Laid-back and Leisurely: Picks for your style

You know how to ride a bike. You may even do it every weekend on your own, with friends and family, or on an occasional group ride.

A day of cycling sounds just great to you, as long as it’s leisurely and more about the journey than the destination. 

Laidback and leisurely bike tours

Our top recommendations:

  1. Medieval Villages of Catalonia - A mostly flat tour along an old converted railway that is now a dedicated dual use cycle and walkway. Options for self-guided or private guided available.

  2. Mosel Bike Path: Trier to Koblenz (Upscale Lodging) – Relaxed cycling among the vineyards and charming villages of the Mosel region. Features upscale lodging in the area, the perfect places to rest each evening after a leisurely day of cycling.

  3. Lake Constance Bicycle Path - This leisurely tour gives you bragging rights! You cycle around an entire lake and pass through three countries with the amazing landscape of the lake against the backdrop of the Alps.

  4. Connemara Lazy Days Cycling (Ireland)- Connemara is the western wonderland of Europe, where rugged mountains soar above wild Atlantic beaches. This tour is specifically designed for travelers who prefer shorter distances and in-depth explorations of the region.

  5. Paris to London - Connect these two famous cities by the new Avenue Verte, a greenway that traverses through both cities and through the rural areas between. Includes a ferry across the Channel. And bragging rights!

  6. Provence by Bike and Boat - A leisurely tour in beautiful Provence, France, where you bike by day and sleep aboard a cozy barge at night. Options for guided and self-guided available.

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