Rider level

Rider level

Most bicycle tours cover about 20–40 miles per day and are designed for travelers who enjoy a leisurely pace, but more challenging bike tours are available.

When you read the bike tour descriptions, pay close attention to the type of tour, the surface and terrain of the tour, and the average daily distances.

Rider Levels

Leisure (1) – You are relatively active and want to cycle on your vacation. You like a slow pace and prefer flat terrain.

Recreational (2) – You incorporate cycling into your routine. You can navigate longer distances and occasional rolling hills.

Active (3) – You’re often on your bike for fitness or pleasure. You’re comfortable with longer distances, a quicker pace, and rolling hills.

Enthusiast (4) – You’re a voracious cyclist. You love to challenge yourself with long rides, hilly terrain, or extensive climbs.

To help match your ability level with the right bike tour for you, rider level is a searchable feature in our Tour Search.

Couples and groups traveling together often have different ability levels. E-bikes are a great equalizer to help everyone in the party cycle comfortably and at the same pace.

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