pm

      Please arrive for the tour 40 minutes before departure time.


      Rate EUR
      Adult (E-bike tour only) · More than 4'7" tall €95
      Child (E-bike tour only) · Less than 4'7" tall €89
      Adult (with wine tasting) · More than 4'7" tall €138
      Trailer bike (with wine tasting) · Less than 4'7" tall €128
      Infant · Child rear seat, up to 20kg €0

      The minimum number of participants for this tour to operate is 2.


      Frascati, Grottaferrata, Marino, Castel Gandolfo

      What’s included

      • E-bike and helmet rental
      • English, Italian, and Spanish-speaking guide
      • Bike lock

      Meeting place & directions

      00044 Frascati, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital

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