National Parks of Poland

7 nights
26 miles/day
Bike tour in Poland
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

National Parks of Poland


Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

7 nights
26 miles/day

Bike tour in Poland

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  • Bike the biodiversity & hidden treasures of Poland's National Parks

    We love bike tours that are relatively undiscovered, and this one in Poland's historical region of Podlasie fits the bill.

    This tour begins in Warsaw, followed by a transfer north and east to this incredible destination.

    Full of pristine nature, picturesque views, and atmospheric towns, there is much to be discovered. Four national parks are located in this region, forming a vast nature refuge.

    Bialowieźa National Park is the last and most significant part of the vast primordial forest that once blanketed Europe. Biebrza National Park is Poland's largest. Its extensive wetlands and backwaters shelter many species of waterfowl. Wigierski National Park's peat bogs and small marshy forest lakes are rich in aquatic and meadow plants. Elk, red deer, roe deer, wolf, and beaver are abundant, and its skies and waterways teem with birds and rare fish species. Your itinerary also includes Narwiański National Park. This park is a must-visit, with over 200 species of birds, including 28 species threatened in Europe and the world.

    As the gateway to the east, the region's cultural diversity is showcased in the orthodox churches, synagogues, and simple wooden churches and, in the history and cuisine. You will find a confluence of Polish, Belorussian and Lithuanian influences and Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim faiths.

    • Rynek Kościuszki, Białystok, Poland. Tomek Baginski@Unsplash
    • National Parks of Poland. Photo P Krawczynski.
    • Rynek Kościuszki, Białystok, Poland. Tomek Baginski@Unsplash
    • Kruszyniany, Poland.
    • National Parks of Poland Bike Tour
    • Polish dining. Victor van Werkhooven@Flickr
    • Castle Square, Warsaw, Poland. CC:Dennis Jarvis
    • National Parks of Poland Bike Tour

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    • Warsaw
    • Białowieża Forest and National Park
    • Bialystok, multi-cultural city
    • Biebrza National Park
    • Wigierski National Park
    • Boat cruise on the lakes and canal of Augustow
    • Guided tour in Warsaw, Białowieża and Tykocin
    • Guided tour of the mosque in Kruszyniany

    National Parks of Poland


  • National Parks of Poland

     Tour Description Daily Program 

  • Daily program

    Day 1: Arrival to Warsaw
    At a scheduled time, you will meet your guide and group, and then enjoy a guided tour of the Old Town, the historical center of Warsaw. Dating back to the 13th century, a large portion was destroyed during WWII but was reconstructed so precisely, it has been added to the list of World Heritage Sites.

    Day 2: Warsaw – Białowieża Forest (6, 19, or 25 miles/25, 30, or 40 km)
    By bus transfer (240 km), you arrive at Bialowieża Forest and the tiny village of Topilo, three kilometers from the Belarussian border. From here, by bike, you cycle through the forest to Białowieża (3 routes are possible) and your hotel for the next two nights. After checking in, you can rest at the hotel’s swimming pool and spa center. The hotel also has its very own craft beer.

    Day 3: Guided tour of Białowieża Forest (17 miles/ 27 km)
    After breakfast, the guide will be waiting for you at the reception at the scheduled time. You will head to the park and tour the interactive Natural Museum before venturing deep into the magical reserve. You must enter the park as a group with your guide since it is forbidden to enter without a licensed guide. Part of the park has been left untouched for over 800 years and is now only accessible to biologists working on-site and small guided tourist groups. It is one of the last places left on earth to see the ecosystem of a primeval, lowland forest. Bison live here, as do over 50 different species of mammals, 200 species of birds, and 1000 species of insects. The oldest oaks are over 600 years old. Many of them exceed in height and width, making them a sought export material used for constructing masts of ships that traveled the world's oceans. You will also venture to the "place of power” in the heart of the forest, which legends say was the site for pagan rituals in the years gone.

