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    Rider Level: Leisure

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    Sao Paulo

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    • Discover downtown São Paulo

      São Paulo, Brazil and Latin America’s biggest metropolis and home to over 12 million people, has so much to see and do that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This guided bike tour takes you through the most interesting downtown neighborhoods to give you a taste of the artistic spirit, cultural diversity, and culinary richness of sensational São Paulo.

      Benefit from your local guide’s insights and recommendations as you ride through Largo do Arouche, Bom Retiro, Parque da Luz, Mercado Municipal (day dependent), Liberdade, and Praça Roosevelt. We recommend taking this city tour on a Sunday, if possible, since many of São Paulo’s main streets are closed on this day. You’ll be able to bike freely through the quiet and temporarily pedestrianized streets!

      Begin your bike tour of downtown São Paulo in Largo do Arouche, a bohemian neighborhood that has long been a gathering place for artists, musicians, and the LGBTQ+ community. The area was once the stronghold of those resisting the repression of gender and sexual diversity under Brazil's dictatorship from the 1960s until the 1980s. Today, the neighborhood bustles with restaurants, bars, and urban art and remains one of the cultural hotspots of downtown São Paulo.

      Cycle on to Bom Retiro, a neighborhood shaped by the influence of various immigrant communities. You'll pedal past an array of restaurants and shops that showcase a fusion of different cultures, including Jewish, Korean, and Bolivian communities. You'll also notice the abundance of textile workshops and clothing shops as you pass through this neighborhood on your bike tour. Your guide will explain the long history of this district as a textile center where immigrant garment workers forged new lives and opportunities for themselves amongst São Paulo's bustling metropolis.

      Pedal on to Parque da Luz, the first public park in São Paulo, built in the late 19th century. Ride through the splendid landscaped lawns on this bike tour before stopping at two major structures housed within this tranquil green space: the Luz train station and the Pinacoteca Museum. The grand Victorian and Gothic architecture of the Luz station marks the gateway to São Paulo's extensive rail network while the Pinacoteca houses an impressive collection of Brazilian art.

      Depending on the day, your route may lead you to the Mercado Municipal. Follow the enticing aromas of ground spices, ripe fruit, and sizzling street food to the doors of this culinary hub. Browse the stalls and taste some exotic Brazilian fruits such as the Siriguela or Genipapo!

      Your day tour then takes you to the historic center and the Vale do Anhangabaú neighborhood. Ride through the wide, open space of the neighborhood's square and look up at the towering skyscrapers and important buildings that line the plaza: from the São Paulo City Hall to the Martinelli Building.

      Onwards to the captivating Liberdade neighborhood, where the Japanese architecture, sushi restaurants, and ornate gates might briefly make you wonder whether you've left São Paulo entirely! But look more closely, and with the help of your guide, you'll notice that strong elements of Brazilian culture are fused with Japanese, and this neighborhood is another brilliant example of São Paulo's rich cultural exchange. Liberdade is also home to the Afro-Brazilian community and houses the city's African-Brazilian Museum, adding yet another layer of cultural richness to uncover on your day tour.

      Finish your city tour with a stop at Praça Roosevelt. This lively square bustles with artists, buskers, and actors, working in and around the theaters and bars that line this bohemian hub. The pedestrian-friendly design of this leafy square makes it the perfect spot to conclude your bike tour - sit in one of the cafes and enjoy people-watching, continue your cultural exploration with a theater or comedy show, or circle back to some of the local recommendations you've gleaned over the course of your guided tour!

      • Worm's eye view, Tall buildings and trees of Downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil. Joao Tzanno@Unsplash
      • Avenida paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Joao Tzanno@Unsplash
      • Beautiful exterior of the Luz Train Station, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Douglas Barreto@Unsplash
      • Luz Train Station before the rush of foot traffic, Sao Paulo, Brazil. John Michael Wilyat@Unsplash

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      Please arrive for the tour 10 minutes before departure time.


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      Largo do Arouche, Bom Retiro, Parque da Luz, Mercado Municipal (day dependent), Liberdade, Praça Roosevelt

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide

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      Av. Vieira de Carvalho, 99 - República, São Paulo - SP, 01210-010, Brazil

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      • Samantha Anderson 11 months ago

        Great tour and guide with historical information

        · Downtown Sao Paulo Bike Tour

        The bike riding was safe and enjoyable. The bike lanes for the tour were impressive.

        My guide was friendly, knowledgeable and set a great pace with amazing information and answered my many questions.

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