Prague - City of a Hundred Spires Bike and Boat

    7 nights
    Self guided from EUR € 999
    Countries: Czech Republic
    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours

    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours

    7 nights
    Self guided from EUR € 999
    Bike and Boat Tour aboard Florentina
    Countries: Czech Republic

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    • Bike in Central Bohemia including Prague, the vineyards of the Elbe and the Vltava and Elbe Canyons

      Get ready to embark on an amazing 8-day bike and boat tour around Prague! You will get to explore the stunning river landscapes of the Moldova and Elbe Rivers, experience culture and history, and see some seriously incredible sights!

      You can start things off with a guided tour of Prague, checking out all the must-see spots like Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle. This is a tour led by locals and nobody knows the city better than those who live there!

      You then head into the surroundings to experience the beauty of the Czech countryside in all its glory as well as the unique architecture of each historic town such as Kralupy, Mělník, Litoměřice, and Mlčechvosty.

      The darker side of 20th-century history is revealed as well at the former Nazi concentration camp Terezin (Theresienstadt). This was a transit camp for Czech Jews heading to death camps or onward to "labor camps". In German propaganda at the time, Terezin was described as a spa town, where elderly German Jews could "retire" in safety. This is a somber and deeply moving place. It is important that we never forget.

      You have two routes available each day - one for those who want an easier ride along the riverside, and another for those who want a more challenging route and to explore some off-the-beaten-path spots.

      So, what are you waiting for? Time to hit the road (and river)!

      • Elbe River in Czech Republic. Tim Photoguy@Unsplash
      • Prague, Czech Republic. Martin Krchnacek@Unsplash
      • Prague, Czech Republic. Denis Vdovin@Unsplash
      • Apple Strudel, a favorite in the Czech Republic. CC:che
      • Prague, Czech Republic. Rich Martello@Unsplash
      • Prague, Czech Republic. Alice@Unsplash
      • Prague, Czech Republic. Frantisek Zelinka@Unsplash
      • Prague, Czech Republic. Alice@Unsplash

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      • Golden City of Prague & Town Square, Charles Bridge, & Prague Castle
      • Vineyards of the Elbe
      • Vltava & Elbe canyons
      • Fairytale castles & chateaux
      • Former Nazi concentration camp Terezin

    • Prague - City of a Hundred Spires Bike and Boat

       Tour Description Daily Program 

    • Daily program

      Day 1: Arrival in Prague
      This day is yours to explore the "Paris of Central Europe", relax, or book a unique city tour by bike. The tour is guided by Prague natives who truly love the city and can show you much more than any travel book. Finish with a mug of good beer in a carefully chosen place. We strongly advise that you spend more time in Prague, before your tour, after, or both! You will want to fully explore its beauty and hidden corners. You board the boat in the afternoon and enjoy the first dinner.

      Day 2: Prague - Kralupy (17 or 32 miles/27 or 50 km)
      Option A: Directly from the city center, you ride downstream along the lovely Vltava River with incredible views of the “City of a Hundred Spires”. Vineyards climb the foothills of Troja overlooked by the Troja Castle. The vineyards are known for their expressive and age-worthy wines that are full-bodied, fruity, and well-balanced. Your route continues through small villages, spectacular viewing points, and more chateaux like Chvatěruby and Klecany. Today's destination is Kralupy, situated on the banks of the Vltava River. The town features a historic center, containing an old castle, a renaissance chateau, and many churches and monuments. The town is also home to the National Park Kralupy, which is a protected area of wetlands and forests.

      Option B: You will start your day the same way as option A all the way to the Chateau Troja. You then climb one of the many side valleys of the Vltava Canyon through forests and small villages surrounding Prague. It is almost unbelievable that so close to the city you enter the wonderful countryside. You visit the ruins of the majestic 13th-century Okoř Castle. It is one of the oldest castle ruins in the country, built in the 13th century. After refreshment in a nearby pub, you continue along the small Zákolany stream to Budeč. If you accept a challenge and climb up the hill, you will be rewarded by St. Peter and St. Paul rotund, one of the oldest sacral buildings in Bohemia dating back to the early 10th century!

