360° Rotterdam Bike Tour

    4/5 (1)
    • 2.5 hours | 7.45 miles
    • From €35 EUR
    • Rotterdam
    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours
    4/5 (1)

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Family-friendly bike tours

    2.5 hours | 7.45 miles
    From €35 EUR

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    • Experience Rotterdam from every angle

      Discover real Rotterdam, its highlights, its secrets, and its surprises, on the bike tour that takes you full circle. The 360° Rotterdam Bike Tour is designed to give you an authentic feel of the city as a whole, from every angle! The guided day tour takes in not only Rotterdam’s top sightseeing spots, including the Central Station, Erasmus Bridge, Markthal, the Cube Houses, Oude Haven, and Kop van Zuid, but also the hidden charms of the city that many visitors miss.

      Your bicycle tour starts at Central Station, one of the most important transportation hubs in Holland. Whilst the north entrance is unassuming, cycling around to the city entrance, you’ll be awe-struck by the Centraal’s unique architecture - here, the station adopts its metropolitan identity. An intriguing shape, the leaning ‘tick’ structure is constructed from glass and wood. The different solar cell patterns of the glass roof create a constantly changing shadow dance on the platforms, entrancing travelers.

      Bike on to admire the enchanting beauty of Erasmus Bridge, a combined cable and bascule structure spanning the stunning Nieuwe Maas. The Erasmusbrug is one of Holland’s most famous bridges, opened in 1996 by Queen Beatrix. Its shimmering light blue steel and distinctive asymmetrical pylon has earned the Erasmusbrug the nickname ‘De Zwaan’/’The Swan’ and status as one of the iconic symbols of the city. Making your way to Markthal, park your bicycle up in the shadow of a colossal, shimmering archway. Glide through this scintillating structure, sheltering a public market during the day, and a host of enticing eateries in the evening.

      Your guided day tour carries on the Cube Houses, an inspiring feat of urban innovation designed to optimize space within high density housing. Based on the concept of ‘living as an urban roof’, the iconic yellow roofed houses, designed by architect Piet Blom, appear as top-heavy cubic curiosities, tilted at 45 degrees. Together, they appear like an abstract urban forest, each cube evoking a treetop. Certainly, you’ll not see anything like the Kubuswoningen anywhere else in Holland, or even Europe!

      Your bike tour rides onwards to Oude Haven, the iconic Old Harbor. Here, discover a beautiful blend of old and new as modern structures provide variation in the vista of Rotterdam’s first city port, established in 1350. These days, the harbor is a hive of bustling bars, tantalizing terrace eateries, and urban entertainment venues. Its historic beauty remains, however, in the wonderful waterway and beautiful riverboats moving serenely around their moorings.

      Your bicycle tour reaches a climax at Kop van Zuid, the redeveloped docklands that provide a resplendent representation of Rotterdam’s visionary spirit. This relatively young region on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas boasts the Wilhelmina Pier, the ‘V’, and Rose Street. Park your bike up in the shadow of the World Port Center and admire Hotel New York and the Montevideo, all built on the old, abandoned port district. From here, you’ll circle back to base, finishing your 360° day tour with a flourish.

      • Cube Houses, Rotterdam. Richard Ciraulo@Unsplash
      • Market hall Rotterdam wall and ceiling paintings. Mike van den Bos@Unsplash
      • Erasmusbrug, Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. Mike van den Bos@Unsplash

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      Saturday · Jun 22–Oct 26 10:30 am ~1:00 pm
      Friday, Saturday & Sunday · Jun 22–Oct 27 11:00 am ~1:30 pm

      Please arrive 10 minutes before the departure time.


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      Persoon · Vanaf 12 jaar €35
      Persoon (Dutch) · From 12 years old €35



      Central Station, Erasmus Bridge, Markthal, Cube Houses, Oude Haven, Kop van Zuid

      What’s included

      • Bike rental
      • English-speaking guide

      Meeting place & directions

      Inside Rotterdam - 1st Blekerhof 26, 3011 CJ Rotterdam

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        Fun tour around Rotterdam

        · 360° Rotterdam Bike Tour

        Fun tour around the city with lovely guides. Good quality (3 speed) bikes. Very gentle with lots of stops, taking in many of the big sights

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