Retired but Wired: Picks for your style

You may be retired, but you haven’t sat down much in your newfound freedom. You love to travel and you love to be active.

You’re looking for a leisurely tour, and maybe one that you can invite your non-cycling friends along on as well. You want to see new places, experience new cultures, and eat delicious food—all the things you didn’t have time for when you were younger.

Our top recommendations:

  1. Danube Impressions Bike and Boat Passau - Vienna - Passau - A popular bike and boat tour along the Danube, which boasts beautiful bike paths and an easy daily mileage. Those who don't want to ride can stay on board and relax.

  2. Provence by Bike and Boat - A bike and boat tour that features the beautiful and romantic region of Provence.

  3. Tauern Bike Path (Austria) - One of president Jim Johnson’s favorite tours to bring friends on, this is one of Austria´s most beautiful bicycle routes: primarily on dedicated bicycle path, mostly flat or slightly rolling, with plenty of time explore.

  4. Wine and Bike in Hungary’s Balaton Uplands - The tour features low mileage; mostly flat terrain; culinary treasures—and unlimited wine!

  5. Medieval Villages of Catalonia - A mostly flat tour along an old converted railway that is now a dedicated dual use cycle and walk-way. Options for self-guided or private guided available.

  6. Amsterdam - Bruges by Bike and Boat - Magnifique/Magnifique II (and reverse) - This bike and boat tour is the most popular route in Europe, boasting popular regions of both Belgium and the Netherlands by guided bike tour and along the waterways by boat. 

Your go-to advisor

Tour advisor Brittany may be young, but she also loves helping the young-at-heart find their dream tours. And her desk is just 15 feet away from our 61-year-old founder, Jim Johnson. They enjoy collaborating. Contact Brittany at or Jim at

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