Tirana to Cape of Rodon Bike Tour

    • 6 hours | 37 miles
    • From €50 EUR
    • Tirana

    6 hours | 37 miles
    From €50 EUR

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    • From the capital to the cape

      Beginning in Tirana, this bike tour takes you to one of Albania's most picturesque stretches of coastline: the Cape of Rodon. Take a shuttle to the tiny, traditional village of Maminas, where your ride begins. Cycle through the lush countryside landscapes of Durres County before arriving at the chalky cliffs and teal waters of the Cape of Rodon. You'll admire Rodoni Castle, built by one of the nation's greatest heroes, and stop in the historic town of Kruja, before taking a shuttle back to the capital.

      A comfortable shuttle will carry you through lush green fields and rolling hills to the village of Maminas, where the cycling portion of this day tour begins. Ride out of the tiny villages and past family-owned farms.

      Inhale the salty air and allow the coastal breeze to refresh you as you approach what is undoubtedly one of Albania's most picturesque stretches of seaside. Stop for a while to soak up panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. Said to be named after an ancient Illyrian sea god, the Cape of Rodon is Albania's largest cape and houses both a castle and a church.

      You'll stop at the ruined Rodoni Castle, built in 1452 by Skanderbeg, an Albanian national hero who led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. Your guide will bring its long history to life and explain Skanderbeg's importance to Albanian people today. You'll also notice St. Anthony Church that stands on the cape, and if you go inside you'll see medieval drawings such as the Albanian double-headed eagle adorning its crumbling walls.

      You'll then begin pedaling towards the town of Kruja, a small town that holds huge historic weight. It was designated the capital of the first-ever Albanian state, which emerged in the Middle Ages. Pedal past the old bazaar, the town's mosques, and stop under the shadow of Kruje Castle as your guide recounts the role of this town in numerous rebellions against the Ottoman Empire.

      Ride on to the small village of Bubq on quiet country roads, past rolling fields. You'll be picked up by a shuttle and returned to Tirana having undertaken a bicycle tour that combines spectacular sea views, a brief history of the Ottoman Empire, and splendid scenic cycling.

      • The beautiful Cape of Rodon, Tirana, Albania. Drini Teta@Unsplash
      • Camper by the beach, Cape of Rodon, Tirana, Albania. Sara Darcaj@Unsplash
      • Sundown at the central square, Tirana, Albania. Mario Beqollari@Unsplash
      • Drone shot, Ionic Coastline, Tirana Albania. Polina Rytova@Unsplash

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      Daily 8:30 am ~2:30 pm


      Rate EUR
      One Person · Ages 12+ €120
      Two People · Ages 12+ €100
      Three people · Ages 12+ €85
      Four People · Ages 12+ €70
      Five People · Ages 12+ €60
      6-15 People · Ages 12+ €50



      Tirana, Maminas Village, Cape of Rodon, Rodoni Castle, Kruja

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Transport vehicle

      Meeting place & directions

      Scanderbeg Square, Tirana, Sheshi Skender Beu, Tirana 1001, Albania

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