Sinjajevina E-Bike Tour Zabljak

    • 5 hours | 27.34 miles
    • From €60 EUR
    • Zabljak
    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

    5 hours | 27.34 miles
    From €60 EUR

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    • Ascend Sinjajevina’s picturesque plateau

      Ascend Sinjajevina, a high mountain plateau in Durmitor National Park, on this electric mountain bike tour. The mountain is known for its rugged landscapes and rich biodiversity. Your electric bike will allow you to reach the highest point with ease, enabling you to soak up panoramic views over some of Montenegro's most spectacular landscapes as you cycle.

      Sinjajevina is the largest pasture range in Montenegro, and for generations, the plateau has been used for grazing livestock, particularly sheep and cattle. There is a long practice of moving livestock between upper pastures in summer and lower pastures in winter, so whichever time of year you take this guided tour, you're bound to see mountain sheep, cattle, and even goats grazing these ancient fields.

      Ride further up the mountain to reach Zabojsko and Zminicko. These deep, crystalline lakes provide water to livestock and were historically the water source for the pastoral communities who lived in this region. Stop to relax to the sound of the gentle lapping along the shoreline, and listen as your guide explains the deep historic and cultural significance of this mountain to the people who have lived and worked upon it for generations.

      This bicycle tour will take you through a variety of landscapes, reflecting Sinjajevina's bountiful biodiversity. Cycling through alpine meadows, grasslands, and scattered patches of forest, you'll reach the high plateau. Stop to enjoy views over the surrounding mountains and valleys below, and watch the silvery streams of the Tara and Morača Rivers splicing through the canyons below. This mountain bike tour will leave you rewarded with the perfect combination of natural beauty, adrenaline-inducing climbs, and unforgettable views.

      • Stopping for briefing with mountains in the background, Sinjajevina, Zabljak, Montenegro. Durmitor Adventure Tours
      • Zminje Lake, Sinjajevina, Zabljak, Montenegro. Fernandes Vikttoria@Unsplash
      • Aerial view of the Sinjajevina forests, Zabljak, Montenegro. CC:Dirgela
      • Cabins on the hilltop, Sinjajevina, Zabljak, Montenegro. Durmitor Adventure Tours

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily · Start time may change 9:00 am ~2:00 pm

      Please arrive for the tour 10 minutes before departure time.


      Rate EUR
      Adult €60

      The minimum number of participants for this tour to operate is 2.


      Sinjajevina peak, Biodiverse landscapes, Panoramic views

      What’s included

      • E-mountain bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide

      Meeting place & directions

      Mojkovačke bitke, Žabljak, Montenegro

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