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Basque Country: Bilbao to San Sebastian via Olite

  • 4.5


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  • 7 nights | 25 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Guided from: €1770
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  2. Some gentle slopes, wide trails
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

Wide barren plains, steep rugged mountains, green forests, spectacular coasts and quiet beaches. Cycling in a landscape that could hardly be more multifaceted. A tour through Euscadia to Pelota and Harrijasotzaile, Pil-Pil and Intxaursaltsa. Encounters with a mysterious language, archaic sports, imposing cultural monuments and traditional Spanish and Basque cuisine.

Daily Program

Day 1: Arrival
In Bilbao, the hotel awaits you. At 5:15pm we will meet in the lobby for a tour through the world-famous Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art, which gives a great impression with its bizarre architecture. The evening is at your disposal.
Overnight in Bilbao

Day 2: Bilbao – Argomaniz (20 miles/32 km)
After adjusting your bikes, we start our cycle tour along the river Nervion through the slowly awakening city of Bilbao in the direction of the Atlantic Ocean. Mainly on cycle paths and peaceful adjacent routes, we witness the decline of the former industrial city as well as the emerging modern metropolis of Bilbao. In Portugalete, the world's oldest transporter bridge takes us across the river Nervion. After lunch in the lively seaside resort Getxo with its elegant villas, a minibus takes us to the Embalse de Ullibarri, a reservoir near Vitoria Gasteiz. We will cycle around the Basque capital city one small secluded paths, always traveling near the lake to the day's destination. In the late afternoon we reach the Parador, where our dinner awaits us.
Overnight in Argomaniz

Day 3: Argomaniz – Estella (29 miles/46 km)
In the morning a bus takes us 30 minutes to the Sierra de Urbasa. On this deserted high plateau, barren grassland alternates with lush beech groves. Flocks of sheep, griffon vultures and grazing horses accompany our bike tour. After a descent with panoramic views on the bizarre rocky scenery of the Sierra de Santiago de Loquiz, and past pictorial villages, our route leads to Estella. On our round trip we see Romanesque churches like San Sepulcro with its impressive tympanum and the palace of the dukes of Granada de Ega. Dinner will be served at a highly praised restaurant not far from our hotel.
Overnight in Estella

Day 4: Estella – Olite (29 miles/46 km)
Our day starts with a short bus ride to a Mirador, where we can admire the vast openness of Navarre. We start with a pleasurable descent through the beautiful Sierra del Pérdon to Puente de la Reina, where the French Camino de Santiago joins the Spanish. In Calle Mayor we discover architectural jewels such as the churches Santiago as well as richly decorated residences, silent witnesses of a long tradition of pilgrimage.

Around noon we arrive in Artajona, towered by a legendary fortress of the 11th century. After a longer ascent, we reach the wine growing area of Tudela, the production site of the famous Rosados de Navarre. Along lonely trails we reach the former royal city Olite in the late afternoon. Our eventful day ends with dinner in a stylish ambiance.
Overnight in Olite

Day 5: Olite – Vera de Bidasoa (36 miles/59 km)
Weather permitting, a minibus takes us in about 90 minutes to the summit of Mount Artxueta in the Aralar range. A splendid view opens up over the mountain range of Urbasa.

After a comfortable cycling leg mostly downhill, the bus takes us uphill again to another pass. Then our bikes roll almost 19 miles downhill into the most characteristic Basque region of our tour. In the Valley of Rio Ezkurra with its sleepy villages and magnificent views into the wildly romantic landscape, the independent culture of the Basque Country becomes evident. On our last miles we follow the former railroad track to Vera de Bidasoa where we are welcomed at the hotel. An excellent Basque dinner awaits us.
Overnight in Vera de Bidasoa

Day 6: Vera de Bidasoa – St. Jean de Luz (15 miles/25 km)
Today, a morning climb will be rewarded with a magnificent view and an impressive downhill into the French part of the Basque Country, to the village of Sare. Every single white house has its own name and a red or green wooden beam, decorated with dried bell peppers and flowers.

In the early afternoon, we reach St. Jean de Luz on quiet paths. For many Frenchmen, the former fishing village is the most beautiful bathing resort of southwestern France. The promenade invites for a stroll and attractive shops in the small pedestrian area offer typical Basque arts and craftwork. We are welcomed at the charming accommodations.
Overnight in St. Jean de Luz

Day 7: St. Jean de Luz – San Sebastian (21 miles/34 km)
We leave St. Jean de Luz cycling along rolling hills in the direction of Hendaye, the old French border town. A ferry takes us across the Bidasoa to Hondarribia thus returning to the Spanish País Vasco. From Mount Jaizkibel (1630 ft) in the extreme west of the Pyrenees, a long downhill with wonderful panoramic views of the Gulf of Biscaya and the evergreen back-country leads us to the picturesque port of Pasaia. We cross the natural harbor on a small boat and as weather permitting, hike up Monte Ulia along quiet paths to reach the peak with breathtaking views over the city and the famous Conca Bay.

