Along the Rhône River from Geneva to Lyon

5/5 (1)
5 nights
45 miles/day
Self guided from EUR € 890
Bike tour in France and Switzerland
Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

Along the Rhône River from Geneva to Lyon

5/5 (1)

Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

5 nights
45 miles/day

Self guided from EUR € 890
Bike tour in France and Switzerland

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  • Bike the Rhône River cycle path from Switzerland to France

    Ancient navigators first spurred the development of the Rhône river valley, bringing new ideas to a quiet region of fierce natural beauty. Over the centuries, some communities along its banks grew rapidly into sophisticated cities like Lyon and Geneva, who still attract visitors in droves, while others never quite progressed beyond sleepy little outposts. Today, traffic is diverted to highways and railways, leaving the riverbanks in peace and quiet... for cyclists!

    The 'Via Rhona' project is a bicycle path connecting Lake Léman (Geneva) to France’s Mediterranean beaches. The project is still a work-in-progress, but it is a huge accomplishment and an incredible boon for the people who love France (and French Switzerland, of course). If you’re dreaming of la bonne vie but are short on time, our five-day cycling itinerary is the perfect fit!

    Enjoy a visit to two incredible cultural capitals, Lyon and Geneva, and lead your own way on our cycling journey between them. The route we’ve carefully planned will introduce you to Pérouges, Chanaz, and Seyssel, to name a few of France’s best-kept secrets! Along the way, you’ll uncover countless hidden gems, from towering forts and Roman ruins to shimmering lakes and flower-filled fields. You’re free to stop wherever and whenever you choose — even the smallest hamlets along the Rhône possess nuggets of history, timeless beauty, and a hint of magic.

    • Berner Platte in Switzerland. CC:Sandstein
    • Geneva, Switzerland. Carlita Benazito, Unsplash
    • Geneva, Switzerland. Philipp Potocnik
    • Geneva, Switzerland. Dennis Jarvis@Flickr
    • Great Swiss chocolates to try! Pushpakd Silva, Unsplash
    • Traditional Swiss food. Darcy, Flickr
    • Geneva, Switzerland. Julian Flutto, Unsplash
    • Älplermagronen, traditional Swiss food. CC:Adrian Michael

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    • Via Rhôna cycle path along the Rhône River
    • Geneva
    • Lyon
    • Pérouges
    • Chanaz
    • Seyssel
    • Towering forts and Roman ruins

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  • Along the Rhône River from Geneva to Lyon

     Tour Description Daily Program 

  • Daily program

    Day 1: Arrival in Geneva
    Geneva is easily accessible by car, train, and air — many low-cost carriers stop at the city’s manageably sized airport. You’ll arrive in a cultured and cosmopolitan city with more than enough attractions to fill a day, so you can check in at your hotel in the heart of the city, then head back out to explore. Whether you want to stroll around the city’s beautiful botanical gardens, go shopping for world-famous watches, chocolates, and Swiss knives, or set sail on sparkling Lake Geneva, it’s up to you!

    Day 2: Geneva — Seyssel (38 miles/61 km, elevation gain 2,230 ft/680 m, descent 2,690 ft/820 m)
    You'll be fitted for your bicycles and provided with an itinerary briefing after breakfast, so you’ll be ready to jump on your bikes and ride! This is the toughest day of cycling during the whole tour; with rolling hills, you’ll climb your highest ascent. However, the good news is you’ll get to enjoy plenty of downhill riding (nearly 800 meters/2,625 feet)! The route itself winds its way southwest, across the Swiss border at Chancy into the picturesque wine region of Rhône-Alpes, France, where you will spend the remainder of your tour. There are plenty of reasons to stop along the way: stunning panoramas, striking rock formations, and intriguing ruins, to name a few. Your hotel in Seyssel sits right on the river, providing the perfect spot to give your biking legs a rest. Dinner is included.

    Day 3: Seyssel — Champagneux (Short Option: 33 miles/53 km, elevation gain 1,115 ft/340 m, descent 1,082ft/330 m; Long Option via Bugey 48 miles/77 km, elevation gain 2,280 ft/680 m, descent 2,280 ft/680 m)
    On more level terrain, today’s ride will feel like a picnic compared to the previous day! Consider exploring Chanaz – the 'Little Venice of Savoie' – or park your bikes to try the exquisite local cheeses in the Roman town of Belley. Or, if you are content to add some extra kilometers to the journey, you can also head just off route to enjoy lunch in one of the ancestral wineries on the banks of Lac du Bourget. Whatever you choose, make sure to save a little energy for the climb up to your hotel in Champagneux. Your extra effort will be entirely worth it when you feast your eyes on the incredible valley view — and a delicious dinner.

    Day 4: Champagneux — Pérouges (Short option: 42 miles/68 km, elevation gain 1,080 ft/330 m, descent 1,050 feet/320 m; Long option: 55 miles/88 km, elevation gain 1,245 ft/380 m; descent 1,180 ft/360 m)
    The Rhône River will show you the way through small villages and quiet countryside. In fact, the navigation couldn’t be easier - all you have to do is follow the traffic-free bikeway! From Saint-Sorlin, you’ll leave the Via Rhôna and ride on secondary roads through the rural 'Bugey'. Your destination will soon be in sight as you approach the hilltop medieval village of Perouges, where you’ll stay overnight.

