Desert & Oasis Bike Tour Marrakesh

    • 2.5 hours | 9.32 miles
    • From .د.م.250 MAD
    • Marrakesh
    Rider Level: Leisure

    Rider Level: Leisure

    2.5 hours | 9.32 miles
    From .د.م.250 MAD

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    • Pedal through the Palmeraie Oasis

      Combine a ride to Marrakesh's breathtaking Palmeraie Oasis with a crash course in desert survival from a local guide on this Desert and Oasis Bike Tour from Marrakesh! Cycling out of the city of Marrakesh on this day tour to the tranquil oasis of Palmeraie, you’ll learn about how Moroccan people have survived in the desert for millennia. This bicycle tour also includes stops at traditional artisanal workshops, and a stop at the atelier of charismatic Mr Aziz, who will regale you with tales of his life in the oasis as he serves you traditional bread, olive oil and tea.

      Your guide on this bike tour will be a local young person who gains training, education and employment opportunities through the Pikala Foundation, meaning that you'll be supporting the local community while getting the very best sightseeing experience of the city. These guided tours are developed by the young people themselves, meaning they'll show you their city: the hidden gems, vibrant communities, and local tales that make Marrakesh their home. This is especially true of this desert oasis tour, where your guide will share the wisdom and culture that Moroccan people have developed from centuries of living in the desert environment.

      Located at the northern edge of the city of Marrakesh, legend goes that the 50,000 trees that constitute Palmeraie grew from date seeds discarded by Arab warriors. Your guide will recount the long history of this legend, while explaining how the true roots of this oasis are found in the establishment of the Berber Muslim Almoravid dynasty. Your guide will also share some of the invaluable tips and tricks on how to survive in the desert that have been passed down from generation to generation in this part of Morocco.

      This bike tour will also make stops at handicraft ateliers, where you'll see how traditional Moroccan products like intricate Zelij tiles, rattan products, and wooden crafts have been produced by generations of skilled craftspeople.You'll also see the old water irrigation system, known in Morocco as khettara, that's been used for centuries to bring water from the Atlas Mountains to the oasis. Your guide will share invaluable insights into the local culture, from the sacredness of palm trees to the community’s reverence for water.

      You'll beat the desert heat with a stop for a refreshing drink and delicious Moroccan snack at the atelier of Mr Aziz, included in the price of this bicycle tour. Your host will serve you fresh bread and tea, while telling of his life in Palmeraie. From here, you’ll cycle back to the bustling heart of Marrakesh. By the end of this guided tour, you'll have gained an insight into Marrakesh's desert oasis through the eyes of a local, while supporting a community initiative with social goals.

      • Arts and crafts at the city's market, Marrakesh, Morocco. Danai Tsoutreli@Unsplash
      • Palm tree and bushes by the pool of water in Marrakesh, Morocco. Abdelhamid Azoui@Unsplash
      • A beautiful display of plant life in Marrakesh, Morocco. Alex Plesovskich@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 9:30 am ~12:00 pm
      Daily 3:00 pm ~5:30 pm

      Please arrive 10 minutes before the tour starts.


      Rate MAD
      Adult .د.م.250



      Palmeraie Oasis, Visits to artisanal workshops, Stop for Moroccan drink and snack

      What’s included

      • Bike rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Water and fruits
      • Morrocan pastries and juices at a local cafe
      • Sunscreen

      Meeting place & directions

      Pikala bikes - Riad Larousse, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

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