Tour operators

We carefully select tours from operators around Europe, publish them on our web site, and promote them to our clients. There’s no charge for this. We select tours based on a number of criteria including marketability, location, commission rate, and popularity.

Our booking process

Here is the general procedure for a booking request:

  • We receive a booking request from the client.

  • We process the request and send our booking request to you by email. (Note: Your company should respond to booking requests within three business days either with a confirmation, with an update and projected date for confirmation, or with questions regarding the booking.)

  • You confirm the booking and send invoice to

  • We charge the client a US$200/person deposit and US$30/person booking fee and send confirmation to the client (we hold deposit).

  • 60 days before tour start, we receive final payment from client.

  • 30-45 days before tour start, we send full payment to you (minus agreed-upon commission) with any receiving bank fees at your expense. In the case of bookings within 60 days of a tour start, will provide payment no later than 15 days after confirmation or one week before tour start, whichever is earlier.


Our typical commission rate is 20%. We prefer to operate with gross prices, and we DO NOT build commission on top of the tour price you offer travelers who contact you directly.

Our typical clients

We generally book individual clients, couples and small parties on existing tours with set departures or private guided tours with low minimum participation requirement. We typically do not create/organize groups. This means we do not take responsibility to fill fixed departures with clients only booked through


When you send a confirmation to us, it should either confirm the booking as submitted or specifically note any differences. The confirmation should include start date, dates and locations of extra nights, and pricing (noting whether rates are gross or net) with commission levels. Because we will confirm to clients based on your confirmation, and because both consumer protection laws and good client relations prohibit us from making changes other than as requested by clients, it is crucial that your confirmation is accurate. cannot accept price changes or corrections once we’ve received your confirmation.


Any discrepancies regarding payments or credits due between your company and must be brought to the other party’s attention no later than three months following the end of a calendar year or six months following the tour, whichever comes later. All banking fees deducted from wire transactions upon receipt of payment will be incurred by the recipient and will not be covered

Want to work with us?

Please note: If you submit tour information to be published on our website, it is your indication that you agree to the above booking process. Read further about our requirements of our operator partners.

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