MS La Belle Fleur

La Belle Fleur

9 cabins / 1 deck

The MS La Belle Fleur is a former cargo ship, built in 1929. In 1993 the ship was converted into a passenger barge, and during the winter of 2011-12 the interior was completely remodeled and brought up to date.

La Belle Fleur is about 115-148 feet/35-45 meters long and complies with the strict safety regulations of the Dutch Shipping Inspection Authorities. On board, you find a cozy dining room, a sun deck/deck for the bicycles. There is a section under cover of an awning to provide shade.

  • La Belle Fleur
  • La Belle Fleur
  • Double cabin
  • Salon
  • Covered deck

The boat accommodates up to 19 guests:

  • 8 double cabins
  • 1 triple cabin

Each cabin is equipped with:

  • Split level beds and wardrobe
  • Windows that may be opened
  • Private bathroom, including shower
  • 220V
  • Central heating

Storage space is limited in each cabin, and we recommend only 1 suitcase per person (luggage can be stored beneath your bed). Do not expect a cruise ship with its passive luxury. The bike and boat holidays aboard the La Belle Fleur are for people who really enjoy the physical activity of cycling and value sociability more than a luxury experience.

MS La Belle Fleur’s layout