Lovebird: Picks for your style

You’re looking for romance, and you’ve come to the right place.

Your romantic trip or honeymoon doesn’t have to mean sitting in a beach lounger all day at an all-inclusive resort.

It can mean cycling on a bike built for two in a beautiful European city or lounging around the pool at a charming French inn after a day of cycling some great scenic routes.

Our top recommendations:

  1. Wine and Bike in Hungary’s Balaton Uplands - The tour features low mileage; mostly flat terrain; culinary treasures—and unlimited wine!

  2. Alsace Picture Book: Wine, Food, Culture, and Tradition - A tour in beautiful Alsace, a great wine-making region proud of its identity. Its white wines are delicious accompanied with one of the countless local specialties.

  3. Heidelberg-Strasbourg: Vineyards Along the Neckar and Rhine - This tour is bookended by two of Europe’s most romantic cities: Heidelberg, Germany, with its famous castle and Strasbourg, France, its entire center city a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And along the way: vineyards, lovely countryside, and cultural highlights.

  4. Cruising the Coast: Sesimbra to Lisbon via Sagres Along the Sea (Portugal) - Beautiful blue-green waters,  extraordinary Portuguese gastronomy, Altenjo wines and magnificent scenery - all this is simply the backdrop to this tour perfect for romantics in Portugal.

  5. Romantic Road from Wurzburg to Donauworth - Cycle along the beautiful and serene Main River in Germany, featuring medieval towns and ancient castles. A wonderful cycling experience through the wild and romantic Tauber valley. 



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