After a short descent, we cycle through the most interesting parts of San Sebastian. We will be received by our hotel, a charming hotel on the outskirts of the old city.
Overnight in San Sebastian

Day 8: Departure
After breakfast we go on a guided city tour through beautiful San Sebastian. Our trip ends around 11 a.m. Hourly shuttle busses take you from San Sebastian to the airport of Bilbao (ticket included in the tour price). Please do not book your flight with a departure time earlier than 3:00pm.

Route map

Maps reflect your approximate overnight locations and do not reflect your actual cycling route.


Jun 1, 8; Aug 31; Sep 7, 2019 (minimum 8 participants)


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Rotalis Terms and Conditions



If there is a price increase of more than 5%, you are entitled to cancel the tour at no charge. If a reservation is changed to a different tour within 60 days prior to the start of the tour, a fee of EUR 60 per person will be due. However, this shall only apply if you do not find a substitute participant. At a later date, the change of reservation will be treated as cancellation at the cancellation fees stated below.
If either of two customers booked in a double room cancels the contract, the original registration will be converted into a single-room reservation, with the tour price being adjusted accordingly. In such a case, we expect the remaining customer to be willing to accept a room of a lower standard or to stay the night and have breakfast at a different hotel or Bed + Breakfast, if this should be necessary at some stops; however, this shall apply only in case no substitute participant registers for the vacancy in the double room.

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Non-commencement of the tour (day of arrival): 95%

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Non-commencement of the tour (day of arrival): 100%

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Cancellations of pre- or post-stay reservations made by the tour operator are subject to the general cancellation terms. The cost for e-bikes cannot be refunded due to their long-termed disposition.

The customer cancelling his/her tour will be free to prove that the cancellation costs are lower than the lump-sum fees mentioned above. However, it is required that the tour operator office is promptly notified of the cancellation, first by telephone and subsequently by written confirmation.
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The tour operator reserves the right to call off a tour if the following minimum numbers of participants are not reached: eight (8) participants for tours in Europe (exception the tour operator Special: 6), eight (8) participants for tours outside Europe, 14 participants for Bike & Boat tours. The cancellation will be made five (5) weeks prior to the beginning of the tour at the latest. In this case, you may immediately request the participation in an equivalent tour, provided that such a tour is available in the program without additional charge.

The 5 weeks guarantee shall not apply if we have to call off a tour, or discontinue a tour, due to events of force majeure, e.g., war, riots, civil unrest, Acts of God, etc., which jeopardize the safe organization and implementation of the tour in the best interest of our customers.

The tour operator has the right to terminate the travel contract with a participant without notice if such participant persistently disturbs, interferes with, or jeopardizes the cycling tour despite having been warned. We trust you understand that such termination is justified also in order to safeguard the best interests, and the expectations, of the other participants with regard to the holidays booked with the tour operator. In such a case, however, the tour operator retains the right to claim payment of the tour fare, less any travel expenses saved, if applicable. Any extra costs arising from return transportation shall be borne by the excluded participant.

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Services of the Tour Operator:

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Before booking your flight, please make sure that the required minimum number of participants has been reached. The tour operator cannot make any refund in case that the trip is cancelled because the minimum number of participants has not been reached.

In the event of grossly negligent or deliberate damage to the bike provided by the tour operator for the tour, the operator is entitled to exercise claims for the occured damages.

For tours operated by contractual partners, special terms and conditions may be applicable. Detailled information will be made available upon request.

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Average Ratings

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  • Difficulty level (Actual vs. expected) 3.5
  • Value 4
  • Included meals 4.5
  • Bikes & equipment 4.5
  • Hotels or boat 5
  • Scenery 5
  • Ease of navigation 3.5
  • Tour documents 2.5
  • Local tour company services 4.5
  • Route selection 4.5
  • Guides (if applicable) 4


East coaster September 23, 2018

Back in the saddle

This was my first bike tour in 15 years. I've toured many countries by bicycle in the past but I was not in good cycling shape when I went on this trip. Fortunately it was completely enjoyable and a great way to start bike touring again. The routes are fabulous, including some dirt roads, and there was almost no traffic. The scenery is varied and the rides along the coast are beautiful. I used a regular bike but most other riders were on e-bikes. Most of the other folks in the group were retired and went on a lot of bicycling tours, including with the same tour operator, Rotalis. There was not much of a range in age. The group stays together so no one is left behind which means that you travel at the pace of the slowest person. The meals were wonderful but lengthy. All in all a very relaxing and interesting tour.

Maryam September 9, 2018

Basque 2018

This was an organized tour but its was not balanced, most people had e-bikes and the level of ride was not comparable. The routes and difficulties were not explained well and underestimated. There was a day that we were biking on shoveled road for over 30 Km' s and it was not even mentioned prior to the ride.