      Day 3: Kralupy - Mêlnik - Litoměřice (18 or 33 miles/28 or 52 km)
      Option A: Continuing along, you bike the last part of the Vltava. First, following the footsteps of Antonin Dvorak, the great classical music composer to his birth house in the neighboring village of Nelahozeves. Located adjacent to this is the Lobkowicz family chateau, a historical renaissance building from the 16th century, open to the public and houses a museum with exhibits on the family's history and artwork. Once you cross the river, you can visit the 17th-century Veltrusy Chateau, once home to the mighty Chotek family, now a protected national cultural monument. It features a two-story courtyard with a large entrance gate, a grand staircase, and a chapel. The interior has been preserved in its original Baroque style, with hand-painted frescoes, tapestries, and ornately carved woodwork. The chateau is surrounded by vast gardens and parks, some of which contain sculptures and fountains. The grounds of the chateau also feature a large pond and a picturesque bridge. The last kilometers of the mighty Vltava meander through mild forest and lush meadows. At the chateau of Mělník, it meets the Elbe. Here you join the boat again enjoying your afternoon drink and finishing the day off with a cruise to the lovely historical town Litoměřice.

      Option B: After paying a visit to Dvorak and the Nelahozeves Chateau, you leave the river valley for good (no need to be worried about missing the Nelahozeve chateau, you can do it on the way back to Prague!). The route leads through the villages of Ledčice and Ctiněves, to Říp, a key hill in Czech mythology, with the St. George rotund on its top waiting for those who do decide to climb it (by bike!). In Roudnice, you join the mighty Elbe River for the first time and pedal along the banks to the fortress of Terezín, a former 18th-century fortress. It was used as a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Inside the barracks, Jewish prisoners were housed in overcrowded, dilapidated rooms, with no sanitary facilities. Terezín was the last stop for many Jews before they were sent to death camps. Over 33,000 Jews died in Terezín and its satellite camps, and today, the fortress serves as a memorial to those who were killed.

      Day 4: Litoměřice - Ústí - Litoměřice (31 or 38 miles/49 or 60 km)
      For those, who definitely want to take some time off, the day is yours! The boat does not move from Litoměřice, so you can take your time and explore and even visit in-depth the Terezín Fortress.

      Option A: You will use the ancient trade route along the Labe River connecting the Czech and Saxon Kingdoms and cycle along the Elbe downstream through the famous wine-growing village of Velké Žernoseky. Entering the Czech Central Mountains by the symbolically named Porta Bohemica, you bike through lovely villages to the once unbeatable castle of Střekov high up on the hill at the gate of the town of Ústí nad Labem. Climb up the castle hill and imagine how Richard Wagner felt composing some of his music here! The way back is exactly the same. If you feel tired, or bored, a good part can be shortened by a local train.
      Option B: Climbing up to the volcanic cones with iconic names like Panna (Virgin) or Kalich (Salice), you will enjoy incredible views of the surrounding countryside. Once up, you start slowly descending through the lovely hillside countryside down to the Elbe in Velké Březno and then following the river to Ústí nad Labem. You can either take a lift to the Villa Větruše or climb up to the Střekov castle ruin, both options offering stunning views over the Elbe canyon. Cycling along the Elbe, you pass through Porta Bohemica, a former gateway to the city of Prague.

      The area is known for its excellent white wines. As you ride, you can take in the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, with vineyards and rolling hills as far as the eye can see. It definitely pays off to raise a glass of a local Riesling before finishing the ride back to Litoměřice.

      Day 5: Litoměřice- Roudnice - Mlčechvosty (18 or 28 miles/30 or 44 km)
      Options A and B: In the morning, the ship navigates to Roudnice where the day's cycling begins, following the Elbe River upstream, surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills. Arriving in Mêlnick, climb up to the views of the confluence of the Vitalva and Elbe Rivers. Back down, you can cycle upstream along the Vltava or alternatively, you can follow the same river path as the ship, the 19th-century lateral canal, an example of the incredible craftsmanship of the Czech waterway builders! Both routes end in Mlčechvosty, for your last night before returning back to Prague!

