Panoramic Prague Bike Tour

    • 2.5 hours | 6 miles
    • From €28 EUR
    • Prague
    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    2.5 hours | 6 miles
    From €28 EUR

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    • Enjoy sweeping vistas and beguiling history in Prague’s parks and squares

      Discover winding streets packed with history and green spaces with sweeping vistas on this Panoramic Prague Bike Tour, complete with bike rental and guided sightseeing! This bike tour is the perfect opportunity to explore Prague's most picturesque and historically significant sites, including the Vltava River, Letna Park, Prague Metronome, Prague Castle, Petrin Park, Kampa Park, New Town and Wenceslas Square, all while getting some exercise in the green lungs of this enchanting city.

      The bicycle tour begins with a leisurely ride along the picturesque Vltava River, where you'll take in the city's varied skyline. You'll stop in Letna Park to marvel at breathtaking vistas from one of the best spots in Prague for panoramic views of the ‘Golden City'.

      You'll visit the Prague Metronome, former location of the world's largest Stalin Statue until 1963 to learn about the intriguing history behind this imposing landmark. The highlight of this city tour is undoubtedly Prague Castle, an iconic symbol of Prague's rich cultural heritage. Cycling through the castle grounds, your guide will provide insights into the architecture and history of this ancient seat of power since the 9th century.

      You'll stop in Petrin Park, a charming hilltop oasis with winding paths and scenic vistas, perfect for families to enjoy. You'll also cycle through Kampa Park, one of Prague's most peaceful green spaces, which is perfect for picnics in the summer months. Returning to the very center of Prague, you'll explore New Town, with its bustling streets and impressive architecture.

      Finally, you'll emerge in Wenceslas Square, the beating heart of Prague, where you'll experience its vibrant atmosphere and learn some of the history of this iconic square. The Panoramic Prague Bike Tour is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable journey through the rich history and breathtaking greenery of this captivating city, and will leave an impression on all the family long after you've hung up your helmets

      • Prague Caste - the largest ancient castle in the world,Prague, Czech Republic. James Barr@unsplash
      • Prague, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Kelsey Curtis@Unsplash
      • Metronome -erected in 1991, on the plinth left vacant by the demolition in the spring of 1963 of an enormous monument to former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin,Prague, Czech Republic. Alex Houque@unsplash
      • View from the tower in Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic. CC:A.Savin

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      Days Start Finish
      Wednesday, Friday & Sunday 10:00 am ~12:30 pm
      Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 3:30 pm ~6:00 pm


      Rate EUR
      Adult · Morning tour €31
      Adult · Afternoon tour €28
      E-bike €43
      Child · 1-5 years old €10
      Child* · 6-13 years old €26.35

      *Kids bikes, Tag along (attached behind the adult bike), or Rear Child seat

      Minimum of 4 participants required to start this tour.


      Vltava River, Letna Park, Prague Metronome, Prague Castle, Petrin Park, Kampa Park, New Town, Wenceslas Square

      What’s included

      • Bike, helmet, baskets, and bungee cords
      • English-speaking tour guide
      • Insurance
      • Wireless receiver with single headphone speaker (to listen to your tour guide's stories & safety directions during the tour)
      • Warm gloves (in the wintertime)

      Meeting place & directions

      Dlouha 24, Praha 1

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