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    3 hours
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      Take sightseeing in Naples to the next level on the Highlights of Naples Bike Tour! Discover a scintillating city of romantic piazzas lined with arresting ancient architecture as your guide beguiles you with the history of Piazza San Gaetano, Piazza Municipio, Piazza Del Plebiscito, and Piazza Del Gesù Nuovo. As you bike to San Gregorio Armeno, Forcella, Galleria Umberto I, Lungomare Caracciolo and Via Toledo, experience the thrill of this enchanting city unfurling beneath your handlebars as you discover the true highlights of Naples, a city of immense religious, culinary, artistic and sporting culture.

      Your brilliant bicycle tour pushes off towards Piazza San Gaetano, nestled in the historic heart of enchanting Naples. Cycling around this ‘T’-shaped piazza, enjoy the appetizing aromas of fresh basil and gently baked crusts carried on the breeze - you’ll find some of the best pizza in Naples here in Piazza San Gaetano! Beneath your bike wheels lie the ruins of the Napoli Sotterranea, the cavernous cavities of an ancient underground network. Cycle past the sculpture of San Gaetano, the piazza’s namesake, who rests in the tomb of the towering Basilica of San Paulo Maggiore.

      Your guide will lead you to San Gregorio Armeno, one of Naples’ most significant Baroque complexes, housing the church and monastery of St. Gregory of Armenia. Follow your guide from here to Forcella to explore an urban canvas of modern and ancient art on the buildings above your bike shadows. A living, breathing embodiment of Neapolitan culture, the Forcella, occupied over time by the richest Neapolitan families, boasts the awe-inspiring architecture of the church of Santa Maria Egiziaca, and the sensational street art of Jorit Agoch. You’ll be agog at Agoch’s finest work - the Gennaro - a huge mural at the entrance to the district, depicting the patron saint of Naples.

      Your day tour moves on to Piazza Municipio, one of the largest squares in the whole of Europe. Also known as Town Hall Square, Piazza Minicipio sits in the shadow of the commanding Castel Nuovo and is dominated by an exquisite, large-scale fountain - the Fontana del Nettuno (Fountain of Neptune).

      Guided on towards Galleria Umberto I, explore an opulent shopping center that was the cornerstone of the rebuilding of Naples (the risanamento) that lasted until the beginning of WWI. Admire how the sunlight cascades through the glorious glass ceiling of this awe-inspiring structure, sitting spectacularly across from the San Carlo Opera House.

      Pedal on to Piazza Del Plebiscito, close to the Gulf of Naples and sided by the resplendent Royal Palace and the towering twin colonnades of the church of San Francesco di Paola. Park up your bicycle and behold sights of breathtaking beauty on all sides, a true embodiment of Naples’ appreciation for ornate architecture and picturesque public spaces.

      From here, your guide will lead you on to Lungomare Caracciolo, where you’ll bike along a blissful boulevard as a serene seascape unfolds before your eyes. Enjoy an unforgettable view of Mount Vesuvius as you pedal along the picture-perfect promenade, watching the Italian sunlight glint off the tranquil turquoise of the Mediterranean sea.

      Your guided day tour takes you on to Via Toledo, a historic shopping street dating back to 1536. Weave your bicycle past the boutiques and old shops that line Naples’ busiest thoroughfare, leading up to the Toledo Metro Station, famous for its breathtaking blue mosaic decoration. You’re pedaling towards the final stop of your bike tour before you return to base - Piazza Del Gesù Nuovo. One of Naples’ most significant historic spaces, the Piazza Del Gesù Nuovo is named after the charming church that casts a splendid shadow over the square. The UNESCO plaque fixed to the ancient walls encapsulates the true significance of Naples - ‘an unparalleled universal value, which has exerted a profound influence on much of Europe and beyond its borders’.

      • Beautiful dome roof architecture, Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples, Italy. Ahtziri Lagarde@Unsplash
      • Gloomy day at the Piazza del Plebescito, Naples, Italy. N i c o l a@Wikimedia Commons
      • In the shade, Piazza Municipio, Naples, Italy. Nandowm@Wikimedia Commons
      • Water Fountain, Piazza Municipio, Naples, Italy. Ferdi2005@Wikimedia Commons

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      Piazza San Gaetano, San Gregorio Armeno, Forcella, Piazza Municipio, Galleria Umberto I, Piazza Del Plebiscito, Lungomare Caracciolo, Via Toledo, Piazza Del Gesù Nuovo

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      Bicycle House Bike Bar, Galleria Principe di Napoli, 27/28, 80135 Napoli

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