Love London Bike Tour

    5/5 (1)
    • 3.5 hours | 7.82 miles
    • From £44.95 GBP
    • London
    Rider Level: Leisure Client favorites
    5/5 (1)

    Rider Level: Leisure Client favorites

    3.5 hours | 7.82 miles
    From £44.95 GBP

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    • Fall in love with iconic London

      Let England's capital romance you on this ravishing ride through London's West End, with the added benefit of bike rental! Following an intricate route along London's canopied, dignified streets, and through the city's many parks, this is a hugely rewarding family-friendly bike tour taking in Archbishop's Park, Lambeth Palace, Westminster Abbey School, Horse Guards Parade, Hyde Park, Mayfair, Carnaby Street, Soho, Covent Garden, Waterloo Bridge, the Banksy Tunnel, and Lower Marsh.

      Beginning in Lambeth, your day tour pushes off towards the Archbishop's Park. Its namesake, the Archbishop of Canterbury, holds his seat in the spectacular 13th Century Lambeth Palace, guaranteed to dazzle the eyes as you pedal through the park. Across the river, you'll cycle through the courtyard of Westminster Abbey School where you'll be able to catch a peek into the private quarters of the abbey itself. Your bike tour continues in a historic vein as you approach the Horse Guards Parade, home to the King's guard, but once the scene for Henry VIII's dynamic jousting tournaments! In a very different saddle, you'll be able to enjoy a leisurely glide through world-famous Hyde Park.

      Moving into Mayfair, discover a high-class neighborhood of pricy boutiques, galleries and gentlemen's clubs epitomizing luxurious London. The scene soon changes when you cycle into the playful vibrancy of Carnaby Street and Soho, alive with the legacy of sixties swing, hippie culture, and rock 'n' roll. This neighborhood was once the place to be for the likes of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles!

      As your day tour nears its end, you'll cycle through Covent Garden's charming cobbled streets. This area is famed for its quality restaurants and eye-catching street performers who make their living by night in the area's many theaters. You'll bike on to Waterloo Bridge and pass through the Banksy Tunnel, a swirling street-art gallery of vibrant graffiti that's guaranteed to grab your attention. At the other end, you'll emerge into the 19th Century streets of Waterloo and Lower Marsh, where stunning architecture and its reputation for top-quality food have drawn in many an A-Lister.

      Finally, your bike tour returns to Lambeth, where you can hop into a local pub or restaurant typical of London.

      • Buckingham Palace, London, England. Photo:SAC Matthew 'Gerry' Gerrard RAF/© MoD Crown Copyright 2016 License:OGL v1.0
      • Banners inside Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey, London, England. CC:JRennocks
      • Sunset in London, England. CC:Diliff
      • One of London's first crafts and antiques markets, the Camden lock. Charles Postiaux@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 2:15 pm ~5:45 pm

      Runs regularly from April to November. Private tours in winter only.


      Rate GBP
      Adult · Riders age 18 and older £44.95
      Child · Riders age 10-17 £34.95
      Adult E-Bike £62.95



      West End, Archbishop’s Park, Westminster Abbey, Horse Guards Parade, Hyde Park, Mayfair, Carnaby Street, Soho, Covent Garden, Waterloo, Banksy Tunnel, Lambeth

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • Experienced guide

      Meeting place & directions

      London Bicycle Tour and Hire Company center - 74 Kennington Rd, London, SE11 6NL.

      Please arrive at least 15 mins before your tour is due to start.

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      • Palace of Westminster (photo by Roz)
      • St. James' Park (photo by Roz)
      • Buckingham Palace (photo by Roz)
      • Westminster Abbey (photo by Roz)
      •  (photo by Roz)
      •  (photo by Roz)
      • Roz April 10, 2023

        London's best landmarks

        · Love London Bike Tour

        I was only in London for a day but I felt like I got a really good impression of the city from taking this tour. It was an amazing way to explore a large city from ground level – we covered far more of the city than I could have walked in a day and took in a lot of London’s most famous landmarks.

        We were given the option of a men’s or ladies’ bike and were guided by Birgit, who kept us all safe and together despite us being quite a large group. Birgit was incredibly knowledgeable with lots of facts and interesting history that brought the landmarks to life.

        We covered a lot of ground and really got to know the areas we explored. We saw the icons of London, like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Lambeth Bridge, cycled through several parks including Hyde Park, and were given the chance on Carnaby Street to lock up our bikes and go for a 30 min solo walk or visit a café. My favorite part was the Banksy Tunnel – as we biked through we could watch graffiti artists designing on the walls, and the ceiling was amazing! Overall, this was a great way to see the main icons of London in just a few hours.

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        April 2023
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        As expected
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        First-time bike tourists, Solo travelers, Families with teens
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        • Palace of Westminster (photo by Roz)
        • St. James' Park (photo by Roz)
        • Buckingham Palace (photo by Roz)
        • Westminster Abbey (photo by Roz)
        •  (photo by Roz)
        •  (photo by Roz)
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