Washington DC Blossoms Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    2 hours
    From $65 USD
    Washington, DC

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    • Pedal amongst the petals

      Experience Washington bursting with color at its most beautiful time of the year! This unique day tour takes you biking amongst the blossoms, providing insight into the history of the Capitol, White House, National Mall and Washington Memorial, with the added benefit of bike rental.

      Your bicycle tour begins with capturing exquisite photos as you glide beneath the cherry blossom trees at the Tidal Basin and cycle through the petals at East Potomac Park. The stunning view of the White House through blossoming branches is truly unforgettable, as is riding down the historic National Mall stretching between the United States Capitol and Washington Memorial whilst petals drift and swirl through the air.

      A breathtakingly beautiful bike tour in peak season that’s not to be missed!

      • Supreme Court in full blossom, Washington DC. Flickr:John Brighenti
      • Washington Monument captured through a cherry tree blossom, DC. Flickr:bobistraveling
      • Jefferson Memorial in the time of cherry blossom. Flickr:mo1299
      • Splendour blossom in the Washington DC University courtyard. Flickr:Steve Gin

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily · Mar 27–Apr 12 10:00 am ~12:00 pm
      Daily · Mar 27–Apr 12 2:30 pm ~4:30 pm
      Daily · Mar 15, 2025–Mar 27, 2025 10:00 am ~12:00 pm
      Daily · Mar 15, 2025–Mar 27, 2025 2:30 pm ~4:30 pm

      Tour available mid-March to the first half of April.


      Rate USD
      Adult · Ages 13+ $65
      Child · Ages 12 and under $55
      Adult - eBike Option · 16+ in NY/DC/FL or 13+ in CA $85



      Tidal Basin, East Potomac Park, White House, National Mall, Capitol, Washington Monument

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • Experienced guide
      • Illustrated map

      Meeting place & directions

      Unlimited Biking - 998 Main Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024

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