Rome Highlights Bike Tour with Aperitivo

    • 3 hours
    • From €90 EUR
    • Rome
    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours

    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours

    3 hours
    From €90 EUR

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    • The perfect Rome bike tour, with a memorable picnic!

      All rides lead to Rome! Explore remarkable Rome on this relaxing guided day tour of the city’s famous sightseeing spots, with the added benefit of bike rental! This family-friendly tour takes in Villa Borghese, Pincio Terrace, Trinità dei Monti Terrace, the Colosseum (Colle Oppio Terrace), Circus Maximus, Giardino degli Aranci (Aventine Hill), the Jewish Quarter, and the Piazza Navona - it’s your all-encompassing ride around Rome! With your aperitivo, enjoy a tantalizing ‘vimini’ picnic box filled with delicacies from a local restaurant, to enjoy with breathtaking views out over the Eternal City. Relax with friends and family to discuss your adventures over appetizing drinks and nibbles.

      As your brilliant bicycle tour gets underway, visit the Villa Borghese. This idyllic landscape garden is a gentle introduction to the ravishing beauty of Rome - admire how the Temple of Aesculapius throws a stunning reflection on the tranquil lake. You’ll pedal through this serene park of sculptures, museums, and villas to the picturesque Pincio Terrace for an unrivaled view over the resplendent Rome.

      Next, check out the Chiesa di Trinità dei Monti, a titular church in Rome whose towering spires throw stunning shadows down the Spanish Steps. The Church of the Most Holy Trinity on the Mount is a resplendent feat of Renaissance architecture with a pure white exterior glimmering in the Italian sunshine. Your guided bike tour will continue on to the jewel in Rome’s architectural crown - the Colosseum! Here at the Colle Oppio Terrace, you’ll park your bicycle up at the world’s most famous amphitheater, completed in 80 AD. Imagine the atmosphere of the day, with the roar of the blood-thirsty crowd echoing around the elliptical arena!

      Another key center of Roman festivities was the Circus Maximus, the next stop on the trip. This ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium drew enormous crowds to the verdant valley between the Aventine and Palatine hills for one of the biggest events in the Roman calendar. From here, your guide will lead you on to the Giardino degli Aranci, the ‘Orange Garden’. In this gorgeous green oasis atop Aventine Hill, with the scent of delicate orange blossoms carried on the breeze, gaze out over the city from one of its most spectacular viewpoints.

      Your guided bike tour takes you on to the Jewish Quarter of Ghetto Ebraico di Roma, a Jewish Ghetto established in 1555. It sits as a somber reminder of the past in the vicinity of Via del Portico d’Ottavia and the Theatre of Marcellus. It is from here that the Roman specialty of fish broth originated, owing to the fish market that sprung from the Portico d’Ottavia, River Tiber, and Ripa Grande. Your unforgettable tour will reach its finale at the Piazza Navona, one of Rome’s most famous and beautiful squares. Once the site of the Stadium of Domitian, the piazza now plays host to the fabulous Fontana dei Qauttro Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers), topped with the Obelisk of Domitian.

      Discover the highlights of Italy’s ancient capital, and make everlasting memories in the Eternal City.

      • Colosseum at dusk, Rome. Federico di Dio@Unsplash
      • Piazza Navona, with Fountain of the Four Rivers in the background, the most famous Baroque masterpiece in Rome. Victor Malyushev@Unsplash
      • Villa Borghese, statues in Borghese Gardens, Rome. Gabriella Clare Marino@Unsplash

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      Daily 8:00 am ~11:00 am


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      Adult €90
      E-bike €100
      Child · Up to 8 years old €0

      Minimum of 4 participants required to start this tour.


      Villa Borghese, Pincio Terrace, Trinità dei Monti Terrace, Colosseum - Colle Oppio Terrace, Circus Maximus, Giardino degli Aranci - Aventine Hill, Jewish Quarter, Piazza Navona, aperitivo

      What’s included

      • City bike or E-bike rental
      • English, Spanish, and Italian-speaking guides
      • Bottle of water
      • Picnic Aperitivo Box
      • Kid's seats and helmets

      Meeting place & directions

      Bikeology - Via del Cancello 16, 00186 Rome, Italy

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