Tirana to Lake Ohrid Bike Tour

    • 8 hours | 58.4 miles
    • From €135 EUR
    • Tirana
    Rider Level: Leisure

    Rider Level: Leisure

    8 hours | 58.4 miles
    From €135 EUR

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    • An odyssey to the world’s oldest lake

      Discover one of the world's oldest lakes on this bike tour to Lake Ohrid from Tirana. A shuttle will take you to the mountain pass of Qafe Thane. You'll cross the border into Northern Macedonia, accompanied by breathtaking views of the vast lake. Head towards the town of Ohrid to discover its myriad churches before breaking for lunch, then cycle on to Struga, a city in Northern Macedonia. Cycle back to Qafe Thane where a shuttle will return you to Tirana.

      Your day tour begins with a journey through the countryside to Qafe Thane, a mountain pass on the shores of Lake Ohrid and a primary gateway between Albania and Northern Macedonia. Here, you'll hop in the saddle and begin your bicycle tour as you pedal along the tranquil shores of the Balkan's deepest lake. Formed by a rift valley, Lake Ohrid is among the oldest lakes in the world and possesses a unique aquatic ecosystem of worldwide significance.

      Soak up the sight of the glittering waters and the sounds of gentle waves lapping at the shoreline as you cycle along towards the city of Ohrid. Possessing a staggering 365 churches, Ohrid is known as the 'Jerusalem of the Balkans' as a result of its profusion of holy sites. The city is the largest on Lake Ohrid and is one of a few sites in the world to achieve Cultural as well as Natural UNESCO World Heritage status. Stop for a while in this historic city to get lunch, soak up the atmosphere of its storied streets and enjoy its vantage point over the lake.

      From here you'll ride on to Struga, a town where the crystal-clear waters of the River Drin flow through its center, while several historic monasteries and churches line its banks. Pass by the old bazaar, the house of the Miladinov Brothers (two of Bulgaria's most famous poets), and the 'Poetry Bridge' where the world-famous Struga Poetry Evenings festival is held.

      For the final portion of this bike tour, you'll ride back along the banks of Lake Ohrid to Qafe Thane, where a shuttle will collect you to return you to Tirana. Spend the ride home reflecting on the multitude of natural, historic, and cultural sites you covered on your bicycle tour, having traversed two countries and ticked visiting one of the world’s oldest lakes off your bucket list!

      • Ohrid on Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. CC:Alexandar Vujadinovic
      • Iglesia de San Pantaleón in Ohrid on Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. CC:Diego Delso
      • Lake Ohrid, Albania. Kristijan Arsov@Unsplash
      • Great arch bridges in Albania! Xhiliana Cane@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 9:00 am ~5:00 pm

      Please arrive for the tour 15 minutes before departure time.


      Rate EUR
      One Person · Ages 12+ €390
      Two People · Ages 12+ €220
      Three people · Ages 12+ €170
      Four People · Ages 12+ €150
      Five People · Ages 12+ €150
      6-10 People · Ages 12+ €135



      Tirana, Qafe Thane, Lake Ohrid, Ohrid, Struga

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Transport vehicle
      • Technical assistance

      Meeting place & directions

      Opera and Ballet Theatre, Plaza Tirana, Sheshi Skender Beu, Tirana 1001, Albania

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