Our philosophy — What we stand for

We believe:

  • Bikes are the best way to explore our fascinating world. Bicycle tours offer a travel experience you don’t get from a bus, rental car, or train.
  • There’s an alternative to the expensive, heavily marketed overseas bicycle tours offered by many fine North American operators. There’s a way to get the same quality bike tour at a lower cost – but with no sacrifices.
  • You get the best value by riding with local tour operators. So almost 10 years ago, we started representing the local companies that run the tours to bring you the best possible value.
  • We believe the best way to experience a new land and culture is through the eyes of locals. That’s a benefit of local companies developing the routes and itineraries and identifying the right hotels or restaurants.
  • Supporting local economies is key for a responsible and sustainable travel industry. We’re committed to representing local tour operators, so other than our small commission and booking fee, your money stays in the local economy.
  • Outstanding, personal service makes for happy clients. We’re proud of our high percentage of repeat and referral clients.
  • Trading gas-consuming vehicles for bikes can help reduce the environmental impact of the travel industry. Green travel is ethical travel.