    Day 4: Białowieża - bus transfer to Kruszyniany - Supraśl - Białystok (27 or 36 miles/ 43 or 58 km)
    You venture by transfer further into the region of Podlasie to the village of Kruszyniany, located close to the border with Belarus. This is the cradle of Tatar culture, a Turkic people, with Iranian or West Asian origin. The mosque in Kruszyniany is one of the symbols of multiculturalism and religious tolerance in Podlasie. Leaving the village, you cycle on the Green Velo route leading through the Knyszyn Forest. In Kopna Góra, you can visit the forest park and then cycle directly to Supraśl, a popular resort due to its beautiful location and healthy microclimate. Next, you can either go by transfer to Bialystok, or you can cycle. An evening stroll is highly recommended. You will visit the baroque Branicki Palace with its gardens, the late-Renaissance Old Church, St. Roch’s
    Basilica, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, and the market square with its baroque City Hall.

    Day 5: Białystok - Tykocin - Kiermusy - Biebrza National Park -Tzar’s Road - Osowiec Fortress - Augustów (31 miles/ 49 km)
    A 30 km transfer transports you to historic Tykocin for a guided tour. You stop at a private bison reserve in Kiermusy, a village near Tykocin. You then enter Biebrza National Park Poland, established in 1993. At its heart is the 160-km-long Biebrza river, which creates a vast
    marshland, an asylum for over 270 bird species, elks, and other mammals. It is not uncommon to encounter elks during cycling, so have your cameras ready. Numerous viewing towers and bridges provide wonderful viewpoints. You will meet your driver who will then take you to your hotel in Augustów.

    Day 6: Augustów - free day or bike trip to Wigry Closter - transfer back to Augustów (34 miles/ 55 km)
    Today you can enjoy one of the beaches around Augustów, take a canoe trip (optional) or get on the bike and cycle toward Wigierski National Park. This pleasant bike trip leads through forests and along lakes to the picturesque Closter situated on the peninsula on Wigry Lake. A transfer back to Augustów will be provided.

    Day 7: Ship cruise on the lakes and Augustow Canal – transfer to Warsaw
    Before leaving Augustów and the Podlasie region, you can enjoy a morning ship cruise along Augustowski Canal and nearby lakes. After a 2-hour transfer (260 km), you arrive back in Warsaw (about 260 km).

    Day 8: Warsaw – end of the trip

    National Parks of Poland

     Photos Accommodation 

  • Accommodation


    The following hotels are provided only as samples and may vary based on availability.

    Hotel will be mostly a mix of 4- and 5-star hotels.

    Warsaw: Polonia Palace Hotel

    Białowieża: Hotel Białowieski

    Białystok: Hotel Cristal or Hotel Branicki

    Augustów: Hotel Warszawa

    National Parks of Poland

     Daily program Bikes 

  • Bikes

    Bikes available to be rented (in advance at the time of booking)

    7-speed unisex trekking bike (included in pricing)
    7- speed unisex electric pedelec bike (supplement, see pricing)

    National Parks of Poland

     Accommodation Dates & Prices 

  • Dates

    Van supported tour:

    May 11; Jun 1, 22; Jul 13, 27; Aug 17, 31, 2024.


    Van supported tour

    A support vehicle is always close by in case of incliment weather or if you need assistance during the tour. The van also provides any transfer mentioned in the itinerary.

    2 people 4 people 6 or more people
    Per person, double occupancy €1875 €1563 €1375
    Single-use room (1 person/1 room) €2125 €1813 €1625

    Minimum of 2 participants required, if you are a solo traveler please contact us for self-guided options.

    Bike Rentals

    Electrically assisted bike €95
    Upgraded, Electrically assisted bike €180

    Additional Services

    Canoe Trip (per person) €32

    Included services

    • Accommodations with breakfast
    • 2 buffet dinners in Białowieża
    • Guided tour in Warsaw, Białowieża and Tykocin
    • Guided tour of the mosque in Kruszyniany
    • Boat ride in Augustów
    • All bus transfers as in the trip description
    • Drinking water
    • Luggage transfer between accommodations
    • Trekking bike rental (7-gear)
    • Technical assistance during the trip
    • The driver and the bus accompanying the group
    • Tourist’s package: detailed route description, along with the information required for reaching each day's destination by bike
    • GPS-track
    • Local taxes

    Tour Company

    National Parks of Poland

     Bikes Other Details 

  • Surface and terrain

    This is an easy, supported tour.

    How to get there

    Tour start/tour end

    Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)

    You will be transferred from Warsaw to the Białowieża Forest on Day 2 and then back to Warsaw on the afternoon of Day 7.

    National Parks of Poland

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    National Parks of Poland

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