Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

6 nights
37 miles/day
Guided from EUR € 3200
Bike tour in Italy
Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours

Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia


Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours

6 nights
37 miles/day

Guided from EUR € 3200
Bike tour in Italy

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  • A Sardinian cycling tour to savor

    This bike tour brings together a passion for cycling and the culinary arts. Taste the most sumptuous, magical flavors of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, including refined olive oil, gorgeous wines, and tantalizing cheeses. Prepare stunning dishes emblematic of classic Sardinian cooking, including malloreddus, culurgiones, fregola, fresh fish, and tender meat, prepared to emanate delicate, rich flavors.

    As for the cycling, you'll enjoy stupendous scenery, including magical Montiferru and the plains of Arborea. Visit the Punic-Roman ruins of Tharros and the archeological site of Barumini, home to the Nuragic town of Su Nuraxi. Having worked up an appetite, you'll be fed well! Most days include hands-on cooking classes or visits to taste local artisan food. Dining-out experiences range from simple osterias to family trattorias, as well as an elegant restaurant.

    You'll return home inspired, carrying not only a new recipe book but the enthusiasm to incorporate these dishes into your everyday lifestyle!

    • Ruins at Tharros, Sardinia, Italy. Léonard Cotte@Unsplash
    • Cycling & Cooking in Sardinia, Italy.
    • Vineyards! Amit Janco@Unsplash
    • Pasta and wine in Italy! Marie DeHayes@Unsplash
    • Cycling & Cooking in Sardinia, Italy.
    • Italian cuisine. Max Griss@Unsplash
    • Cycling & Cooking in Sardinia, Italy.
    • Red Italian wine. Louis Hansel@Unsplash

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    • Alghero, lively Sardinian city
    • Punta di Giglio and Capo Caccia, underwater cave paradises
    • Cooking classes, olive oil tastings, and wine tastings
    • Rolling hills past Canonau Vineyards
    • Vernaccia
    • Charming towns and villages
    • Cycling the best coastal roads of the Mediterranean
    • The know-how to cook an Italian dinner - the ultimate keepsake!

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    Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia


  • Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

     Tour Description Daily Program 

  • Daily program

    Day 1: Arrival in Alghero
    Arrive at Alghero Airport where you'll be met and transferred to your first hotel, with a bike fitting arranged for the afternoon.

    The Sardinian city of Alghero is a lively, pretty location with flourishing tourist attractions bolstered by the city's sun-kissed, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Alghero has historically been dominated by Catalans and, here, some people still speak the Catalan language. Admire the Mura Catalane (Catalan Walls) still surrounding the old city center on the seaward side, gazing up at the towers, before savoring a sunset drink in town. Dinner included at Bastianina Home Restaurant.
    Overnight in Alghero.

    Day 2: Loop ride around Capo Caccia and Vermentino wine area (33 mi/54 km)
    Leaving the pretty city of Alghero and heading north, you'll ride into the verdant Vermentino wine area. In this region, called Nurra, the wind blows directly from the northwest, meaning the plants can only grow a few meters tall. If you have time, you'll visit Capo Caccia - calcareous rocks with hidden caves and ravines hiding a mysterious world above the turquoise sea.

    The area of Punta di Giglio and Capo Caccia is an underwater cave paradise. Here, the Grotta di Nettuno, under the spur of Capo Caccia, is reachable by sea or by descending the many steps of the Escala dei Cabriol, which are about 110 meters. You'll discover caverns made all the more atmospheric by the presence of stalactites and stalagmites.

    Cycle back along the same route to Alghero. In the afternoon, prepare for your first cooking classes at Bastianina’s house where you'll prepare an Alghero-style dish - typical Portuguese slow food.
    Overnight in Alghero.

    Day 3: Bosa & Tresnuraghes the Medieval Hilltown, Culurgiones ravioli (28 - 36 mi/45 - 58 km)
    Embark on today's cycling adventure along the stunning Sardinian coastline towards Bosa. The route reveals the coastal scrub, a mesmerizing tapestry of evergreen shrubs including mastic, lentisk, and rockroses. The salty breeze mingles with the scent of vibrant flora, creating a sensory symphony. Rugged cliffs stand tall against the azure sea, painting a dramatic backdrop to your journey.

