New York Highlights Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

    3 hours
    From $65 USD
    New York City, NY

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    • Discover the highlights of Manhattan, at the heart of NYC

      If you're looking for a family friendly bike tour that encapsulates the key destinations in NYC, we've got you covered. Your guided bicycle tour will take you all around the Borough of Manhattan for an all-encompassing sightseeing day tour, with the added benefit of bike rental.

      In the heart of New York City sits Manhattan, the most densely populated of NYC's boroughs on one of the world's largest natural habors. Your bike tour kicks off uptown where your professionally trained guide will lead you into the shadows of the towering Lincoln Center. Ride along the urban regeneration project known as the High Line, a public park with an artistic atmosphere built out of the rubble of an old railroad. It's the perfect example of Manhattan's commitment to inspiring, challenging, and celebrating the American people.

      You'll begin to ride downtown into the historic Brooklyn Bridge neighborhood for iconic views of the breathtaking structure that spans the East River. Learn from your guide the legacies that make Manhattan an area of unparalleled economic, cultural and historical significance not just to New York, but to the entire world. Whether you were drawn to Manhattan by the expansive serenity of Central Park, the majesty of the Hudson River, or the lively streets of Lower Manhattan, this bike tour gives you the opportunity to make the most of your memories of a borough with unbounded ambition.

      • Colourful Freeman Alley, NYC. Unsplash:Hannah Wernecke
      • View of Brooklyn Bridge cables. Unsplash: Benny Rotlevy Evlcsdowbra
      • Cycling in the streets of NYC. Unsplash:Johny Vino
      • Popular and buzzing Greenwich Village. Unsplash:Simi Iluyomade

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily · From Mar 1, 2023 11:00 am ~2:00 pm


      Rate USD
      Adult · Ages 13+, If Ebikes (16+ ONLY) $70.77
      Child · Ages 12 and under $67.50
      Adult - eBike Option · 16+ ONLY $103.43


      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English and Dutch-speaking guide
      • Illustrated map

      Meeting place & directions

      Unlimited Biking

      Starting location - 79 Chambers Street, New York NY 10019

      End location - 56 W 56th Street, New York NY 10019

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