Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

    6 nights | 37 miles/day
    Guided from EUR € 2700
    Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours

    6 nights | 37 miles/day
    Guided from EUR € 2700

    Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours

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    • Cycling and Cooking in Sardinia

      6 night guided bike tour in Italy

      This bike tour brings together the passion for cycling and that for the culinary arts. Taste the best flavors of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

      You will taste the refined Sardinian olive oil, and we won't miss the wine and cheese tasting. You will prepare dishes from the renowned classic Sardinian cooking, such as malloreddus, culurgiones, and fregola. You will prepare dishes of fresh fish and meat with a delicate and admirable flavor.

      As for cycling, you will ride in fantastic sceneries, such as the Montiferru or the plain of Arborea, you will visit the Punic-Roman ruins of Tharros and the archaeological site of Barumini, where there is the Nuragic town Su Nuraxi.

      After you have worked up an appetite, we will feed you very well! Most days include a hands-on cooking class or a visit to taste local artisan food. Our dining-out experiences range from a simple osteria to a family trattoria, as well as an elegant restaurant. You will come home inspired, not only with new cipes, but also with the enthusiasm to incorporate these lessons into your lifestyle.


      • Alghero, a lively Sardinian city
      • Capo Caccia
      • Cooking class, olive oil and wine tastings
      • Return from your trip with the know-how to create an Italian dinner - it's the ultimate keepsake!
      • Pedal rolling hills past Canonau vineyards and wine tasting Vernaccia
      • Small towns and villages
      • Cycle the best coastal roads of the Mediterranean

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    • Daily program

      Day 1: Arrival to Alghero
      Arrival to Alghero Airport and transfer to your first hotel. You'll have a bike fitting in the afternoon. The Sardinian town of Alghero is a lively and pretty city and a flourishing tourist attraction not only for the summer masses and elite tourism, but also for a new cosmopolitanism. It is famous because it has been dominated by Catalans and just here, some people speak the Catalan language.

      The Mura Catalane (Catalan walls) still surround the old town center on the seaward side, the walls have towers, and it will be pleasant for you to walk along and have a drink at sunset before a seafood dinner! Enjoy a special welcome gourmet dinner, tasting the special Catalan cuisine of the area.
      Overnight in Alghero.

      Day 2: Loop ride Capo Caccia and Vermentino wine area (33 mi/54 km)
      Leaving the pretty city of Alghero heading north, you'll ride in the terrific Vermentino wine area. In this region called Nurra, the wind blows directly from the Northwest, and the plants can't grow up over a few meters tall. Today if you have time you will be able to visit Capo Caccia: Calcareous rocks spattered with caves and ravines that hide a mysterious world atop the turquoise sea.

      The area of Punta di Giglio and Capo Caccia is an underwater cave paradise. Here the Grotta di Nettuno, under the spur of Capo Caccia, is reachable by sea or by descending the many steps of the Escala dei Cabriol, which are about 110 meters in drop. You'll discover caverns made all the more atmospheric by the presence of stalactites and stalagmites.

      Cycle back the same route to Alghero. In the afternoon, prepare for your first cooking classes at Bastianina’s house for a typical slow food, Alghero style dish.
      Overnight in Alghero.

      Day 3: Bosa, Santu Lussurgiu Medieval Hilltown and Culurgiones ravioli (32 mi/52 km)
      Departure from the hotel. We'll leave Alghero and arrive at Bosa, skirting the coast up and down for about 40km. In Bosa, you can admire the massive complex of the Castello dei Malaspina. Due to a series of quite unique events, Bosa has managed to keep its territory unchanged.

      You'll continue and bike along country roads, passing through small villages and climb on the Montiferru Massive, where you'll see the famous Siete Fuentes water sources in San Leonardo.  Soon you will arrive in Santu Lussurgiu, admiring the great plateau of Ghilarza.

      Arrive to Santu Lussurgiu and walk around the village, which develops around the small rustic church of Santa Croce; it has ancient stone houses built in a concentric configuration along winding and steep, narrow, cobbled lanes which you will love to explore! Get ready for your second cooking class at Antica dimora restaurant presidio slow food. The chef will introduce you to the preparation of the Sardinian specialty as ravioli Culurgiones.
      Overnight in Santu Lussurgiu.

      Day 4: Loop ride Oristano and Sinis Peninsula (41 mi/67 km)
      Today we will bike along country roads passing through small villages such as Narbolia or Bonarcado. Soon we will arrive on the Campidano flat in Riola Sardo we will have an olive oil tasting hardly forgettable. Then straight to the Sinis Peninsula where there are plenty of lagoons and wetlands, where depending on the season, you will be able to see wonderful pink flamingos and where you can visit the ruins of the Punic-Roman port city of "Tharros" with a breathtaking view.