    Arriving in Bosa, you'll be welcomed by a picturesque riverside town adorned with swaying palm trees, fragrant citrus groves, and bursts of color from bougainvillea and oleander. This charming oasis is a stark contrast to the coastal landscapes you've traversed, offering a serene ambiance. Bosa is famed for its vivid facades, each telling a unique story, and the grandeur of Malaspina Castle, a historic treasure trove waiting for your exploration.

    Conclude your bike ride in Tresnuraghes, nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Sardinian countryside. Here, the landscape transforms into a tranquil panorama of cork oaks, ancient olive groves, and lush vineyards, embracing you in its bucolic charm.

    Prepare yourself for the second culinary adventure of the day with your cooking class at Villa Asfodeli, where you'll dive into the art of Sardinian cuisine. Get ready to create delectable dishes infused with local flavors, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience.
    Overnight in Tresnuraghes.

    Day 4: Loop ride around Oristano and Sinis Peninsula (41 - 62 mi/62 - 82 km), downhill and flat
    Begin your cycling expedition in Tresnuraghes, a charming village nestled amidst the rolling hills of Sardinia's western coast. Pedal through this serene countryside, where lush vineyards, fragrant citrus groves, and majestic cork oak forests paint the landscape. The air is perfumed with the scent of wildflowers, creating a sensory delight.

    Continuing towards Cuglieri, be prepared for awe-inspiring panoramic vistas of the coastline and the medieval allure of the town. S'Archittu, a coastal gem, welcomes you with its natural arch sculpted by the sea.

    Your day ride unfolds in the tranquil village of Riola Sardo, surrounded by serene farmlands here you will take part in the olive oil tasting. Step back in time at Tharros, an ancient Phoenician and Roman archaeological site, where well-preserved ruins grace the landscape, inviting exploration. The adventure culminates in Oristano, with a captivating historic center. Dinner at Gourmet pizzeria “Civico 35” in Oristano.
    Overnight in Tresnuraghes.

    Day 5: Gergei & Is Barrocus Lake (37 - 58 mi/60 - 93 km), rolling hills and flat terrain
    Leaving Oristano behind, your bike ride leads you to Villaurbana, a tranquil village surrounded by rolling hills and lush farmlands. The scent of Mediterranean herbs and the sight of olive groves and vineyards add to the enchantment of the landscape. Cycling onwards, you'll reach Genoni, a charming town nestled in the hills of central Sardinia. Genoni is known for its traditional architecture, where stone houses and narrow alleyways invite exploration. It's a perfect place to experience the island's rural heritage. Nuragus, with its picturesque vineyards and agricultural scenery, provides a unique backdrop for your journey. You'll have the opportunity to sample some of Sardinia's finest wines and immerse yourself in local traditions.

    As you continue toward Lago Is Barrocus, you'll encounter the tranquility of this beautiful lake surrounded by nature. The area is a bird-watcher's paradise and offers a serene escape into the heart of the island. Finally, your ride concludes at Is Perdas Agriturismo in Gergei, where you'll experience true Sardinian hospitality. The agriturismo is nestled amid the rolling landscapes, offering relaxation, traditional cuisine, and a glimpse into the island's rural way of life.
    Overnight near Gergei.

    Day 6: Barumini, “Su Nuraxi” Unesco World Heritage Site (40 mi/64 km)
    As you pedal away, you'll be surrounded by Sardinia's picturesque countryside. The route to Barumini leads through rolling hills and fertile landscapes, providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere. In Barumini, a true highlight awaits you: a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nuraghe Su Nuraxi. This ancient stone fortress is a testament to Sardinia's rich history, dating back over three thousand years.

    Explore the intricately constructed nuraghe, meander through the village, and step back in time to the island's prehistoric past. Continuing your journey, you'll pass through Tuili, a charming village that offers glimpses of traditional Sardinian life. The tranquil pace and friendly locals create a welcoming atmosphere. Siddi, Gonnostramatza, and Baressa will greet you with their unique character and landscapes. Here, you'll pedal through pristine olive groves, vineyards, and cork oak forests, with a chance to savor local flavors along the way.

