Trebevic Olympic Mountain Bike Tour Sarajevo

    5/5 (1)
    • 8 hours | 15.5 miles
    • From €60 EUR
    • Sarajevo
    Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours
    5/5 (1)

    Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours

    8 hours | 15.5 miles
    From €60 EUR

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    • An adventure to majestic Mount Trebevic

      Take a unique bike tour exploring one of Sarajevo's most potent symbols of perseverance - the infrastructure of the Olympics atop majestic Mount Trebevic.

      In 1984, Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics. On the snowy peaks of Mount Trebevic, athletes from across the world arrived in their droves to compete as representatives of the greatest sportspeople alive. Seven years later, the Bosnian war tore through the country and city, but much of the infrastructure from this iconic sporting event remains. This is a guided tour telling you the story of a proud chapter in Sarajevo's diverse history.

      Beginning next to the cobbled arches of Latin Bridge, the day tour commences with a 10km climb towards Trebevic Mountain. The route you'll ride formed the front line during the war and provides you with a chance to discover a little more about Sarajevo's struggles from 1992 to 1995 - your well-informed guide will pause periodically to explain the history and cultural impact the war had on this city.

      At the top of the mountain, park your bike up for a picnic lunch with unparalleled panoramic views over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Refreshed, you'll ride onwards in your mountain adventure, getting the chance to voice your route preferences and even the opportunity to cycle an abandoned bobsleigh track - a truly wicked experience! At the end of your mountain escapades, your bicycle tour will take you back towards Sarajevo, giving you the chance to explore some more of the city before day's end.

      • Sarajevo Winter Olympics ski jump medal podium. Flickr:David Jones
      • 1984 Winter Olympics logo, Sarajevo. Flickr:Jennifer Boyer
      • Mountain bike tour through woods. Unsplash:Jasper Garratt
      • Overlooking city centre, Sarajevo. Unsplash:Milana Jovanov

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 9:00 am ~5:00 pm


      Rate EUR
      Adult €60
      Shuttle vehicle €75

      Shuttle vehicle is available for an additional 15€ per person! (The shuttle vehicle will drive you up the first 10 kilometers of the climb from where the tour will proceed)


      Latin Bridge, Trebević Mountain

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • Experienced local guide
      • Picnic lunch

      Meeting place & directions

      Torus Tours - Obala Isa-bega Ishakovića 3, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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      •  (photo by Jack Foley)
      •  (photo by Jack Foley)
      • Jack Foley 10 months ago

        Extremely rewarding and fun ride

        · Trebevic Olympic Mountain Bike Tour Sarajevo

        Perfect mountain bike ride on the doorstep of Sarajevo, Said from Torus Tours was a very friendly, knowledgeable and fun guide who paced the tour really well. It was a long uphill climb but felt like the perfect day on the bike with old friends, even though I was a solo traveller. Views from the top were amazing and the descent was fun. But riding down the bobsled track was the highlight, an incredible experience that you have to try if you visit Sarajevo!!

        What was the date of your tour?
        July 2023
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        Somewhat harder
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        Solo travelers
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        •  (photo by Jack Foley)
        •  (photo by Jack Foley)
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