      Day 6: Mičechvosty - Prague (25 miles/40 km)
      You cycle along the Vltava, enjoying the lovely chateaux in Veltrusy and Nelahozeves and the Vltava canyon to Prague. In Troja, you cross by a small bridge and can enjoy one of the many Prague parks and enjoy the views of the glittering spires and golden roofs before diving into the buzz of the city on foot and exploring some of its hidden corners!

      Day 7: Prague - Zbraslav - Beroun - Prague (19 or 32 miles/30 or 50 km)
      You can remain in Prague for the entire day or choose one of two cycling routes.

      Option A: Cycle upstream the Vltava all the way to its confluence with the Berounka River next to the ancient monastery of Zbraslav! The way back might be the same path or combining both river banks, making it more fun using some of the many local ferries!

      Option B: Once at the confluence with Berounka, you pedal upstream, through a number of smaller villages, such as Černošice and Dobřichovice. These charming villages offer a glimpse of rural Czech life, with plenty of opportunities to stop and explore the quaint local markets and the cobbled streets. As the route continues, you eventually reach the majestic Karlštejn Castle, a stunning imperial residence built in the 14th century. This castle provides an incredible backdrop for some unforgettable photographs and is a must-see when cycling through this part of the Czech Republic. Finally, through a lovely limestone valley full of climbing slopes, you get to a picturesque town called Beroun, housing a great Medvěd brewery! As you should not drink and bike, you can take a local train back to Prague!

      Day 8: Departure

      Surface and terrain

      Two cycling options are offered each day. Option A mostly follows the rivers, and is quite flat. Option B is rated moderate. You will cycle on paved or asphalted cycleways, on very lightly-trafficked agricultural roads as well as on unpaved trails leading through forests or fields. There will also be short legs along heavy-trafficked roads.




      These are the hotels used for the extra nights in Prague:







      How to get there

      Tour start/tour end:

      Václav Havel Airport Prague, located 17 km north of the city. There is no <b>direct</b> metro or train connection to/from the city center to the airport. However, public buses, and the Airport Express bus line, provide very economical means to arrive to the city center.

      Prague - City of a Hundred Spires Bike and Boat

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    • Dates


      Jul 15, Jul 22 and Jul 29, 2023


      MS Florentina

      Per person, double occupancy
      Main deck, standard cabin €999
      Upper deck, standard cabin €1249
      Single-use cabin (1 person/1 cabin)
      Main deck, single cabin €1299
      Main deck, twin cabin for single use €1499
      Upper deck, single cabin w/ French balcony €1549
      Upper deck, twin cabin for single use €1874

      Bike Rentals

      Hybrid touring bike € 85
      Road bike €150
      Electrically assisted bikes €175

      Additional Services

      City bike tour in Prague

      Hybrid touring bike € 45
      Electrically assisted bikes €55

      Extra Nights, Prague

      Standard Premium
      Per person, double occupancy €55 €75
      Single use room (1 person/1 room) €90 €125

      Included services

      • Accommodation for 7 nights aboard MS Florentina according to selected standard and room type
      • Breakfast and dinner on all days aboard the ship
      • Day-by-day description with altitude profiles, places to visit and local tips
      • Detailed tailor-made cycling maps (per room)
      • Step-by-step route description (per room)
      • Practical bike ride and safety information 24-hour hotline assistance service
      • Assistance of the on-board bike guide

      Bike rentals

      Bikes available on this tour (not included in tour price, must be reserved at time of booking):

      • 27-speed Pells Crono Pro or Crono, male and female frames
      • 18-speed Specialized Diverge Sport Road Bike (men's frame)
      • 8-speed Agogs City Liner Electric Bike

      Equipment available:

      • Helmet
      • Handlebar bag
      • Rear rack
      • Pannier
      • Mudguards
      • Repair kit  with patches and tube (one per cabin)
      • Pump
      • Lock

      The bikes will have flat pedals. If you want to bring your own pedals, please bring your own shoes and also the necessary equipment to change the pedals.

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      Prague - City of a Hundred Spires Bike and Boat

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      Prague - City of a Hundred Spires Bike and Boat

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