Highlights of The Hague Bike Tour

    • 2.5 hours | 3.1 miles
    • From €35 EUR
    • The Hague
    Rider Level: Leisure

    Rider Level: Leisure

    2.5 hours | 3.1 miles
    From €35 EUR
    The Hague

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    • Bike to the best of The Hague

      Bike to the best of The Hague on this terrific day tour of the city’s top sightseeing spots, from quirky quarters to incredible churches, picturesque palaces to charming Chinatown. In just 2.5 hours, your guided bicycle tour will take in the highlights of The Hague, including Bierkade, Spinozakwartier, Chinatown, the Jewish Monument, Grote Markt, Grote Kerk, Old City Hall, Hofkwartier, Palace Noordeinde, the Peace Palace, the Kunstmuseum, Scheveningseweg, Scheveningen Haven, Malieveld, and Haagse Bos.

      Your brilliant bike tour begins in Bierkade, the historic beer trading area where locals sip sumptuous pints al fresco by the canal. You’ll set off on your scenic cycle down this quaint quay, enjoying your first glimpses of the lively Den Haag lifestyle. You’ll soon arrive in Spinozakwartier, so-named for the co-founder of the Radical Enlightenment movement, Benedictus de Spinoza, where you’ll find a statue of the philosopher in a sitting pose, symbolic of the time he spent sitting and musing in the attic of his nearby house. Another captivating object in the quarter is the ‘Juttepeer’, the oldest pear tree in the Netherlands, thought to have stood in the courtyard since 1647, offering shade to the strolling Spinoza.

      Your day tour continues with a cycle into compact Chinatown, famous for the artsy Filmhuis Den Haag and the appetizing aromas issuing from myriad attractive restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, Indonesia, and of course, Dutch cuisine. From here, you’ll make your way to the Jewish Monument for a moment of somber reflection. Erected in memory of the more than 12,000 Jewish residents of The Hague deported and murdered during WWII, the memorial, which stands on Rabbijn Maarsenplein, depicts an open door, the star of David, and four terrified figures, as well as bronze suitcases to symbolize the immoral deportations.

      Moving on to the Grote Markt, you’ll cycle through this ‘shared space’, learning from your guide all about ‘The Grey Space in the Middle’, the trendy Bleyenberg Rooftop, and the Paard Music Venue, gaining insight into these alternative lifestyle areas frequented by art and music lovers. You’ll carry on towards the Grote Kerk, the landmark ‘Great Church’ or ‘St. James’ Church’, named for its commanding tower. Park your bicycle up here to admire one of the oldest buildings in The Hague where members of the Orange-Nassau House have been baptized and married.

      Your day tour continues onwards to the Old City Hall, a remarkable Renaissance-style building famous for the flashes of ruby red on its extravagant facade, and as the former seat of the city’s government. The ornate interior of the hall houses a historical art gallery, featuring works by Willem Doudijns and Jan de Baen, whilst the five statues standing guard on the exterior walls symbolize ‘Hope’, ‘Faith’, ‘Justice’, ‘Strength’, and ‘Love’.

      Having gained insight into the history of the Old Town Hall, you’ll pedal onwards to the Hofkwartier and Palace Noordeinde, home both to a pricey shopping street and to a peaceful walk to the glorious palace gardens. Your guide will lead you on a cycle to the secret alleyway used by Prins Bernhard, and onwards to the old part of the quarter where they’ll point out cafes where you can grab the best brew in town!

      Pedaling onwards to the Peace Palace, you’ll be awe-struck by the grand architecture of this noble building, home to the International Court of Justice, as well as the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague Academy of International Law, and the Peace Palace Library. The exquisite exterior, in the Renaissance Revival style, will stop you in your cycle tracks, forming an iconic photo opportunity.

      From here, you’ll continue to the Kunstmuseum (Art Museum), an altogether different architectural icon in the Modern style home to one of Europe’s largest art collections. Just a short cycle away is the Scheveningseweg, a long, arrow-straight stretch of road designed in 1653 by Constantijn Huygens to connect The Hague with Scheveningen, replacing the previous primitive pathways.

      Your bicycle tour takes you onwards to Scheveningen Haven and the nearby beach area, home to three picturesque harbors, each with a different purpose, and an enticing collection of seafood and pancake restaurants. This is a lively and exciting area where you can watch a fresh catch being hauled ashore, get tips from your guide about the best place to enjoy your evening meal, and admire vibrant ocean views.

      As your ride reaches its conclusion, you’ll wind your way back to the Bierkade via Malieveld, location for many large-scale demonstrations and festivals, or Haagse Bose, one of the oldest standing forests in Holland.

      • Tourists taking pictures at the Peace Palace in the Hague, Holland. I am the Stig@Wikimedia Commons
      • Beautiful day at the Scheveningen Beach, The Hague, Holland. Chloe Christine@Unsplash
      • Glass roof and beautiful architecture in a shopping center in the Hague, Holland. Micheile Henderson@Unsplash

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      Daily · Apr 13–Oct 31 1:00 pm ~3:30 pm


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      Person · Minimum 10 years old €35
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      Bierkade, Spinozakwartier, Chinatown, Jewish Monument, Grote Markt, Grote Kerk, Old City Hall, Hofkwartier, Palace Noordeinde, Peace Palace, Kunstmuseum, Scheveningseweg, Scheveningen Haven, Malieveld, Haagse Bos

      What’s included

      • Bike rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Free coffee at The Golden Stork

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      Enter the Hague Tours/The Golden Stork - Bierkade 22, 2512 EA Den Haag, Netherlands

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