    Day 5: Pérouges — Lyon (Short Option 27 miles/43 km, elevation gain 555 ft/170 m, descent: 820 ft/250 m; Long Option 37 miles/60 km, elevation gain 1,050 ft/320 m, descent 1,310 ft/400 m)
    If you just can’t get enough of France’s pretty villages, you’ll want to opt for the longer route. You’ll leave the path of the Rhône River for a while, but trust us, it’s well worth it! On the other hand, if you’re dreaming of diving right into the food stalls at Les Halles in Lyon, you may follow the Via Rhôna directly into the city. Tonight, you’ll retire your wheels in the hilly neighborhood of La Croix Rousse.

    Day 6: Departure
    After breakfast, depart at the time of your choice.

    Don't want your tour to end? Maximize your time in Lyon with a short day tour in the 'Capital of the Gauls'.

    Surface and terrain

    This tour takes place on a variety of terrains, but mainly on the Rhône River cycle paths. Each stage will have some climbing and descents, but the first cycling day from Geneva to Seyssel is by far the most significant of these. On this day, you can expect 2,733 ft of elevation gained and 3,179 feet of descending. On Days 3-5 you have the choice for shorter or longer cycling routes, so please be sure to note the variations in the Daily Program.


    These are sample hotels and may vary by availability.

    Geneva: Hotel Jade

    Seyssel: Hotel Au Fil de l’Eau

    Champagneux: Hotel Les Bergeronnettes

    Pérouges: Hostellerie du Vieux Pérouges

    Lyon: Résidence Belambra Villemanzy

    Interested in visiting other areas before or after your tour? Visit our hotels page to learn more about lodging options.

    How to get there

    Tour start
    Nearest airport and train station: Geneva (GVA), Switzerland

    Getting from the airport to the city is easy and free. From the baggage area, look for the Rail Tickets machine and print one. This ticket will give you 80 minutes of free access on Geneva's public transportation system, called TPG.

    Once you have your luggage, your Unireso ticket, and you've cleared Customs, head to your left through the Arrivals Hall. Just outside the exit, you'll find an entrance to the Gare CFF Aéroport. Head inside and down to the lower level. Check when the next train to Geneva city center (Gare Cornavin) departs and from which platform. The ride to Cornavin is only 6-7 minutes.

    Alternatively, you may use your Unireso ticket for the bus. You will take bus #5, #10, and F to reach Gare Cornavin. For late-night arrivals we recommend taking a taxi (about 30-40 CHF).

    Once you reach Gare Cornavin, you can walk or take a tram, bus, or taxi to your first hotel.

    Tour end
    Nearest airport: Lyon Airport (LYS), France
    Nearest train station: Lyon, France

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    Along the Rhône River from Geneva to Lyon

     Tour Photos Dates & Prices 

  • Dates

    Sundays: Apr 1 - Oct 15, 2024 (minimum 2 participants)

    Additional departures Mondays - Thursdays for 4 or more participants.


    Tour package

    Per person, double occupancy €890
    Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room) €1225

    Bike Rentals

    Standard touring bike* €140
    Gravel bike* €155
    Electrically assisted bike (upon request)* €225

    *Bike prices include mandatory drop off fee to return the bike to Geneva at the end of the tour (€25 per bike, €35 per e-bike).

    Extra Nights, Geneva, prices starting at

    Per person, double occupancy €110
    Single room (1 person/1 room) €190

    Extra Nights, Lyon, prices starting at

    Per person, double occupancy €75
    Single room (1 person/1 room) €116

    Included services

    • 5 nights accommodation
    • Breakfasts, 2 dinners (drinks not included)
    • Luggage transfers
    • Marked maps and/or roadbook (paper and/or app)
    • Pre-loaded GPS unit (subject to availability) or navigation app
    • Hotline number for assistance if necessary
    • Tour briefing at beginning of tour
    • All taxes and service charges

    Bike rentals

    Bikes available to rent on this tour (must be reserved in advance at time of booking) include:

    • Standard touring bikes
    • Gravel bikes
    • Electrically assisted bikes, on request*

    *More about electrically-assisted bikes >

    Bikes come equipped with the following at no extra charge:

    • Water bottle cages
    • Water bottle
    • Repair kit with multi-tool
    • Spare tube and CO2 cartridge (CO2 cartridge for road bike only)
    • Helmet
    • Lock
    • Saddlebag (optional)
    • Hand-held bicycle pump (standard bike only)

    The bikes will have flat pedals. If you want to bring your own pedals, please bring your own shoes and also the necessary equipment to change the pedals.

    Helmet rental is available on this tour. However, we recommend that you bring your own helmet for safety and hygiene purposes.

    Tour Company

    Along the Rhône River from Geneva to Lyon

     Daily program Tour Reviews 

    • James DeFehr 8 months ago

      Relaxing trip through rural France

      Enjoyed the trip, everything was well organized. Beautiful countryside with many small towns and villages. Its a little rural and isolated so if you are looking for action and excitement this may not be the one for you. That said, one evening the village we were staying at (Seyssel on the first night) had a large festival going on and we stayed out later than we should have enjoying the music and the wine! Some really picturesque locations including a legitimate medieval village on the last night, and the biking itself was not overwhelming although I did train for it.

      What was the date of your tour?
      August 2023
      How many tours have you completed?
      This was my first bike tour
      Difficulty (actual vs. expected)?
      As expected
      Who is this tour suitable for?
      First-time bike tourists, Solo travelers, Families with teens, Families with young kids
      Do you recommend this tour?
      • 5/5 Value
      • 5/5 Included meals
      • 4/5 Bikes + equipment
      • 4/5 Hotels or boat
      • 5/5 Scenery
      • 4/5 Ease of navigation
      • 4/5 Tour documents
      • 4/5 Local tour company services
      • 4/5 Route selection

    Along the Rhône River from Geneva to Lyon

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