How we’re different

Search online for 'bike tours' and we’re one among thousands of results. So what makes us different? Why choose us? Most of the other results are tour operators and listing sites — we’re neither.

What We Are

We represent hundreds of bicycle tour operators across the world. That means we don’t operate the tours ourselves (employing guides and drivers, hauling luggage, and other logistics.) Instead, we have close relationships with companies that run tours, and we promote their tours through our website.

We’re also a team of people passionate about travel, cycling, and helping you find the bike tour of your dreams. Let us help you choose the trip that’s right for you, then we’ll handle the entire booking and payment process. We serve as your liaison and advocate with the local tour company.

Why It Matters

So what does that mean for you?

Our prices are generally quite low relative to most North America-based tour operators—in some cases as much as 70% less. You pay us the same price you’d see on the local tour company’s website! Based locally and with a large regional clientele, their volume of travelers is typically high and costs are low — which means you pay less.

We have trusted partners all over the world, giving you one of the most extensive listings of bicycle tours available. No one tour operator could possibly offer the spectrum of leisurely to challenging, budget to deluxe, guided and self-guided — many with daily or weekly departures. With so many options, it’s easier to find tours that suit your interests, schedule, and ability level.

We’re here to help you choose, book, and plan your trip. Not sure which tour is right for you? Our tour advisors consult with you, asking and answering questions and then offering recommendations. Ready to book? We handle the entire booking and payment process and remain your liaison and advocate with the tour company before and after the tour.

What We Aren’t

To help compare our services and tours against other companies you’ll find, here’s an explanation of how we’re different from most others:

  • We aren’t a tour operator. We represent local world tour operators. They’re the experts on the ground: designing routes, booking hotels, maintaining bikes, hauling luggage, and eager to highlight the best and most authentic experiences around their homes and communities. We represent those companies: they’re our partners and your hosts.
  • Many of the other sites you see alongside ours in search results are North America-based tour operators running tours overseas. They either design programs and send their guides to ride with groups of mostly North American clients, or they contract with some of the same tour companies we represent and organize departures with all of their own clients. These tours are typically very upscale and provide all the luxuries and services of a luxury active vacation — along with the expected hefty price tag!
  • We aren’t a listing site. There are no computers auto-updating tour information. We don’t charge our operator partners to promote their tours. Your email doesn’t get passed through to another company as a “lead.” Instead, we’re a staff of real people, passionate about cycling and travel and here to take your calls, answer your emails, and help you compare and select the right tour for you among our tour partners’ offerings.

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