      Finally we will arrive in Medieval Oristano, a town of horsemen, famous for its Sartiglia, a medieval horse race. Dinner on your own on in the old town of Oristano.
      Overnight in Oristano.

      Day 5: Gergei and Barumini, “Su Nuraxi” Unesco World Heritage Site (41 mi/66 km)
      Bike inland from Oristano through small villages and country roads enjoying the landscape of the vast flatlands towards the central hilly regions of Sardinia. Then we will ride alongside the Giara High Plateau, a 600m high plane above sea level where little black, wild horses called Giarini live in the open. See murals of the small towns such as Setzu, Tuili, Villaurbana - famous for the handmade bread- or Usellus, each with their own prehistoric Nuragic fortified towers, some towers with villages and others with remnant tombs of the giants.

      Arrive to Barumini, where you may be able to take a guided tour and walk inside the Unesco World Heritage complex of Su Nuraxi. We will have a light lunch in Barumini before going on. Climb the hills up to Gergei where a special wine tasting awaits us on the way to our resort settled in the countryside of the small town of Sarcidano. Dinner at local restaurant in Gergei.
      Overnight near Gergei.

      Day 6: Sarcidano area and Flumendosa Lake (38 mi/56 km)
      Loop bike ride in the Sarcidano subregion. Start with your bike ride inland, climbing towards Escolca and Serri. The area has long been populated even before Roman times and evidence of this can bee see on your ride! During its history, this region was chosen by locals as a spot to grow wheat and build Nuraghi towers. We will enjoy a spectacular descent surrounded by steep cliffs before the climb to Villanova Tulo.

      Enjoy the scenic landscape around Flumendosa Lake, with amazing views and ride through small villages and hamlets. Rest the legs in some of them to meet the local centenarians. Then continue to pedal towards Nurallao and Nuragus, which give the name to the famous Nuragus Grape. Farewell dinner at Agriturismo.
      Overnight in Gergei.

      Day 7: Departure
      After a farewell breakfast, private transfer to Cagliari airport or to town.

      Surface and terrain

      This tour average 40 miles/day on rolling hill terrain with some climbs. Most of the route will be paved surface.

      The daily cycling itinerary is designed to be a vacation, not a race! The pace is relaxed to enable you to enjoy the scenery. Each day will cover an average of 40 miles (65 km) a day. If you are an advanced cyclist who wants to do more mileage, that can be accommodated. Backup transportation and support is always available.


      These are sample hotels and may vary by availability.

      Villa Mosca, Alghero

      Antica Dimora del Gruccione, Santu Lussurgiu

      Hotel Regina d’Arborea, Oristano

      Is Perdas Farmhouse Resort, Gergei

      Interested in visiting other areas before or after your tour? Visit our hotels page to learn more about lodging options.

      How to get there

      Tour start
      Nearest airport and train station: Alghero

      Tour end
      Nearest airport: Cagliari
      Nearest train station: Gergei

      The tour includes a transfer on Day 1 from Alghero airport to the first hotel as well as a transfer to Cagliari airport on Day 7.

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    • Dates

      May 6, May 20, Jun 17, Jul 1, Sep 16, Oct 14, 2022

      Interested in 2023 dates? Contact us for more information.


      Tour package

      Per person, double occupancy € 2700
      Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room) € 650

      Bike Rentals

      Hybrid touring bike € 140
      Road bike € 180
      Electrically assisted bike € 210

      Included services

      • 6 nights accommodation and six breakfasts in superior hotels
      • Six dinners and three lunches
      • Two cooking classes
      • One olive oil and one wine tasting
      • All maps, trip notes, and detailed route directions
      • All Shuttles and technical assistance
      • Support van
      • Services of experienced guides
      • Waterbottle
      • Transfer on Day 1 from Alghero airport
      • Transfer on Day 7 to Cagliari airport
      • Sales taxes

      Bike rentals

      Bikes available to rent on this tour (must be reserved in advance at the time of booking):

      • Road bikes
      • Hybrid touring bikes
      • Electrically-assisted bikes*

      *More about electrically-assisted bikes >

      Bikes come equipped with the following at no additional cost:

      • Handlebar bag (hybrid and ebikes)
      • Rear bag (road bikes)
      • Water bottle
      • Pump, extra tube, and tire lever
      • Lock
      • Cyclometer

      The bikes will have flat pedals. If you want to bring your own pedals, please bring your own shoes and also the necessary equipment to change the pedals.

      Helmets are provided on this tour. However, we recommend that you bring your own helmet for safety and hygiene purposes.

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