    As you return to Barumini, you'll have the opportunity to revisit the Nuraghe Su Nuraxi or explore the town's historic streets and vibrant local culture. This bike ride is a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, offering a deep dive into Sardinia's timeless heritage and the diverse landscapes of its heartland.
    Overnight in Gergei.

    Day 7: Departure
    After a farewell breakfast, board a private transfer to Cagliari Airport or into town.

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    Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

     Photos Accommodation 

  • Accommodation


    These are sample hotels and may vary by availability.

    Alghero: Villa Mosca

    Tresnuraghes: Hotel Villa Asfodeli

    Oristano: Hotel Regina d’Arborea

    Gergei: Is Perdas Farmhouse Resort

    Interested in visiting other areas before or after your tour? Visit our hotels page to learn more about lodging options.

    Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

     Daily program Bikes 

  • Bikes

    Bikes available to rent on this tour (must be reserved in advance at the time of booking):

    • Standard touring bike, 27 or 30-speed, equipped with:
      • Aluminum frame
      • Full Carbon
      • Shimano Deore components 
      • Gel saddle
      • Upright handlebar
      • Wheelset: Shimano RS30
    • Road bike, 20-speed, equipped with:
      • Full Carbon fiber 
      • Carbon forks
      •  Shimano Ultegra  or 105  – 11/32 –  11 speed
      • Drop handlebar
      • Wheelset: Shimano R561
    • Electrically assisted bike with 250w Sunstar motor
      • Frame E-Sub 6061 Alloy
      • Bosch Performance 250w System W/ 500wh Power Tube Battery
      • Brakes: Shimano Br-M365 Disc
      • Rear Derailleur: Sram Nx 11 Speed

    *More about electrically-assisted bikes >

    Bikes come equipped with the following at no additional cost:

    • Handlebar bag (standard and e-bikes)
    • Rear bag (road bikes)
    • Water bottle
    • Pump, extra tube, and tire lever
    • Lock
    • Cyclometer
    • Helmet

    Bike Protection:
    Bike protection can be purchased at the time of booking. You can read more about that HERE.

    The bikes will have flat pedals. If you want to bring your own pedals, please bring your own shoes and also the necessary equipment to change the pedals.

    Helmets are provided on this tour. However, we recommend that you bring your own helmet for safety and hygiene purposes.

    Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

     Accommodation Dates & Prices 

  • Dates

    May 19; Jun 2, 16; Sep 15; Oct 6, 13, 2024 (​​​​​​​minimum of 4 participants)


    Tour package

    Per person, double occupancy €3200
    Single use room (1 person/1 room) €3890

    Bike Rentals

    Standard touring bike €180
    Full carbon road bike €250
    Electrically assisted bike €250
    Gravel bike €250

    Included services

    • 6 nights accommodation and breakfast
    • Six dinners and three lunches
    • Two cooking classes
    • One olive oil and one wine-tasting
    • All maps, trip notes, and detailed route directions
    • All Shuttles and technical assistance
    • Support van
    • Services of experienced guides
    • Water bottle
    • Transfer from Alghero airport to first hotel on day one
    • Transfer to Cagliari airport on day seven
    • Sales taxes

    Tour Company

    Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

     Bikes Other Details 

  • Map

    Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.

    Surface and terrain

    This tour averages 40 miles per day on rolling terrain with some climbs. Most of the route will be on paved surfaces.

    The daily cycling itinerary is designed to be a vacation, not a race! The pace is relaxed to enable you to enjoy the scenery. If you are an advanced cyclist who wants more mileage, that can be accommodated. Backup transportation and support is always available.

    How to get there

    Tour start
    Nearest airport and train station: Alghero

    The tour starts in Alghero: transfer included from Alghero airport to the first hotel.

    Tour end
    Nearest airport: Cagliari
    Nearest train station: Gergei

    The tour ends in Gergei: transfer to Cagliari airport or in town is included on day seven.

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    Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

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    Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

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