Morro Bay E-Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    2.5 hours
    From $95 USD
    Morro Bay, CA

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    • Make the most of Morro Bay

      As you begin your bike tour through Morro Bay, you'll immediately notice the charming small-town atmosphere and relaxed pace of life. Stops on this guided bicycle tour include the Morro Bay State Park, the Morro Bay Estuary, downtown, and the Sea Otter Sanctuary. This bike tour includes bike rental and if you have some sightseeing you’d particularly like to tick off during this day tour, mention it to your guide, and they’ll do their best to adapt the route to accommodate you.

      Throughout this ride, your guide will share tales of Morro Bay’s history and cultural heritage. You’ll hear about the Chumash Native American tribe that thrived in this area for thousands of years, and your guide will explain how their legacy can still be felt in the landscape and the local traditions today, particularly the sacred reverence they hold for Morro Rock, after which the city is named. Spanish explorers arrived in the late 18th century and established several missions, which played a crucial role in shaping the region's identity. Later on, Morro Bay became a hub for the fishing and shipping industries, and your guide will regale you with stories of its colorful characters and the maritime legends that are celebrated throughout the city's museums and landmarks.

      As you pedal towards the Morro Bay State Park, you'll soak up the calming coastal beauty of the landscape, since the park is a prime spot for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing, with numerous trails and lookout points to explore. Cycling on, you’ll reach the Morro Bay Estuary, a vital wetland ecosystem that hosts over 200 species of birds, as well as sea lions, otters, and other marine creatures. During this guided tour, you might even catch a glimpse of a rare Peregrine Falcon nesting on Morro Rock, or a playful seal diving in the harbor.

      In downtown Morro Bay, you'll find a charming mix of old and new, with historic buildings and a dynamic mix of restaurants, shops and cafes. Local galleries showcase the work of talented artists and artisans. Your visit to the Sea Otter Sanctuary is sure to be a highlight of this bike tour, where you'll get to witness these creatures in their natural habitat. This is one of the few places in the world where sea otters can be seen year-round, and you'll watch the playful escapades of these sweet sea creatures, who have made a remarkable comeback after being hunted to near-extinction in the 20th century. On top of this, your guide will offer recommendations and tips throughout your ride, ensuring you make the most of your memorable trip to Morro Bay.

      • Morro Bay coastline. Michael Olsen@Unsplash
      • Morro Bay Bike Park. ReggaeMan567@Wikimedia Commons
      • Morro Rock panorama view. Venti Views@Unsplash
      • Morro Bay Estaury. Alan Schimierer@Wikimedia Commons

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 2:00 pm ~4:30 pm

      Please arrive 10 minutes before the tour starts.


      Rate USD
      Rider $95



      Morro Bay, Morro Rock, Morro Bay State Park, Morro Bay Estuary, Downtown Morro Bay, Sea Otter Sanctuary

      What’s included

      • E-bike and helmet rental
      • Experienced, local, English-speaking guide
      • Water

      Meeting place & directions

      Cal Coast Adventures - 575 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA 93442, United States

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