Ojcow Park MTB Tour Krakow

    • 6 hours | 34.79 miles
    • From €54 EUR
    • Krakow
    Rider Level: Active

    Rider Level: Active

    6 hours | 34.79 miles
    From €54 EUR

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    • Outstanding Ojcow mountain bike tour

      Experience a guided bike trip like no other on the Ojcow Park MTB tour! Enjoy the benefits of bike rental and a family-friendly day tour suitable for children.

      Beginning with the Eagle’s Nest Castles, ranked as the best tourist trail in Poland, you’ll be astonished at this chain of 25 medieval castles towering above on tall limestone cliffs. The stunning castles, towers and watchtowers form an unforgettable sight that you’re bound to carry home from Krakow. You’ll ride on to the Piaskowa Rock Palace and Hercules’ Mace, a limestone stack which, due to its distinctive shape and incredible height, stands as Ojcow’s most famous rock formation. Take in the beauty of the Floating Church before riding through Krakow Gate, so-named due to its history as a trade route through to Silesia. This incredible rock gate provides a memorable end to a stunning, scenic mountain bike tour.

      • Ojcow National Park, Krakow, Poland. Flickr:Vngrijl
      • Age-old woods on the Country Tour, Krakow. Unsplash:Sylwia Bartyzel
      • Hercules Mace at Ojcow Park, Krakow. Flickr:Grzegorz
      • Vistula River, Krakow. Unsplash:Pawel

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      Days Start Finish
      Sunday 10:00 am ~4:00 pm


      Rate EUR
      Adult · Age 25-99 • Mountain Bike €54
      Youth · Age 12-24 • Mountain Bike €45


      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • Certified guides

      Meeting place & directions

      The city bike tour meets in the Main Market Square under the statue of Adam Mickiewicz. You will recognize a guide with a 'Bike tour meeting point' sign and a bike.

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