Rome Parks & Catacombs E-Bike Tour

    • 4 hours
    • From €90 EUR
    • Rome
    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours

    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours

    4 hours
    From €90 EUR

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    • Rome’s rarer sightseeing spots, revealed

      Not your regular Rome tour! The Rome Parks & Catacombs E-Bike Tour, with the added benefit of bike rental, takes you around the outskirts of the city to some of its most sensational parks, lavish neighborhoods, and captivating catacombs! Enjoy a relaxing e-bike ride through sublime surroundings and discover Villa Borghese, Parioli, Villa Ada, the Catacomb of Priscilla, and Coppedè, all in less than a day on this fascinating family-friendly bicycle tour.

      As your brilliant e-bike tour gets underway, visit the Villa Borghese. This idyllic landscape garden is a gentle introduction to the ravishing beauty of Rome - admire how the Temple of Aesculapius throws a stunning reflection on the tranquil lake. You’ll pedal on through the Parioli district, an affluent, socialite area boasting the picturesque Piazza della Muse. Your guide is leading you to the second largest park in Rome - Villa Ada. Once owned by the House of Savoy, this wondrous wooded park is a gorgeous area of artificial lakes, laurels, holm oaks, stone pines, and the exceptionally rare metasequoia tree, imported from Tibet. Here, locals rent bicycles, ride horses, and take a canoe out to the Isle of Villa Ada.

      Your guided e-bike tour continues on to the Catacomb of Priscilla, a captivating archeological site in an ancient Roman quarry. Inside, the ceilings and walls display intriguing illustrations of Biblical scenes, creating an eerily beautiful atmosphere. Used for Christian burials from the late 2nd Century, the catacomb is named after the wife of a consort killed on the orders of Domitian. It is divided into three areas: the arenarium, the Roman villa cryptoporticus, and the underground burial area.

      As your brilliant e-bike tour winds its way back to base, you’ll cycle through the Coppedè district, a noteworthy neighborhood comprising 18 richly decorated palazzos and 27 villas, and the fabulous Fountain of Frogs!

      • Villa Ada, Temple of Flora. Lalupa@Wikimedia Commons
      • Auditorium Parco della Musica, Parioli, Rome. LPLT@Wikimedia Commons
      • Villa Borghese, statues in Borghese Gardens, Rome. Gabriella Clare Marino@Unsplash
      • Remains from Forum Romanum, Rome. Jens Peter Olesen@Unsplash

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      Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am ~12:00 pm


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      Adult €90
      Child · Up to 8 years old €0

      Minimum of 4 participants required to start this tour.


      Villa Borghese, Parioli, Villa Ada, Catacomb of Priscilla, Coppedè

      What’s included

      • E-bike rental
      • English, Spanish, and Italian-speaking guides
      • Bottle of water
      • Visit at the Catacombs

      Meeting place & directions

      Bikeology - Via del Cancello 16, 00186 Rome, Italy

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